Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



I let the bandits live but for some reason I don’t have that same level of generosity (or stupidity) for the Marakovs.

You make a good point here. Now I am in doubt about what to do with them… I’ll probably still let them live, but I ain’t sure about striking any deals with them.


Plus you and Parrotwatcher like Tommy and he’s not exactly a stable influence, particularly when it comes to the Makarovs.


If I can I force them to follow me or at least get them to bugger off at least if not well I kill them. To be fair they did let woody live so they not complete bellends.


Oh, what gives you that idea? :innocent: What, I wrote an essay about him, keep coming to his defense and keep commenting on how cute he is? Naaaaah :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah… I do worry… just because he wants revenge on them doesn’t mean he’s capable of effecting revenge on them :disappointed_relieved:


Do you think a vaccine is even possible?


No we’re all doomed and will die by the zombies


Given that the MC in ZE could create a vaccine, I’m inclined to believe that option will also be present in SH.


It is possible but it will take a lot of work to create it.


Wait really? Was it used on anyone? Forgot about the Geneticist route, first tried to obtain a cure, that seemed impossible so then I aimed for a vaccine in my second go but never managed to complete the research in time.

Do you think there are other individuals like Devlin who’re naturally immune?


Even most of the immune ones will die to the zombie attacks in the first few days, let alone the other actions afterward (bandits, starvation, etc). Yeah, the virus might not change them, but that still doesn’t stop having claws digging into your skull.


Yeah, you could create a vaccine and use it on others.


In fact, there was an ending in ZE based in you having successfully created a cure for the Zeta virus. I can’t recall the name of the ending, but the discovery of a cure for the virus was definitely part of the story, provided you chose that to be the case.


So there could be any number of immune hosts who perish before their resistance can come to light, combat wise its only a slight edge that’s most effective against a single and physically weak zombie.

I wonder if there’s more to Woody’s ‘wendigo’ story - could the virus have been affecting some people before the mass epidemic?


Probably. The 2013 reports were the first “known” cases of the virus, but it isn’t a stretch to believe that there were likely cases of it before that date that just weren’t officially counted.


For that matter, JimD could even have fun with communities/civilizations which disappeared with little trace. Perhaps it was a zombie outbreak before it petered out.


So an idea, that’s fairly gruesome (but In a zombie apocalypse that’s kinda a given):

When food runs out people are going to struggle to survive, some will take to farm land well, others that don’t leave the city may not have that option available to them. The implementation of a cannibalistic enemy/faction if the player remains in city would be awesome. Specially for those that made close bonds with survivors that “definitely” won’t get kidnapped.

But just an idea


Yeah, in the original Zombie Exodus, you can successfully create a vaccine, but not a cure for those who are already zombies. This is using information derived from Devlin’s natural immunity—you’re basically conferring the immunity on people who don’t have it naturally. You do also have to stay at the Cathedral; you can’t make the vaccine if you leave.

So I’d probably expect a similar situation for ZE:SH, but I wouldn’t really know :man_shrugging:t2:


I think one of the big reasons for the relative lack of immune individuals in either game, other than how frequent the factors that confer immunity (Or at less asymptomatic expression, as Devlin still had the virus in his body but his immune system was capable of suppressing it.) would be the fact that the only way to know that you were resistant, or immune to the virus would involve being bitten or exposed to bodily fluids of an infected ‘Zombie’.

And given that most people, including the person who was bitten, would know such a thing is a death sentence (The General Idea of if you’re bit you will turn into a monster), I could very well see most immune individuals killing themselves to ironically avoid turning, or being shot by other survivors if they (the Person bitten) were unwilling to end themselves, as you wouldn’t want a newly turned Zombie charging you when your guard was down. And that’s assuming that the immune individual was able to survive the confrontation with the zombie that lead to them being bitten, and given that you would only be in a situation to be bitten when your for lack of a better word losing a fight, its likely quiet a few people die straight off the bat.

Plus, one would have to remember that there would probably be lots desperate, or just plain stupid people who believe they are immune, and say as such, or think a shot of anti-biotics will keep them from turning, only for surprise surprise they turn.


I think Brody needs to be the immune/asymptomatic one in this game, or if not him then Tommy or Reilly. :wink:


I wonder if any of the characters we’ve met so far are indeed secretly immune, too bad the MC themselves are probably not.