Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



I would love to play the beta soon! I really enjoyed the first series, and safe haven so far felt like a good spinoff. I’m new to the forums, and I’m not sure if you would want this, but I could write a review for the beta on the forums if you want that (either pre-release or post-release). I’m interested in giving mostly high level feedback but if I notice something amiss in continuity I will add that too.

Favorite thing about part one is the sheer amount of customization. I had so many choices, and options, and I felt like whichever I chose made a lasting impact on my character even if it wasn’t immediate. A bit worried going into part 2 however because I ended up with a group of like 20+ characters, which is insane. Least favorite thing is I would want it to be more organized, for that reason and for others. It’s hard to track who did what and all when there is so much going on. I won’t sugarcoat things and I’m super-critical, so if you’re looking for feedback I can offer plenty of it. Excited for your new series at the boarding school too.


Hi Jim, i would like to participate in your beta too.
What i dislike in Part 1 is that i can’t save Rebecca and choose a gender for my cousin. And also i can’t shoot Makarov to death but I’m sure you have a plot for them in Part 2.

What i like about your game is your diversity in character building. You can practically make yourself in the game. Well most of it but with your character making diversity you can explore so much more into the game. I dare to say that most of your reader played your game over and over and over again. That’s what i like in Part 1 and your game.


I’ll invite more testers tomorrow. Happy New Year to all.


Hi Jim I’m a huge fan of you’re work and would love to test. Honestly the part 1 was really good so it’s hard to pick anything wron. However if you held I gun to my head I suppose I would put more chances to act like a ruthless survivor.:sunglasses: Granted there is great moments like shooting soldiers for gear, or robbing others. However it always seemed we were more say Daryl from the walking dead, rather than say Mad Max. So I guess more offense less defense.


I think my favorite part is the visible changes the characters go through. In ssome options I chose to have a nephew and I loved how the kid slowly became more dissociated with their surroundings or accepting as well. The little changes some options at the beginning could affect the game were amazing. Some times my character allucinated while others the rage inside them could ruin completely their lives. I loved that.
I expect to see more of it, of this little options, little butterfly effects, and their changes.
Amazing job. One of the best I have played.


I definitely enjoyed the story overall, but a couple of things stuck out as the best to me: I really enjoyed the entire mission in the high school. It was really well described and I felt like I was sneaking along my own old high school, avoiding zombies and looking for my friend. If I could see one thing added I would love more character development, maybe a characters backstory influences their decisions. And I’d definitely like to hear more about this wendingo incident and it’s possible implications on the outbreak. Thanks again for writing and creating this game, I truly love what you are doing with the zombie genre!


Hey, I would love to be a beta tester. My favorite part of Pt. 1 was trying to decide whether or not to trust the “blind” man and the girl. Well, that and the school sequence.


I would love to beta test Part 2 as I had so much fun with the first part!

What I loved the most about the first part was that the character customization was so varied and the readers choice of career/traits they pick at the beginning of the story actually matter and are mentioned throughout the whole story. I played around with different professions and characters arcs and each time there was something different to uncover even if I had been in that situation before. For example when I played the story with a dog I had to find different routes of travel versus when I just played as a solo character who lived alone I didn’t have to worry about that as much.

One thing that bothered me was how quickly the relationship between the reader and Jaime evolved.During the whole first part of the story there is nothing to suggest they are interested in each other except that email about a dating website but even that just seemed like a friend trying to set another friend up on a date so when the reader rescues Jamie and is all of the sudden contemplating on kissing him it came out of nowhere.


Finally! I am absolutely ecstatic to hear that you’re finally done part 2! I’ve been hooked every since the first zombie exodus and I can only imagine how great the second part will be. Honestly my favorite part of safe haven is that everything feels so darn realistic. One mistake and people could end up dead, including yourself, and the fact that you make materials and food necessary is phenomenal! I hope that you will allow me to beta test your finish product and thanks for all your hard work!


When your house gets broken into by the Makarovs, call Rachel when you’re given the voice while approaching your house. When she shows up, she’ll be hiding something behind her back. If you go out to confront the thieves, depending on your stats (can’t recall which but likely Ranged Weapons and Search) she’ll tell you she found the SIG Sauer on a dead guy. Empathy will reveal that this can’t be the case. I may have gotten some details wrong, it’s been months since I’ve played, so someone correct me if I am wrong.


I’d be quite interested in High Level feedback.

