Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



Testing is closed. :notes:


Within a month you should be able to play the game


We don’t know the release date - it will be ready when it is ready.


Part 2 has been sent to Hosted Games. It is about 310,000 words and 30,000 words per playthrough. Lots of side branches and replayability.

HG staff are very busy, and the game is large. Copyediting will take a while. I will keep y’all posted on the progress.


Wish I could have part 2 immediately. But I’m still happy It’s coming to me sometime this spring or late winter and my wallet is ready. Thank you Jim. Your original zombie exodus is what drew my attention to hosted games and made me come to love them. As such I’ve been closely following safe haven since announcement. I’m glad I get to continue the story now with part 2 thanks for such a intresting and fun take on the zombie apocalypse Jim.


It’s just an estimate, given the facts it seems likely that the game will release in about a month


I’m unsure if this has been answered yet, but will our adult MCs be able to be a parent-figure to Madison and Brody? @JimD


Jim just said the game entered copyediting - that is good but with HG’s backlog and the size of the game (3x bigger than others) you just can’t be sure. Just don’t get too attached to any date and just be happy it is advancing towards the goal …

It will be released soon but may not be released soon enough … just be cautious in your expectations, that is all I am saying.

Since they are near the age of majority, I’m not sure how they would react to those trying to be their parent figures … at that age I would have resented any that tried that …


I concur

I am about that age, and I would resent anyone trying to become a parent-figure to me. So yeah, the MC becoming a parent-figure to Madison and Brody would be strange…


This was probably asked aready but who are the ROs for a teenager MC (other than Madison and Brody)?


AFAIK it’s Jaime, Woody, Tommy, Jillian, the neighbor from the farm (I forgot her name lol), Sifer (if she’s still a RO), Lopez, Rachel

I’m pretty sure you can start a romance w/ most characters as a teen but it’ll be harder. ( Somebody correct me on this bc I haven’t been in the forum for months;; )


It may be easier with Madison and Brody.


What @zenbu said plus Bailey from Rachel’s group.


I think that’s a reasonable reaction for somebody near the age of majority to have, but I don’t think it’s the only possible reaction. When I was about that age, I didn’t have parental-figures, and the idea of having a parental-figure in my life to guide me sounded appealing to me.

There are two teen characters, so it could be interesting to explore different reactions that those characters have towards an MC acting as a parental-figure. Maybe one resents the MC’s actions, and the other welcomes them?


When it’s released on CoG, does it immediate get a Steam release too or will we have to wait a bit longer for that?


And maybe it’ll also depend on the MC’s age or profession?
Like, mine is a college student and if he were to act like that then he’d be more of a big brother figure.


That sounds like a really great idea! MCs that are closer in age to the twins becoming a big brother/sister figure would be really cool. (I’m confess; I’m sort of a sucker for “found family” type situations.)

In addition to having a parent/big brother/mentor role for the twins depending on the MC’s age/profession, there could also be opportunities to teach Madison and Brody our skills (which could also be bonding moments.) Say, if we’re a bank robber we could teach the twins intimidation, or if we’re a doctor we could teach them first aid or (later on) how to stitch up a wound.


Me gustaría participar,Mi cosa favorita fue la gran variedad de opciones que el jugador tenía en casa,Realmente disfruté la mecánica del buje,También estoy muy interesado en el misterio que rodea a Rachel y el ejército.


A “big-brother/sister-figure” to me looks much cooler, IRL I think I’d be fine with someone becoming a big-brother/sister-figure.

Perhaps the MC can even teach the other members of his/her party some skills?


Now I want to make a ninja play through, lol if magic were an option that would be dope lol