Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



That sounds great! Even being able to train followers such as both my nephew and my pet, being able to reach them tricks that are both entertaining and useful. Perhaps making gear for them to use similar to that of fallout and skyrim would be satisfying with a vivid description of character appearance.


To expand upon your idea you could even include them romancable for other characters at this point, similar to the whole “Attention seeking disciple of a sensei”


You most certainly are not alone, that is what made this game among my top 5 favorite interactive novels.


Hi @Kipper68nc - thanks for responding.

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I know that feeling all too well, I want back so many times trying to save him and I only ended in failure :cry:


I would really love for all of the characters to be developed instead of it just giving everyone the Naruto treatment where only Naruto and Sasuke’s characters are developed. Just please I hope the author doesn’t turn this into Akame Ga Kill.:joy:


Poll time :slightly_smiling_face: I just wanted to ask this because I’m curious. When you play ZE:SH, do you normally (on most occasions) play as a “good” character (saving people, not slaughter millions of zombies, leave food for homeless people, have a mostly altruistic group etc.) or do you play as a “bad” character (kill people whether they are threats or not, rob, kill innocent mourning college guys, treat kids badly, end with a more ruthless group, kill zees the moment you lay eyes on them etc.)?

Plus I’ve noticed that a lot of people prefer playing as the “good guy” of sorts. So let’s see how true this is.

  • Morally “Good” Characters.
  • Morally “Bad” Characters.

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If you’re looking for magic, look into games like The Lost Heir


I tend to go for “good” playthroughs in every game I play because being mean to even fictional characters makes me feel bad ;w; Like I couldn’t even get the bandit ending in the first ZE even while I was trying and using the walkthrough for the game because the bad choices made me feel too guilty

My main ZE:SH mc though is more like “morals? What’s a moral?” though despite going for the more “good” skewed options. He’s con artist and his way of staying alive is basically to get people to like him enough to not either leave him for dead or kill him off themselves. His fight or flight response leans towards flight and he’s also squeamish around blood and gore, so that leaves his kill count low and in-game humanity stat high

Also he avoids doing immoral things in front of his nephew, but if he ever had to for whatever reason, it would go down something like like


But also I’m a huge weenie and can’t play a character that’s really outright mean and also I’m a huge sucker the found family trope and for characters who only care about themselves (plus like maybe one other person and their dog) in the beginning but end up being dragged kicking and screaming into caring about other people, so even if he’s more gray, it’s kind of a light gray ;w;


I cant be a bad guy until i play as a good guy alot of times, depending on the game


Kind of a cop out but I tend to play “pragmatic.” I’ll risk my PC’s life for strangers but also steal from Thelma’s.


You have no neutral option, or no anti hero option though :frowning: . My mc isn’t good or bad really. She doesn’t kill people unless necessary, but wont actively save people unless she thinks it will benefit her or she cares for said person. And she wont be nice to people at first, but will be bitchy abrasive etc, but soften up if you take it well. And yeah my stats tend to jump about a fair bit.


I thought about that but I thought this test was more of a sliding scale. Which side do you lean more towards? If that makes sense. I really just wanted a black or white (or more this colour than the other) answer.


Develop the characters then kill them without mercy


I usually try to play like myself in whatever situation the game says. Sometimes this involves some mind-bending, since some gameworlds are so divorced from my real life experience. I usually trend towards good, but with some seemingly bad decisions (stealing for survival, etc). I won’t steal from the store but if bandits attacked my group, I would divest them of their equipment and banish the survivors with hardly anything except token gear (maybe a knife each?) In games I help the wounded (my wounded first, theirs second), let people live unless they REALLY deserve it, bring people in for trial, that sort of thing.


My main is kind of a vigilante, saving the good, killing the bad, being moral without being stupid as to put ideals over realistic needs, that sorta thing.

My alts tend towards being jerks or mostly apathetic, though.


For anyone who follows @JimD’s newsletter, you may know that there is a future project set in the Zombie Exodus universe, but this time with the player as a student at a boarding school. I will be collaborating on the project. The plan is to use the same skill system, crafting system, challenge system, etc. though there may be some tweaks.

One addition to the challenge system is that I was thinking of allowing female MCs to be pregnant as the zombie apocalypse goes down. This begs the question, for those who play female MCs, would this be a challenge you’d be interested in having in game?

This won’t change who, if anyone, you choose to have a romance with.

For anyone curious as to the newsletter, here is a link:


I think it’s a great idea :slight_smile: , but it’d be cool if they were born at some point in game too though. And also it’d be interesting to see people’s reactions, especially if you’re really young in game(you say teen, but will you be able to pick how old as a teen, or if not I’m wondering how old we’ll be) or if you get pregnant with someone you just met :stuck_out_tongue: Also wondering how it might effect trans characters, either head cannoned or not. Right now I sometimes head canon my main mc as trans, and in SH there’s nothing too big that interferes with that head canon. Also would be cool but dark if there were variations on how the pregnancy progressed, what with it being the apocalypse and all and medical supplies being in short supply I can see a pregnancy not going well :’( .


For the sake of the app store, if the MC chooses pregnancy, then you would be 18.


Would you be able to choose younger otherwise? :thinking: You could probably fit places older students couldn’t, although you’d also probably be physically weaker…