Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



Ugh, no rather it by Lyle or Jillian then. Still would prefer Brody and (optionally) Madison as well.


I always just figured Dante didn’t want you to see him wounded because he doesn’t know your intentions or trust you. He has no idea what you’re going to do. He probably thinks if you see he’s wounded you might take advantage of him. I think its just a normal wound.


Welp my OCD quirk has been soothed with the fact that the HOsted games list has been updated with this on the list finally as being in copyedit. XD

Correction it has a MAYBE release date. But still exciting news. :slight_smile:


All too true, but one should think what kind of wound would you take while running from the undead. Dante himself talks about how is action crew was attacked and presumably killed by infected, it seems odd to me that he’d receive a regular wound (IE not a bite/scratch). But I very well could be wrong, that’s why I have a glad wrap hat on (Everyone knows that the aliens can see through tin foil), but it is fun to think…Was Dante just hurt and frightened? Or bitten and recovered, Was the younger Makavo really infected? or was he merely sick from running around in the night in cold weather?


Seems the release is at least a month away, if not more. Part of me secretly wished for a late February or early March release. Oh well, some news is better than no news, at least now we have a loose estimate.


Right, that’s how I felt! If nothing else it’s a general idea at least! Suprised copyedit went through that quick though! 0__0


I’m operating under the style of speculation where I guess what I would least want to happen :grinning:

(A future which also includes Tommy becoming a mindless killing machine, the nephew being recruited by the Makarovs, and forced marriage to Jillian :scream:)


Now, now this is not a Cataphrak game of the “Ceci n’est pas une fantasie de puissance” kind, I mean we can be super-teens, kinda. So, yay, I guess for once I’m less pessimistic in outlook then our arch-optimist @TSSL , unless you know something I don’t from the beta-testing I wasn’t involved in this time, if so then I suppose ignorance is truly bliss in this instance. :wink:

If you do turn out to be right we just need to find a way to induce Parrotwatcher to write more Alex romance content to cheer us up!


The sad thing is, at least two of those sound plausible… :grimacing:

And then Slaughterhouse kills Alex.
The end. :smile:


:cry::confounded::sob: +20 characters right here, come and get me @discobot


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Let me speculate… :smiling_imp:

Tommy becomes convinced that we’re all in cahoots with the Makarovs and attacks everyone! Jaime is secretly a bandit king and turns us in to harvest our organs! Brody is overly loyal and becomes a lackey enforcer who kills Jaime’s rivals for pay! Reilly betrays us for money! The Makarovs are our only hope of defeating Jaime’s evil regime! Jillian knows the secret serum but we must marry her to unlock it! Sean says we’re a bunch of crazy kids and yells at us! :crazy_face:

That’s plausible, right? :innocent:


Your boyfriend seems to have been a bad influence on you @TSSL you seem to have turned evil all of sudden, you sure you didn’t enroll in law school? Or maybe your boyfriend did. :scream:
Where’s the infallibly optimistic, good-natured, non gun-owning 'murican and teetotalling we used to know? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, my former roommate (not a boyfriend) is in law school :thinking: But that’s been the case for a while :thinking:
He does always tell me that I’d make a good lawyer… and then immediately clarifies that he means it as a compliment :sweat_smile:

Oooh, and then Madison tries to set herself up as Queen of the Bandits, and forces Brody to fight with her as he defends Jaime, but he’s unwilling to fight his own sister… and then Kelly starts spreading rumors that scapegoat Woody, who’s fallen in love with her, and she betrays him into being put on a public trial where he pleads with Jaime, his own cousin, who stabs him in the back… Reilly, having sold us out for cash, turns out to be using the money to care for Nora, who then disowns him for those actions… oh, and just for you, the group also runs out of hygiene supplies… :smiling_imp: how am I doing?

Edit: Oh, no, JimD liked this post! I hope I’m not giving him ideas! :scream:


I guess it is official now @TSSL has been replaced by his evil :smiling_imp: counterpart from the mirror universe, give us back our TSSL you impostor!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Now I’m picturing Jillian’s counterpart from the mirror universe…a kind-hearted, generous woman with a goatee…after all, all counterpart twins have to have goatees :wink:


You know I’ve been wondering about something… how long can a zombie outbreak maintain itself before succumbing to a considerable degree of decay that renders them… actually dead?


Actually, I don’t know if we were given details on whether the zombies in the Zombie Exodus universe actually decay.

Some variants will have age/decay itself arrested, which would imply the only way to stop them is to kill them.


I bet I could grow a goatee pretty quickly :grinning: maybe I should… :smiling_imp:

And I suppose this Jillian is also very open and forthright about her motives, and never flirts with people, and gives away free gifts to strangers… :grin:

Wait, so would Woody’s evil twin be cleanshaven…? :confused:

I sorta thought the virus served to preserve dead tissue, like how injured and half-eaten bodyparts are still functioning :thinking: The original Zombie Exodus, in the scientist path, you can see that the virus is able to animate dead tissue… :grimacing:


If the virus does indeed preserve tissue to the extent of inhibiting decay then protein would be required, which the host derives from living flesh.

Could the zombies have a functioning digestive system that breaks down and absorbs live flesh into the proteins the host body requires? Parts of the body remain alive under altered conditions but how can the relevant internal organs work without blood flow, unless the brain itself is functional enough to keep the circulatory system running.

In theory could a zombie ‘starve’ to death?