Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



At the very least they’re smart and fit people and at least some of their skills will be highly valuable in the post-zombie world. At the very least I imagine if they can take the subs apart there’s computers and stuff to be salvaged, maybe the reactors can even power some settlements.


As cool as that sounds ( seriously pirates are awesome) I be wondering how long can a group in tight quarters stay sane if your sailing around days, weeks or months while having to maintain enough food and water during it. But at least your sort of safe from zombies… Until they start manning ships and sailing too lol :grin:


What is this? The Pirates of the Caribbean series?


The NORAD is in Colorado… The Military Shelter of the mountain cheyenne is inside here, a good place to fortify and stay. Probably a lot of resources is here, and a good network comunication with long range because of the military nature of the place (you can not expect less from the place where the entire air force of the country is controled) :smile:


Nuclear Submarines or Aircraft Carriers not need fuel ressuply, but need military (weapons systens or other complex military funtions of need atention, like the driving of this embarcation is very complex, need a entire navy crew and have critical situations like the pressure, maneuveribility, guidance, reactor, sonar) and enginner personal to repairs. But it’s a safe place and no need fuel, and can hide from enemies submerging


Like launch missiles or drop bombs? I want to know too, problably China or Russia uses the nukes for a containment protocol, but the U.S.? I think the high command not have the guts to do it. But this is hipotetical, in TWD the military not nuke the more hot zones (major cities), but in other way the congress aproves to nuke Racoon City in R.E.,
different histories, different ways. And regardless of this, JimD proved to be a writer with talent for writing, I’m sure that here he will do something unique and very cool, we can only wait
But I leave the remark, contaminated lands and radiation traveling through the air are not welcome in the zombie apocalypse for any survivor.
but one thing is certain, without necessary maintenance the cores of the North American nuclear power plants will be melted and cause serious problems for their surroundings


That’s a good point… Are there any nuclear power plants in Colorado…? :thinking:

(According to Wikipedia, there aren’t, so that’s something, but if a Chernobyl event happens in Kansas or Arizona it might still be too close… :worried:)


Yes, the radiation in the air can cause toxic rains or poison water sources, kill plants and animals, and mutate zeta? The effect of radation in the virus can kill the disease or turn she more strong? It’s a interessing question too
a Geiger counter would be useful if this occurs


but there may be dams and hydrlectrics here as well and an accident in one of these would be terrifying too, although less than the melting of the core or leakage of a pool with nuclear waste from a nuclear power plant


But where would you go? You would have to move, meaning you would have to have routes planned or you would just be wandering aimlessly underwater. I’d rather take my chances in a city.

Edit: To add, good luck finding enough gas to properly refuel in the first place, let alone avoid going crazy inside a metal box underwater for the entirety of the apocalypse. Also, never count on finding a legit person who can actually operate one. Last time I checked, they require entire crews with an understanding of nuclear engines, if the type in question is indeed modern.


Think this discussion was had ages ago, mentioned the documentary by national geographic then looking at what would happen if humans just disappeared over night, definitely worth a watch, especially as it looks at what would happen if nuclear powerplants and such aren’t maintained. But that raises a point. In the documentary the overall message is literally every other animal would be better off without humans, no surprise there :stuck_out_tongue: . But obviously they wouldn’t if zombies were still around. So yeah I wonder how long it would take for a ZESH zombie to “die” naturally. Be it from lack of resources, deteriation etc. I mean they’re not immortal right? What about in cold weather? Think I remember a discussion on this too. But I briefly read that Steven Hawking article recently, saying we could all be dead in a few hundred years due to over population, so we might not need a nuclear disaster or zombies to wipe us out. So I think radiation would screw this z world up bad and it’d take a long time to repair. But anyhoo that’s my rant for today :stuck_out_tongue: .


Thanks to a biological process called putrefaction, which is the first stage of death, they fortunately not. Due to the vast amounts of bacteria we have in our colons to digest plant foods, aided by warmer weather which allows bacteria to grow faster, zombies in real life would not last long at all, actually. And when concerning cold weather, it’s the same, basically: since our body’s natural protective elements are gone after about a week following physical expiration, the process by which we would decay (be essentially consumed by bacteria) would speed up almost tenfold.


I am actually going to cover some of these topics in Part 3 (at my pace, releasing 2027).


Haha… ha… ha… :cry:



Well Zombie Exodus states it takes two weeks from lack of food. Most zombie fiction says it takes 2-5years for them to deteriate and cold weather slows them down


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So, because I had nothing better to do, I made @AAO’s, @ArchangelVoldemort’s, and my own MC in The Sims 4.

See, the thing is, each of us has a canon character, and all three of our “main” playthroughs were adjusted slightly in terms of headcanon to allow them to all fit together seamlessly inside a type of unified fictional universe that allows for the full SH story to remain relatively untouched at large while these three characters and worlds collide. Basically, all three exist within a shared universe that follows the overall plot of ZE:SH, but with our own tweaks and additions to it.

Think of it as SH, but with three MCs at the same time instead of only one.

The Trio

(Listed by order of appearance from left to right.)

==Syn Dethcaller {@ArchangelVoldemort}==

Quote: “The world may be dead, but who we are doesn’t have to be. If you fight, resist, rise, and revolt against fear, surviving doesn’t just become relatively easy; it becomes something else entirely. A hope, a fire, that only the worst of days can bring out in the best of us. It becomes a chance to LIVE again.”

Morality: Syn’s Morality would be Chaotic Neutral; fuck being Good, but fuck being Bad, as well. For him, the entire world revolves around the ones he cares for. Literally whatever it takes to protect them, it’s worth it.

Traits: Strong, undyingly loyal, headstrong, decisive, and brutal.

==Cassidy Quinn {@Ylva, AKA Me, Myself and I.}==

Quote: “Nobody ever said I was a saint; just don’t fuck with me or my friends, and you’ll live. Maybe.”

Morality: Cassidy’s Morality would be Chaotic Neutral. There’s no such thing as Good or Evil, and therefore no reason to follow the laws of a dead civilisation. Like Syn, she’ll do anything to ensure the survival of those she loves, no matter how horrendous.

Traits: Cunning, creative, resilient, and logical.

==Sylvia Stone {@AAO}==

Quote: “Look, I’m a simple girl. You be honest, get in line and do your part in helping us survive and you’ll thrive with us. But break the law, steal from the helpless and be a nuisance… Well, I hope you’ll be enjoying the nice and cozy coffin that I’ll throw you in.”

Morality: Think of Sylvia as Chaotic Good; help the innocent and mow down the wicked while doing anything in her power to ensure her people survive to fight another day.

Traits: Solitary, brave, fierce.


Victoria and Barry Stone, Sylvia’s sister (deceased) and nephew, respectively.

Fenris, Cassidy’s Siberian Husky.

Duke, Sylvia’s German Shepherd.

Cerberus, Syn’s Irish Wolfhound.