Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



Thanks, I’ll fix her,…er, the game when Part 2 is published.

Awesome. I especially like to read the profiles and quotes.


OMG, people actually play Sim 4?


It was announced by one of the SimGururs that Sims 4 actually has sold over 5 million copies for the PC. It was just recently released for PS4 and XBox1.

I promise not go further on a digression.


The SIM universe has always been a popular place for roleplayers to make visual avatars of their characters. SIMS and Second Life.

@Ylva, @AAO and @ArchangelVoldemort - thanks for sharing your avatars; they are uniquely done.

I promise to digress no more too - at least until further notice :angel:


…and why exactly do you care?

It’s their money and their time. They but what they want and play what they want.

Bloody fantastic work there, mate. It’s nice to see some people who’ll take the extra step in order to breath some life into their characters.

Also, you’ve got a cool thing going with the “multiple MC’s” universe. Puts a neat twist on things.


That idea has always fascinated me. :thinking: It’s always fun to envision what might actually happen if all your MCs ever managed to run into each other in a single playthrough. I’m actually guilty of imagining what my Cop!MC and Bank Robber!MC would be like if they had to be in the same group. Goodness, with Reilly in the group, my poor cop would probably be yanking chunks of hair out in fits of stress from the mayhem those two might cause. :joy:


Did he decide to just start introducing himself as “Syn Dethcaller” to everyone he met after the apocalypse started since no one was left who knew his real name?


No, that’s his real name. :rofl: I’m never really concerned with realism, even in my zombie games. I just give 'em all names I think are cool.

All of my “main” MCs in almost all the CoGs I play are named Syn…there’s a meaning behind it and its on a personal level. I like to think all my headcanon universes are connected somehow.


I doubt anyone knows this but I use to be a guide for About.com and covered The Sims. This was back in 1996ish. That game was huge back then, so I got to know it well and had contact with the PR people at Maxis. Fun times.

Edit: apparently About.com rebranded and is basically a shadow of its former self.


Maxis was a very fun studio - lots of crazy individuals producing great games.


The Sims was a blast back in yonder yesteryears. Had plenty of fun accidentally setting fire to the house xD


look what I found ending another gamebook here. I was happy for his homage to JimD. By the time I saw this in the credits I thought how the Captain America would say: “I understood the reference” :smile:


All this talk of submarines and nukes reminded me of the oil rig mission from ZE. Some people (If not many) may be confused when I say the whole mission was okay. There were a lot of good ideas in it but ultimately, I felt like the stakes weren’t high enough and that it didn’t have that big element of risk (I thought my batteries would die but they last long enough every time) and difficulty (I only died twice in a dozen playthroughs. I wanted more moments where death was very possible, I guess.) A good game overall, but the oil rig part just fell short. One mission I quite liked was infiltrating Colin’s base, I wqs on my toes the whole time. My humble opinion.

I don’t know. I could be the only one that thinks this (thank the Lord for opinions) but I’d like to see more of the oil rig’s atmosphere though. The first time I played, I won’t lie, I was scared. I was very conscious of every single decision I made. I packed very specific gear. Deciding between left or right took more than a minute. My skin was basically a mountain range with all the goosebumps I had. I think more of this is a definite must. I hate it when games make you think losing/death/defeat can happen but you end up just surviving/winning every dang time, regardless of choice.


Wow. My last post went through so late. Uh. Carry on.


Hmmm mentioning that I’m not sure what even happens if your flashlight does run out, I always took night vision goggles, but I never managed to run out of time even if I explored loads. But yeah I definetly found it hard. But yeah I liked the Colin mission too, but I could never rescue the people locked up :frowning: . Last time I tried and got close using the guide, but failed as one of my stats wasn’t high enough :’( . Probably for the best though, my mcs in the first Z were all pretty much overly protective of Emma, so wouldn’t take kindly to the new guy dating her :stuck_out_tongue: .

Also let me know if that spoiler tag didn’t work, haven’t done one in a while, can’t seem them myself and the bookmark on how to do them is on my old profile.

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Can anyone tell me where the saves are located in Android? It doesnt seem to be in settings.xml.