Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



So…what are all of the Female ROs? (Characters that are female and can be romanced?)


And, I may be nearing the deadline, but I’d like to participate.
My favorite part was probably the end when you leave your home behind for good, until I found out Part 2 wasn’t made yet :sob:
My least favorite part would also be the end, but I’ll say whenever J-whatever her name was and Lyle leave, because I have to restart.

Also does anyone know how to recruit Sifer?


Madison, Kelly, Jillian and Rachel.

Meet her in the Boarded up house, then she will appear again in chapter 5.


Thanks! I probably did recruit her but skipped over the words despite playing at least seven times.
I assume Teenagers cannot romance Rachel, unless I’m just bad at this.


Yeah, teenagers can’t romance Rachel.


Teenagers can romance Rachel but all teenage romances are different than adult ones. Play it and you’ll see.

Everyone who asked to join the beta has been invited. Thanks!


Phew, would’ve almost missed it.


I’d love to get the chance to play this a bit early, and the opportunity is much appreciated. This is one of my very favorite series, and what hot me into this whole genre to begin with!

My favorite mechanic in this ZE iteration is the sheer level of customization. Hair color, piercings, and other aesthetic options aren’t something I’ve really seen implemented in other CoGs, much less having characters react differently to them. Props to you for doing that, I bet it was hell to code though!


Any particular options ya need to pick? Cause i always meet her but don’t see her, or i could just be skimming past it.


I’m very interested in beta testing part 2 for you Jim.
My favorite in part 1 was the variety of intro chapters based on your profession and the responses from the dating profile. They were a great start to the game.


I would love to be part of the beta. My favorite part of the game is all of it. If I had to narrow it down it’d be that choices matter. For example, if I’m a purple haired teenager with a face tattoo, a neighbor is going to comment. I.e. Sean.


Win the first round in the battle against the zombie horde, then she will turn up.


I would like to participate in the second beta I wasn’t able to join the first one so it would be really cool if I could join in on this one. My favorite part was actually the end in which all of the characters you have recruited unite together in order to survive it was a really cool scene. I would though like to know the back story rachel l.


I adore this game and I would love to test it again. My favorite things about part one are Woody’s cute interactions with the nephew, and also how he responds to flirting because it’s hilarious. I’ve played part one through more times than I can even count anymore, just like I did with ZE.


I’d like to be a high level tester. The thing I liked most about part 1 was the amount of detail everything had. Wide range of choice for everything from cars to relationships to materials, crafting and even attributes.


I would like to pareticulated in your beta for chapter 2 of zombie exodus safe haven. I really liked the fact that you could spy on jillian and Lyle usinget the nsa satellite and that you could talk your way past the bandits athe the school


Ok I thought it would be interesting if you had a choice to have a son or daughter and the mother died before the apocalypse it would be similar to having the nephew but not to similar. I also thought it would be cool if you could save your house at the end and make that your main base.


I would love to beta test part 2 simply because I’ve been playing since the beginning I bathe the first part and to this day your game is still one of the most fun text based games I’ve ever played your game was the original game that I got started with on text based games. And one problem I had with the original was but if you take the hacker route


I would love to be apart of the games development, I really enjoyed part one and I think my favourite part was the variety and depth you can give to your character, and I really enjoyed raising my stats and applying my characters skills. I also really loved playing through with a nephew and interacting with all the various characters, who I found really interesting!

So, I’d really love to help out with this process


I would love to participate in the beta I cant wait to continue my characters story. I truly enjoyed the inclusion of the challenges, and loves having a dependent child and dog to look after all while navigating the stepping Stones for new relationships, which is my only gripe because besides them, Woody, and those pesky con artists, everything was kind of fleeting, I restarted several times in an attempt to try and get one of my dates to actually leave with me, and be apart of my apocalypse crew from the start. Really hoping , and it already looks like the case, I’ll be able to cultivate those relationships a bit further.