Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



@TSSL Sorry for the super late reply. I just never got around to going back on the Sims to check haha.

Juliette has the “Nerd Brain” aspiration, and she is a genius and a bookworm. Brody has the “Bodybuilder” aspiration, and he is active and self-assured. Madison has the “Computer Whiz” aspiration, and she is outgoing and perfectionist.

Brody’s shirt is from the Spa Day pack.

And I remember Felipe haha!


For me part 1 had a lot of characters,it felt overwhelming,i hope part 2 doesn’t add much more,i think it just needs to develop the characters it already has


I would like to beta. My favorite part is the little details that you add such as the special choice you can make if you have a nephew or pet. Also being able to feel like a leader or kinda pushing stuff on Jamie.


Hi I’m also new here. I want to be a beta tester. My favorite part of part one is the freedom to be who you want to be. Also my German shepherd zeus


Hi I would like to beta test cause this is my fave game I would live to give feedback to you


I knew a police canine named Zeus. He liked to bite me (when I assisted his handler in training, not because I was a criminal!) and I think he did that mostly to show that he outranked me. Seriously, he takes the rank of his handler, and his handler was a Sergeant. So, Zeus’ official title on the force was K9 Sgt. Zeus. His fellow K9’s just had the rank of K9. So, say the canine was called Fluffy, their title would have been K9 Officer Fluffy, or K9 [insert handler rank here] Fluffy.

Oh, am I supposed to request being in the beta here? I was just taken down nostalgia road by @Randy_Bobandy’s German Shepard Zeus.


Im a MASSIVE fan of your books ever since the first zombie exodus [I hated the oil rig so god damn horrrifying to me and a rather hard level lol] and would love to get participate in the next part of the adventure early cause i am DYING to know what happens with my little alliance and whether I go full bandit murderer or stay with the fools im tricking oh and my favorite part of the entire thing was actually the new opening stories [the cop one with the donut store esspecially] It gave my character more life and realism then the original book/game did and I loved that peice of it. Oh and the choices with base management were awesome as well.


The beta is already closed :’(… ???

Well I just wanted to thank you Jim for the amazing experiences you have brought to me from reading your games. I have the played Part one over 15 times and every time I had a great time. I loved all the achievements in the game. They were so many and you should have seen the look on my face when I had unlocked a secret achievement by myself. Your games are inspiring and entertaining and even if I don’t get to test in the beta, I will one hundred percent be looking forward to playing the game. From the characters to the uniqueness of every time I play the game again, thank you.


I’d like to be in the testing crew, loved first part.

My least favorite thing is that I was not able to rescue the wounded soldier (can’t remember his name right, something sounding spanish) from White and her two soldiers, even he escape and come back to join in the end.

But I loved all the possibilities we have.

Hope i’ll be selected, have a good Day.


I’d love to participate. My favorite part about ZE SH is how much more complex it is with all of the choices, weapons, crafting, and better resource management which makes it more immersive than the first game. My least favorite part is how you end up with the same ending with saving jaime at the highschool despite the choices you make. I know it takes a while to write these sort of games and I still love how it ends I just think it would of made it less restricting to have multiple endings. By the way, love the game( I’ve play through atleast 20 times) and keep doing what you’re doing. Can’t wait for part 2 to come out. I’ll wait another year if it means it’ll turn out amazing.


Hi, I would love to test ZE:SH p2.
To narrow it down, a few aspects I really enjoyed about part 1, to be honest, was the ability to essentially fine tune your strengths. I found between playing the original ZE and SH, the system of the latter was much easier to navigate and provided a greater range of possibilities for the main character to later build upon.

However, that said, as far as designing one’s character is concerned, while completing the profile linked by Jamie, an option should be given to edit certain features (I.e. tats, piercings etc.) without having to go back and redo the entire list. As it stands, to make changes to one feature, all must be reselected.
Another note I’d add, would be the ability for the player to see how much time they’re able to spend in a given area. By this, I mean post the initial outbreak and securing the home, the scenes where the player is given the option to explore the neighborhood (in the Nightfalls 92k population run through), is a bit of a crapshoot as far as knowing how many options you’ll be able to explore before the game moves you along. It’s understandable that, of course, you cannot spend an indefinite amount of time gathering resources and hoarding, but to be able to track how many hours/days your character would be allowed to check the House with traveling neighbors, or the tri-level house or even going to Thelma’s. I’ve learned by doing so many playthroughs, but I would definately like a system to be able to double check how much time I have BEFORE dealing with Lyle and later, Woody. Or check which events trigger their inevitable appearance.


