Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



Jillian for rachel what? :astonished:


She came on the tent and tried to flirt with me I probably clicked that I’m also interested in her by mistake it was a bit odd.


You mean jillian has an interest on rachel or? I haven’t encounter this scene


Hell yeah it will! Wait… are you saying that’s a bad thing? :confused:
Reilly also comes with Nora though, package deal, or baggage deal depending on your perspective. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Done! Let’s see how you handle it when your nephew falls in love with himself.

Interesting… I’m not for sale but perhaps someone else here is willing?


We could have happy-beginning-of-the-story Tommy meet vengeance-focused Tommy meet emotionally-breaking Tommy meet finally-recovering Tommy.

Plus I could call you Tommy :innocent:

(Also, out of all the survivors, I think that Lopez is the one who, if duplicated, would be most likely to make out with himself :kissing:)


I’m hurt
Twenty characters


I do not see any problem with this. :smile:


Neither do I
Twenty characters


Oh right, the nephew accidentally heard weird noises from jill and lyle room in day 2. He thought they were rearranging the furniture. So whatever you guys mc’s gonna do make sure the room is soundproof :joy:


Wouldn’t it be cool if Catherine was in Safe Haven?


Of course they were re-arranging furniture what else would they be doing? Oh that… pretending to ride a roller coaster, duh.

So we have an MC falling in love with a delusion, his nephew falling for himself, an army of Kelly’s running around, Church marrying zombie Joe… and that damn zombie Taylor who won’t stop singing!
The epilogue of Soft Haven is looking good so far. :blush:

Oh yeah her! Aw I felt so bad for her, she seemed like a good person but was having such a tough time all alone. :pensive:


And woody still haven’t had the chance to have a bath


…What do you mean?


Or they were having a wrestling match?

Adding zombie sifer and we will have an awthreesome story fifty shades of zombies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And zombie church and zombie Joe admitting their love for eachother and their shared love of human flesh


I just ordered a t-shirt, “Ray told me to do it.”


That’s brilliant
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Seee! She won’t be alone if she were with Ray, Madison, Woody and the Gang.


Who is Catherine
Twenty characters


Did Ray tell you to order the shirt, too? :male_detective: