Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



You need search or empathy 60% to notice her movements.

To succeed in the below choices you need:

Athletics 50% to:
Lunge for Gina’s weapon and knock it away before she shoots George.

Persuasion 60% or 45% to:
Call out to Gina to stop, then convince her not to kill George.

Intimidation 60% or 45% to:
Threaten Gina to stop her from killing George.

Leadership 60% or 45% to:
Order Gina not to kill George.


If you pick a nephew you also have a sister!? Is she alive?


She’s dead from what I can remember


You can find out she died of cancer by phone. It happens pretty early.


I kind of thought she died by zombies, due to the way the MC thinks about it “she died alone in a hospital in a far more violent way than the reason she was there”


That’s an entirely valid interpretation. I was thinking no one would be answering the phones if the zombies already overwhelmed the hospital, and she’d died before. But I might have been thinking too realistically, and someone answering the phone may have been the only way to know her status and prevent a side quest to the hospital.


She’s just dead and if memory serves correct the hospital she was saying was far out.


hello I was just looking at the game and wondered for the price tag it has how long is it? how much content is in the game for the price 4.99?


The first part (for $4.99) is 500,000+ words with an average of 50,000 experienced each play-session you run. Part two will add on to this and it is going to be released “soon.” There will be a small fee for it but I anticipate it too will be quite large.


Who was that in the preachers trunk? Could it be a person? Someone he couldn’t bare to kill because they were turned so he tied them up? A small boy? Lol any ideas


It’s a zombie


I have a question. If our crafting skill isn’t high enough, is it possible to ask another character to craft something for us?


The nephew!? :scream:

Or maybe a friend for him? :smile: :boy::zombie:


So, uh, while you people are waiting for the high quality sequel that is Part 2, why not check out the giant ass fic that me and two other users on this site worked on? It’s over by the Fan Works thread, so feel free to check it out when you’ve got time.

And yeah, I know it’s sort of frowned upon to do advertising of this sort, but I figured that people rarely check up on that thread so giving a quick shoutout wouldn’t hurt.


Although when it is related to a same game, I don’t think there is too many problems. I promise to take a peak at it when I get a little more time.


Do you have any link, you could provide for us?

I am kinda lazy, i knooow…


Here’s the Google Doc, if you’re interested.


Just wanted to know. In the first safe haven game. Who are the ROs?


All i remember is Mindy


Mindy, Heather, Devlin, and Tom (sort-of). There might be one more, but if so, I don’t remember.