Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



So we should become The Saviors??? (Ya of course!)

I was initially thinking this myself except you need to be hyper vigilant with the zombies. The other thing is if all your food production is outside the wire it is constantly exposed to the zombies. If a big heard comes through they trample all your crops at a minimum and probably deny you access to them long enough to kill the entire crop. That is a potential problem you’ll be dealing with at least annually I’d expect.


Meh, I’ll just dig trenches and set up towers. If there’s not enough people to be put in the towers, I’ll reduce the shift lengths but give people two shifts per day, with rest in-between.


I actually like the zombie trench idea a lot. Been mulling it over. Only hole I can think of is that you need it full else you’ve just given your enemy a fighting position but also not too full where the zombies can spill out. That and I’d be worried about all those zombies being weaponzied by human enemies if they can compromise the trench somehow. You run into the same square meters protected being directly proportional to guard requirement issue as well.


If it’s human enemies, jump in the trenches yourself. If it’s zombies, let them break their legs falling down.

Putting wire around the trench (on your side) would prevent people from jumping down and climbing up, jumping across, or trying to use the trench as a firing platform aimed towards your camp.


What do you do as the trenches fill up with zombies? You can’t really clear them out unless you kill all of them. I suppose you could have a system that allows you to close sections of trench off for maintenance. Seems labor intensive…


Kill and remove. Shouldn’t take long, and you can use polearms if you don’t want to waste ammo. Don’t think they’ll fight back too much.


Seems like a good time to ambush your work crews if you’re an enemy of the settlement. I’m also not sure dragging a body out of a trench is all that easy. Feel like you still have a major issue if the settlement is constantly surrounded by zombies yet also worried about human snipers outside the wire.


You can prevent being sniped by working from your side of the trench, and putting something to obstruct the vision on the other side, like blankets hanging from a wooden structure, or a full wooden wall if you have the resources to make one.

Your tower guards will still be active, and spot any approaching enemy. Just retreat and let them deal with the zombies in the trenches, while you take potshots.


Hmm I expect in this setup that the safe haven being on a low hill surrounded by a flat open field is actually preferential as it will deny concealment to the enemy. I think you still need a berm of some kind behind the trench to keep the people inside the safe haven from being sniped.

You’ll need a road between the berm and the trench as well to load up all the zombie bodies from trench maintenance and cart them off.

A ring fort with one central tower might work as long as it has LOS into the trench and the enemy side of the berm. That would cut down on guard requirement as well. Probably could put a radio atenna up there as well for your patrols. Need c-wire on the enemy side of the berm and some kind of vehicle drawbridge too.

Of course the big central tower is also a big target. Hopefully the standoff will help…


Can we use a system of dams and canals, that also double as the irrigation system, to periodically wash the ditches clean? Assuming of course that the zeta virus dies fast once the host is out of commission?


I don’t know I’d be worried that would give the zombies enough elevation that could get out for one and dead people in your water is generally not conducive to a healthy population.


Just live on a boat. Honestly, will solve all the issues. Or find a small island, clear it, and start growing stuff, and bring livestock with you. Have a farmer on your team, a couple people to do daily looking around and defense, and a scientist to do sciencey things, and one person for morale. Done.


Only the zombie-related ones. Raiders would only have even more advantage against you.

The island is more feasible, but still raidable, unless you setup all sorts of defenses, which would require much more resources and personnel than living in-land.


I think that might be hard from Colorado. I suppose we could drive to the coast but I’m not sure that’s an option @JimD will give us. Plus I think a few other people are gonna have that idea…


Would it though? I guess I’m forgetting this is American-centric. But, my part of the world- get a boat, there are islands that have old prisons, clear them out, use the defenses, stay in there, use the land to grow stuff.

Or, I bet someone can fly a plane. Get somewhere decent. Go to a place people weren’t in large number before the outbreak, and establish there.

Get a big-ass houseboat. Get a house boat colony going, ala Walking Dead Michonne. Everyone gets stuck in a big ol ocean somewhere, everyone supports each other, and they’re forced to work together.


That all depends on the MC you are playing.
My main MC would be against of picking really out of civilisation (not sure how this can be interpeted in the zombie apocalipse) places for a safe haven, of course my main MC is a hacker.


Colorado is like just slightly west of the middle of the US, so it would take a while to get anywhere near the ocean. I know basically nothing about Colorado besides the location and the fact that there’s a giant satanic horse statue at the Denver Airport that fell on and killed its original sculptor and had to be finished by the sculptor’s family though so there’s possibly some lakes with small islands in the middle of them? Like I said though, I know basically nothing about Colorado besides its general location and the presence of Equine Satan so don’t take my word for it

California is the nearest coastal state and driving to the Bay Area (chose there because of Alcatraz. There are other islands along the coast but I don’t exactly know where they are) would take roughly 20 hours according to google maps. There may be road blocks like big zombie-induced car rides, but detours aside, it’s possibly doable but probably not without casualties. Though also, there’s a pretty big possibility of some car wreck or something starting up a forest fire, and with everyone dealing with zombies, there’s probably not going to be many people left to deal with that. Honestly, everyone in California (including me, a paranoid Californian) would probably be screwed because even with government agencies available to at least get it under control, about half of California collectively spends at least two months of the year on fire anyway :sob:

Though with islands, there’s the issue of how to get fresh water, and with the drought, you really don’t want to be anywhere in California during the apocalypse

There’s also Oregon and Washington but which I’m pretty sure weren’t affected by drought, though I don’t know about habitable islands within a reasonable distance of them? I went on a roadtrip with a friend’s family once when I was a kid and it took a day for us to get from the Bay Area to somewhere in Oregon (I think it was like just over the state border but I was 9 so I’m not really sure) and then another day to drive to Seattle. That was with breaks though


All this talk of islands reminds me. Are we saying there’s any scientifically explainable reason for why zombies are able to seek out and find more people to eat unless they’re on an island or is that a hand wave? Cause if it’s the former you could potentially do something to avoid being found that didn’t involve going to an island.


Correct; Colorado is a land locked state, and the biggest bodies of water are some lakes, and some rivers. I am not going to deny there aren’t some islands, but most of them might be lucky to have room for a house or two, and certainly not for any large growing space other than a big garden. (Just talking generally here).

Another thing to consider is that depending on the size of the body of water, the surfaces of lakes can freeze in Colorado (unless it is a mild winter). What this means is that zombies could come skittering across the ice. Of course, I do have to admit I love the idea of someone on ice skates going after zombies :wink:

And if you are in a houseboat on a lake that freezes…see the comment about ice skating around zombies :slight_smile:


The second-best thing I guess would be a nice, fertile mountain valley with only one or two (preferably two) narrow passes to be guarded. Do the Colorado Rockies have secluded valleys that can shelter and feed a large village?