I would like to participate in Beta Testing Part 2. I loved how diverse the characters were. They all seemed to have there own stories and I could really imagine me talking to them. Your options for choosing how your character would be were great and I enjoyed the game time after time again. One of my least favorite parts of the game was when I went to loot a building. In not sure if this was intentional but my character with full athletics still could int leave without a broken/sprained knee. I really hope to see my character prosper as a soldier and find out everything he needs to know to finish the apocalypse. If you would consider me, I would be very happy and would honored to beta test this amazing game series.


Thanks to everyone who asked to participate. The beta has enough testers for now, but I may add more this weekend.


I hope you all have fun and good luck with beta testing!


I would love to be a beta tester. This is my favorite choice game and I constantly return to see updates about the game. I love how versatile the game is and how you can customize your character. I also am a fan of taking care of your nephew as a challenge. I can’t wait until part 2 is out!!


Would love to beta test for Part 2 Jim. I’ve done a lot of software beta work over the years (Microsoft, MMOs, etc.) but never anything like this. I’ve probably played through Part 1 about 20-30 times since I got it, and would be happy to put time into testing Part 2.

Liked about Part 1: The sense of freedom and breadth and depth, as well as Rachel and Madison, and the Nephew.

Disliked about Part 1: Did not get to really romance the character(s) I wanted yet! I’m sure that’s coming though.

Keep up the good work Jim, regardless of if I do or do not get selected to beta test.


I also would like to participate. Your works never failed to impress me. Unlike other author, your choice of words and story building are so different that I can feel myself fully immerse in your story as I myself been in that story. I wish you good luck for your next project.


Ive played Safe Haven multiple times with different characters and exhausted all decisions. What i liked about Safe Haven was each profession had a different beginning as opposed to the first Zombie Exodus. What i disliked was that, imo, there wasnt much for my dog in part one.


I really enjoyed the customization, I loved that we could choose our challenges and can not wait to see how that will complicate the future for our characters and to see how you write the characters and chooses for certain challenges, like dependent child or kleptomaniac ect, so much potential and honestly so much more work for you as the writer.
I look forward to seeing the ways we can take our characters to impact the story in the future.
good luck, I am so excited !!!


Replayed the game after a long time, still loved it a lot. Though I’ve never done any beta testing before, I’d love to volunteer for part 2 if it’s not too late.

(Spoiler for people who don’t do the teen route) Thing I liked: After playing as a teenager, I can say that Jonah is one of the best minor characters I’ve met in the game. Barely a few paragraphs after he’s introduced, I already hoped he was going to be in the rest of the game. It was such a shame that he dies no matter what (and I understand that this adds a sense of realism that I appreciate), but him saving my MC cemented him as one of the best bros you could have in the apocalypse.

Thing I disliked: The, uh, uncertainness of the mechanic surrounding when Jamie calls on the last day of Part 1. After Woody comes to your home, the player only gets a few activities to do before the aforementioned call. I partly chalk this up to me, as the player, needing to manage my character’s time better, but some activities that don’t move the time in the game still trigger the call. There’s also when you go to Thelma’s and find Woody tied up by the Makarovs - and the subsequent scene where you go can choose to go to their home for revenge and such. The call that usually comes up around noon if you don’t go to Thelma’s gets delayed till sometime after 2 without any consequence (so far in Part 1).

I realize that I may sound like I’ve nitpicked at this particular part of the game because I hate it, but it only slightly distracts me from enjoying the game. Overall, it still is one of the best HG titles that I’ve ever had the pleasure to play. Even if I don’t get chosen for the beta I will quietly hype myself up to get it when it’s released. Best of luck, Jim.