Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



I would like to beta test it and my favorite thing about the game is you can play as a soldier with your nephew and dog.


Me pleaaaase
Thing I liked: The freedom of choices and customization of character very specific.
Thing I disliked: Its kinda short.


Signed up to the forum just for this. Anyway a thing I like about the game is the great way that your profession choice at the beginning each comes with his own introduction and early access to inventory items suitable with the profession rather than it being a simple skill based affair and the story just starting at the house. As for thing I dislike is what seems like the apparent lack of impact that the crafting element has. Explosives are basically as far as I know in the first game are extremely hard to craft and impossible as far as I know to do anything apart from a Moltov cocktail. Additionally the survival crafting gear like a tent and everything else also had very little effect and you couldn’t really do much with and finally as for the weapons with exception to the bow didn’t seem worth the effort as the weapons you find naturally are good enough. (Bonus dislike point but additionally it seems like weapons are needed to get the most positive outcomes many of the times such as when you want to save people on many occasions who are far away meaning that for roleplaying purposes playing as melee only or hand to hand build limits you perhaps a little too much.


I really love your games, pleas puta me on the beta.


Hi! I don’t know if it’s too late, but I’m also very interested in being a beta tester. My favorite part of Part 1 was how open-world the game felt despite having a structured plot. It felt like there were so many paths and options you could take throughout the game even though it all led back to the same path in the end. I especially liked all of the different characters you could possibly interact with or choose to not interact with.


The final beta is now full. Thanks to all who volunteered!


My favorite thing was the relationships that you could make and I really want to see what happens to Tommy. I would also love to be a beta tester!!!


Nothing would make nothing more than to beta test your game. My favorite thing about part 1 was my character personal detail being notice like my tattoos or pet dog.


I think it would be amazing to get to be a beta tester for part 2. I’ve been looking forward to it for so long. My favorite part of part 1 would be all of the challenges that were added. It added a completely different aspect when having to make a choice. My favorite was getting to have a nephew or a pet. I hope that part 2 focuses even more on deepening your relationship with your nephew as he grows up.


I’d like to test part 2 I’ve tested and given feedback to other games like community college heroes 2 etc


Thanks so much for the invite Jim! Just wondering if there’s anyway to use or previous saves in the beta? It asks about a password that I have no clue what that would be lol reading and playing anyway thougb to give feedback just wondering


For anyone curious, this is also a link to the newest Newsletter:


One thing I liked about part 1 has to be Jillian and Rachel even though I always killed Lyle and Jillian …I didnt know I could be friends with them until I played a nice run also when the second round of beta testing starting the newsletter said January 1-7 I’m curious to see how these teenager romances are different


@JimD I am fairly new to the forum and often just a lurker but, your game is my all time faves and I would love to help. I played as an army commander in safe haven 1, and I loved how the choice of clothing and profession had an impact on other people’s reaction towards my character. (At thelma’s got a big discount because of tattoos, hair, scar, and army uniform, also mc was recognized as a higher ranked officer during the “whitewall” wounded soldier scene) Also, really loved the massive customization that can be chosen for the character, it really made the whole role playing a lot deeper and immersive. Hope there’s more romance scene in the second one cause the first one felt a bit lacking in that department.


Hey, I would be interested in being a low level beta tester my favorite thing about the first part was all the choices it was very immersive and it felt like I was the character.
Thanks Ariel.


Hi! Big fan of Safe Haven! Anyways you really set the standard for me for choice games. I love how many differnt career options you can choose from, each with their own different backstory. Your games have a lot of replay ability and I look forward in seeing romance scenes in this upcoming one.


Not sure if this is still open but I was a fan of ZE and love ZESH. If I can get into the beta as a “high level tester” that would be great.

As for what was my favorite aspect of ZESH, I’d have to honestly say the character build, specifically the “weakness” section. That the story changed so much depending on if your character was a highschooler to a movie star was a great touch. One of my characters is a high school sociopath that has delusions. The fact that that character and my other character, a good guy soldier with a nephew and a dog with a drinking problem, can exist in the same game, go through the same events, and have specific points brought up specifically for them easily makes the game a top seller in the CoG catalogue.


Y’know, I actually have this sinking fear that Jim will eventually make us choose between the twins with one of them always dying. I love Brody and Madison is my bestie! How could I ever choose?!


Easy. Heads, Brody faces the zombies handcuffed, tails he faces them zip-tied :wink:


Did he forget the safe word again?