Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



When you are discussing zombies, you would be using pseudo science. The game already has zombies which were cut open, with blood being spilled, but they still survived. So the circulation is not an issue.

In fact, the organs aren’t really required. In the original Zombie Exodus, there were zombies in an area where the humans died of suffocation, but the zombies were fine.

So it is possible to explain some of the stuff with science, but there will be a point where the player has to do the ‘suspension of disbelief’ where things like zombies are involved.

As far as what I’ve seen in zombie exodus, no. However, @JimD can certainly decide otherwise.


It’s happening, bois.


Remember, this is an estimate only - TWC was delayed over a month from its estimated date, so don’t set your expectations too firm yet.


I know it ain’t set in stone, but the fact that it’s finally up on the Upcoming Games sections makes me satsfied.


I wonder, if in this universe zombies can survive after taking serious wounds but die if the brain is damaged, could we still affect other parts of the nervous system. For instance could we make a zombie a paraplegic or quadriplegic? That would be especially useful for scientists so we could safely experiment on a “live” subject.


Going back to the immune question, while I don’t think Dante is really important enough to be an immune character: what about Jaime? He was definitely hiding a wound after the rescue, and he’s certainly major enough that him being immune could be important to the plot. :thinking:


Imagine him becoming a zombie. At 6’10, he is really terrifying.


Haha…of course.I’ve played day 0 and didn’t like the way my nephew calls me.Then I clicked the restart button. :sweat_smile:


Played 6 times…didn’t know that much like you.You’re a damn hardcore player.I thought I was one but you are the one & I wasn’t.


Those guys are blabbering and finding ur mistakes.I guess they are jealous of your skills.Always blaming like Woody is Jaime’s cousin.George Jr is bla…bla…bla…So annoying.Plz don’t reply them.Ignore 'em.


Plz lemme ask u a favor.Sometimes George could be saved, sometimes not.Why? Do I require any specific stats? And Can I save Lyle? (I like the man) I’ve played twice trying to save him just to watch him die.My leadership and Intimidation skills are above 70%.Maybe if I intimidate them,Lyle can be saved.plz reply me. I’d like to play part 2 with a full set of characters.


You’re not asking me but I can kind of answer one of your questions. Lyle can be saved if you have a gun, are skilled enough to use it and you have to follow them to the car. I don’t know about persuation and intimidation though. I tried the other options but scaring the bandits away was the only one that worked for me.

Also, you can edit your posts and merge them.


Uhm… Who is George?


Eh, I just got a bit obsessed with a character in the game… :sweat_smile:

Yeah, persuasion and leadership both work, and I assume intimidation does, too.

A guy who can be met in the city; most of the time, he’s killed by another survivor, but he can be saved if you have good enough stats.


Thanks…but I shot Dillan in the shoulder.But Driver killed Lyle.My ranged weapon skill is 78%.
I equipped Arsenal AK (MOD 20 & ER 600)


Ok thanks for the tip.I’ll try it.


I remember now. I never managed to save him tho. What stats do I need for that?


I’ve never been able to stop them with a gun (and my main MC is very good with guns), but leadership does definitely work.

I forget; I haven’t played the city route in a long while… :sweat_smile:


You 'll need 60 empathy and choose how to save him based on your character stat


Heh, gotta play it all, was the one and only playthrough (I still feel guilty about leaving them)…Some very nice writing hidden behind some choices that very few people will try, gets you by the short and curlies.