Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



You can’t save Lyle by shooting. Iirc, you have to deceive them, intimidate them, order them to leave, or threaten them with a gun. Shooting gets Lyle killed no matter what, as does trying to persuade them to leave.


So I wasted my time trying to raise persuasión so high just to save him :joy:


You can use that persuasion by tricking them into leaving, which should save him!


So what were you thinking about for the perks part of the challenges/perks system? Will we get them from doing certain actions or will you “buy” them with skill points?


Notice that Part two may be release later this month …

Do we need to have Part one in order to play part two ? :slight_smile:


Yup cause it will be an in app purchases in part 1


so it will be like i pay to continue the story right ? :slight_smile:


Exactly it will continue the story from part one by buying the next instalment/ chapters.sort of think of it like buying the next episode of a series.


Threatening them with a gun was the only one that worked for me XD Good to know that the other options work too.


Plz what stat or skill? I saved George once by commanding Gina not to shoot him. George urinated and ran away. I’d like to save George hoping to see him in part 2.


I don’t know about any immunity.But if you chose military commander,you went to the air station and you hit a zombie with yer car.Choose 'perform first aid’s and get infected! :joy: Then When ya got back home,research zeta virus.

Choose ‘the option learn how to control the virus’.
And you’ll be the most powerful survivor in ZE.(Your Intelligence needs to be 70% or above)

I think JimD wanted our character like Milla Jovovich( the main actress in Resident Evil,she got injected with the virus’ and instead of turning into a monster, she got really powerful and able to control the virus’.) Just my guess LOL :grin:


I get to become Alex Wesker!?


No please just no.
(20 char)


Who’s that? Alex Wesker?


It’s a Resident Evil antagonist. I think he is found in RE 2.


was it ever stated exactly what kind of cancer the MC’s sister (if you have the nephew) is suffering from? i’ve been running with lung cancer for character/world building purposes but i was just wondering if anything was officially named…?


No, no specific type of cancer was mentioned just that she was getting treatment for it.


As I said, I don’t recall, I’m afraid. Presumably Leadership, if you ordered her not to shoot. (I think you might need Search as well, to spot her movements in time. :thinking:) Given his low chances of surviving, I don’t imagine George will be back, though. :sweat_smile: I think Jim said Gina would be returning, though, but that might have changed. :thinking:

I don’t think you can get infected here… :confused: I’d say it’s a bit early, and situational, for such an important plot development… :thinking:


You gonna need at least 60 empathy and if you ordered her not to shoot you will need 60 leadership


I have a question. I think this will be my first HG game where I will buy a second story within the app. My question is if Part Two is release, does this have a discount when bought within the first week of release?