Favourite Part(s):
The world was absolutely fantastic. As a fan of zombies in general, your game was very believable. Not easy to pull of these days.

Characters feel like real people. I think I mentioned in an earlier post who my favourites are but yeah. I love them. Rachel, Madison, Fred, Woody and Driver to name some.

The game has surgical detail. I’m not even talking about the inventory.

Those are just some of my favourite parts, sorry, I couldn’t name just one. Just like how I can’t just give it one star :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I thought I missed my first opportunity to test a game, let alone one of the GOAT’s :smile:

I figured I’d include my least favourite parts too:

Some of my gear couldn’t be used in Part 1. I thought I’d at least be able to check if my ghillie suit fits me in the mirror.

I’d hoped we could have a chance to encounter another teen (besides those of the main cast) or even a child on our outings and have a chance to interact with them.

I still have no idea how the mags and ammo in this game work. Maybe I haven’t noticed it but I could use my .33 from day one to the end, killing anything that moves without having issues or an empty gun or reloading. I understand it’s tricky to code in with all the other elements but I didn’t see much use for my ammo.

Scars aren’t really noticed by others. I thought it would have been really cool if a character asks about it and we get to weave a tale, true or false, about how we got it.

Bringing back the system of taking specific gear with you on a trip would have been something I would have liked.


audience gives a standing ovation


Hey Jim! I’ve been following COG, and Hosted for a long time now, and I definitely am in love with your zombie series.

I played the original ZE, and I loved it. I’ve played through ZESH about 10x times already, and I’d have to say I love the abundance of starting professions, and how much they can change your whole play through. I really loved that you could have a nephew, and how included you were in deciding how effected he could be by the apocalypse.

One thing I wasnt too keen on, was the bandit situation. I like the idea, but you never really figured out that Jamie was with them until the very end (phone call). I had a hunch at certain points that the bandits were the same people he was with…

Anyways, I’d love to help with this last beta test! Thanks for the opportunity.


I enjoyed the first part of zombie exodus:Safe haven immensely and I would love to beta test part 2. There are so many things I enjoyed about this game. I loved how fleshed out and real all the characters seem and how the game allows for a lot of character customization with the different careers and challenges. One of my favorite parts of part 1 is that the choices matter and that the choices you made for your characters appearance or race can influence how some characters respond to you.


While I regret I cannot take on more testing commitments at this time, good luck with the beta Jim, looking forward to the final product.


Hello I would love to be a beta tester. My favorite part from pt.1 was causing a horde of zombies to attack the solider on the machine gun when I went to the school. Something about using the dead against my enemy’s is an option I love taking.


I would like to participate in the beta Mr. Datillo, well in Part 1, I really liked the Teenager playthrough, gives you more viable romance options, and unique interactions with different characters, like when Woody first met you (gave me a good laugh for some reason).

The things I didn’t like was when I played a Soldier Playthrough, was how you leave things hanging (cliffhanger) gave me questions. What happened to the woman you have a date with? What happened to the soldiers you met when you went into the base? Honestly this is just random stuff, but I like to meet them in part 2.

But all in all I really enjoyed Part 1. :smiley: keep up the good work,no, Best Work, Mr. Datillo


I hope I’m not too late but I too would like to beta test.
My favorite parts would either be anything in the teenager play through probably the party scene and flirting with Madison and playing the soldier route I really want to see how u did the whole safe haven Lancelot deal


For Safe Haven Part 1, I loved interactions with my nephew and pet. Doing so made the game have a more human aspect. Now I actually care about other things rather than my main character only. I would really love to beta test if there is still some space :slight_smile:


@JimD I would love to test ZE Safe haven.
I’ve read all of Zombie Exodus and and part 1 Of Safe Haven. I really liked how none of the characters were superficial, each of them had an interesting personality, mystery, and backstory that really allowed you to connect with the characters and makes the player interested in learning more about them.

One thing that would’ve been nice would’ve been to throw melee Weapons st enemies like knives or axes. I know there melee but someone with the necessary skills or training could utilize them like that as well.

Also I felt like sometimes there was no use in training your skills to higher levels. This may be because it’s just the first game, but there were times when i felt my characters skill level was high enough to be a total badass with a certain choice, but the result was not very badass. Like when the MC falls through the ground to a basement, I feel like with a high enough Athletics you should be able to climb back up even with a minor injury. Or when You try to sneak attack Rosie but she always detect no matter how high your stealth is. Or when your facing the final bandit with the fancy gun to save Jaime he always detects you at the last second as well.