Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



The game still is in the copy-editing phase, last I heard.


It will probably release by end of this month, or first week of next month


I personally think next month. Of course, I wouldn’t complain if it came out sooner :grin:


In any case, it will definitely release before end of March, no doubt about that.


played the demo and it’s alright but I need to get into it more. I also think I will wait for the rest of the game to come out so I don’t have to pay multiple times.


Where you played demo


Demo? Not the beta? There’s a demo for Part 2?


Beta, not demo. Sorry.


You said demo mate be more better dude haha


I would rather pay in installments TBH, easier than to save up to buy the whole game at once.
But again I’m just a teenager so it’s much harder to get the money.


Yey, an update of info.


Do you think we’ll see Billie or the Marakovs again?


I think we probably will :slight_smile:


What will you do with the Marakovs?


Nothing specific, but ‘Shotgun’ and ‘Faces’ spring to mind.


The same thing that they did to me. However I think it won’t be that easy :sweat:


I feel like the Makarovs have gotten plenty of buildup so it reads like it’s leading up to something… :worried: given how poorly other people seem to have done against them, I don’t know how well it’s likely to go, though :grimacing:

I’d rather see Billie, though :sweat_smile:


Really curious to know what happened to her, since no body was found. She probably escaped and joined a group, or maybe went lone wolf, unlikely to have been kidnapped.

The Marakovs seem pretty dangerous, confronting them will probably be an interesting challenge.

I like to imagine that taking place concurrently with the current story somewhere out there another group of survivors are banding up in a cathedral.


That’s what I said too. Eff those two. :joy:
Unfortunately (?), the Marakovs are not going away any time soon. And I remember Jim hinted that we might want to strike a deal with them or something like that.


A deal with the Marakovs? Could consider it for survival sake but I really don’t trust them at all. Really just want to max out combat stats and go at them gung-ho but who knows if that won’t start new problems.

Still its not like they have no moral center, letting Woody live instead of just killing him if they’re successful in breaking into the MC’s home, so maybe they can be honorable with a deal made.