Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



Definitely; in fact, if given a choice, that would be my default decision. There is a town that actually springs to mind: Estes Park Colorado. Admittedly, it is larger than you would probably want (6000+ people as of last year) and it has some big roads going in/out.

The mountains are pretty good with lakes and streams, and you can grow food there. The reason I mentioned Estes Park is that I actually hauled hay bales for my uncle/aunt who raised cattle there on the side of their construction business.

It also is near Rocky Mountain State Park; so wood for fires, and hunting would be no trouble. If anything, the elk practically claim the town during parts of the year.

So what this means is you can easily find even smaller, better defendable locations if you wish.


Heh, that might be a nice location for our version of perhaps the eventual capital of a possible “New Colorado Republic” though that is only feasible once the Zombie outbreak is largely over, for now we’d probably need something more secluded and more easily defensible with fewer soldiers.


grins That’s why I amended my post that you would probably want something smaller. But what I was getting at is that you could still find locations like you wanted, even on the way to say something like Estes Park.

The biggest problem would be consumables like fuel and medicine, but that is going to hit survivors no matter where they are.


Honestly, I just want to live in the trees. :cry: If any of you have watched Syfy’s Van Helsing, there’s a small group in season 2 that’s based in the woods. They essentially built a series of tree houses that are connected via bridges up high. They also built/dug out a li’l bunker in the event they need to hide. They were great. It was even greater that the group was run by an interracial M/M couple. :kissing_closed_eyes:


Aside from farmers and soldiers (or a team og farmers, soldiers, engineers etc) I’m pretty sure a Gypsy / travelling sort of group or camp might do pretty well, depending on where they are.

Especially if they were used to travelling (campers, or actual Gypsies) beforehand, and could scavenge for stuff easy enough.

Totally not because i’m studying these now, but a mix of Medieval age castles (for defensive features) and Renaissance-esque Elizabethian stype manors / Halls (for the pizzaz and multiple floore and furnaces) could be pretty good the stay in, long term.


Will be how many parts? after we have finished we will have a new volume? I really like this story and universe, for me the more the better :smile: D


So far, JimD has confirmed three Parts.

You and me both, buddy.


You are absolutely correct. Regarding the last part of your response, Alcatraz Island is a potentially great place to overtake. If a massive garden can be made with some cattle brought over and breeded along with enough people to patrol at least it’s entire roof while still able to set up a fully functional med bay and recreational center, you’d have yourself an undeniably good setup. Of course, said garden would have to be good enough so that constant boat runs to the city aren’t necessary, and you’d have to keep moral up so that people wouldn’t mind living in a spot so isolated, but with a unified group and a truly good command system, I’d say it’d be possible to hide out and survive here.


…but Alcatraz is haunted :open_mouth: reading through the posts I’m still sure I’d want an oldy worldy ship so then me and my fellow survivors could all be pirates :stuck_out_tongue: . Plus if you kept moving your ships location then that’d make it hard to raid…right? Plus it’d make it easier to travel to land to scavenge for essentials…essentials like designer clothes :stuck_out_tongue: I’d want to make the best of a bad situation after all.


Ships are amazing in the zombie apocalypse…if you want to starve to death or have half your people die from easily curable diseases and conditions like exposure. An old world ship is even worse. Let’s not talk about the problems with maintenance and care; where would you even find someone who knows how to keep one in good condition? Constant movement requires someone knows all the nearby areas and the current location, as well as documentation in case something happens to them and retrieving that information is impossible, so good luck finding someone like that, too. Also, it would actually be easier to raid an old timey ship…seeing as how they’re, well, old timey. Modern weapons would easily be able to puncture damage, and even destroy the materials of one. Boarding one would be like boarding a raft, even if your group was still well armed. There’s simply too many flaws with staying at sea in the apocalypse; what many people think is one of the safest ideas is actually one of the most illogical and dangerous.

Disclaimer: this post is not meant to be rude, I’m merely debating, as we should. Conversations like these are fun and informational.


…And it’s stuff like this that really shows me how crap I’d cope in an apocalypse :’( luckily since my main mc is based on me she’s super submissive so would never get her way when it comes to important stuff like choosing a safe haven :stuck_out_tongue: …Hmmm…maybe a submarine though? It’d be hard to maintain, but I bet that would be a great place to survive the apocalypse if you could maintain it.


Texas might be a teeny bit closer and I guarantee you’ll find more guns if you go that way :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I think it would be flatter to go that route. You don’t want to drive through the mountains and run into a car wreck.


Submarines require a constant fuel source and are simply too cramped to stay in for extended periods of time. Plus, good luck always being able to find a proper docking place every time you go up to get supplies. Creative idea, though. Thinking outside the box like this can always be good.


The US navy leaves nuclear submarines submerged for months without resupply so it is definitely possible. Each refueling lasts about 20 years for subs with sufficient technical knowledge that can remain underway that entire time (though they could probably safely extend that a bit). The sub also makes its own air and water while submerged. Unfortunately, the problem is that all the humans inside need food, and to not go crazy. Can be hard to do if you are jammed in a underwater can for longer than a year or so especially without outside human contact. Given all that though I expect the nuclear sub crews that were underway at the time to still be out and about…


They’d also contain a high percentage of various technical experts, right? Still since we’re not on the coast I don’t think we’d have the potential to court both former American and other nation’s sub crews.


Makes me wonder if anyone ever got crazy/desperate enough to try ordering the nuclear forces (US or other nation) to do something. I mean, it’s the literal apocalypse already…


Yes the crew are highly tried and the subs are supported by cities worth of maintenance and technical experts while in port. Stuff would definitely start breaking in short order that even fully trained crews would not be able to fix.


All true, but once we do manage to contain the zombie epidemic any surviving experts on those sub-crews would be invaluable in rebuilding and preserving civilization, correct?


I’m not sure. The nuclear propulsion officers and crew in particular are smart cookies, but I’m not sure how transferable all those highly specialized skills are. The sub force has an entire industry supporting it. We are talking hundreds of thousands of people who are all part of keeping the 68 nuclear subs in the US Navy operational.

The subs (that weren’t already in their maintenance cycle or being built at the time) will keep working for awhile don’t get me wrong, but you quickly get into the territory where if 90% of the US population dies it really isn’t reasonable to expect you could maintain that capability over the long term.


…I forgot that Texas is by the ocean too :, )