Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



I only wish there were a cure for hadley in the original ze so that I could save her and my nephew finally has someone near his age to play with him

So he can stop cockblocking me with rachel :laughing:


That Hadley arc… :sob:

When does he cockblock you with Rachel?

If you guys don’t want your Kelly’s I’ll take 'em of your hands, which survivor do you want? Just keep in mind you’ll all regret it when you see me and my army of Kelly’s lead the new world order!


If we’re trading survivor for survivor, that will only leave you with twenty Kellys.

Anyways, I call dibs on your Reilly.


Don’t think I had the dependent child cockblock yet all I had was Jillian for Rachel and Lopez for Jamie


I think two Tommys might be a bit much… :thinking: I’ll go for a second nephew so they can keep each other occupied… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(I look forward to seeing all the Kellys arguing over who’s the “real” one… :innocent:)


Actually, it’ll be more like nineteen Kellys and one Church. Because nobody seems to want Church.


I feel ya captain :upside_down_face:

I know that little imp will find excuses to stick with his “new aunt” rachel in the future, I need a backup measure incase gina’s gone :roll_eyes:

You can keep kelly I’ve had my hand full with jill rachel maddie :joy:


Alright then I’m taking the MC


Since the almighty Ray is immune to the virus I’ll save my nephew and my dog. On my playthroughs without either I’ll save Jaime and maybe Woody.


You did say take a survivor and Rachel is taken so next best thing


Jillian for rachel what? :astonished:


She came on the tent and tried to flirt with me I probably clicked that I’m also interested in her by mistake it was a bit odd.


You mean jillian has an interest on rachel or? I haven’t encounter this scene


Hell yeah it will! Wait… are you saying that’s a bad thing? :confused:
Reilly also comes with Nora though, package deal, or baggage deal depending on your perspective. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Done! Let’s see how you handle it when your nephew falls in love with himself.

Interesting… I’m not for sale but perhaps someone else here is willing?


We could have happy-beginning-of-the-story Tommy meet vengeance-focused Tommy meet emotionally-breaking Tommy meet finally-recovering Tommy.

Plus I could call you Tommy :innocent:

(Also, out of all the survivors, I think that Lopez is the one who, if duplicated, would be most likely to make out with himself :kissing:)


I’m hurt
Twenty characters


I do not see any problem with this. :smile:


Neither do I
Twenty characters


Oh right, the nephew accidentally heard weird noises from jill and lyle room in day 2. He thought they were rearranging the furniture. So whatever you guys mc’s gonna do make sure the room is soundproof :joy:


Wouldn’t it be cool if Catherine was in Safe Haven?