Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



NB means you identify as non-binary


Will be possible to seize the command of the Silverthrone Group? Will be awesome to integrate a group of marines in my group, a call them, Z Militia or Task Force Z and my MC is a Army Captain in one of my saves, and in other is a tennager in a stolen military uniform (i killed the morons trying to kill Lopez), why i do this? .My MC tennager not have the opportunity to join the Armed Forces Recrutitment Services in the Scholl (RCT? sorry for the doubts and mistakes, I’m not american), like Brody mention early in the Part 1 :grin::joy:
If be possible i pick all of the military things i encounter in the way for my group too. I already drive a Bandit jeep mounted with a .50, and my favorite weapon´s is: M4 with Scope and Supressor, M1991 pistol, Machete. :smile:
i admit… i really are a military aficionado :joy:
And i have to say too, Zombie Exodus Safe Heaven it is one of my favorite games to play with a military in the zombie apocalypse, because of the customization and ample options, and the good writing too, then, thank you to all those responsible for making it exist, the creator, and the fan base as well. :wink::smiley:


Alas, I guess that’s two problems with character auctions that mandate the submitted characters has to die. It makes sense for a zombie apocalypse scenario, but people aren’t likely to be as willing to donate because the character they create is just gonna get killed off no matter what, and someone inevitably comes up with a fan-favourite badass that even the author likes but has no choice but to kill off.

At least now we all know the downsides of submission contests mandating that the character has to die. :slightly_smiling_face:

In a way, her death is all the more fitting since it shows that even the toughest badasses aren’t invincible.


I agree with what you said, I also saw some dissatisfied comments about the event, but my opinion is this:
I do not understand why some were dissatisfied with the death of the characters by the coyotes :thinking:. They are predators, and possibly could be infected or altered by zeta virus contact by what I understood, I’m not sure.
But animals like that, being normal, are already a great threat because they are predators that hunt in groups, like wolves, hyenas, lionesses, all like the Velociraptor in the oldest days of the planet :t_rex:.
Now put people on high stress, in smaller numbers, being almost night, in a forest with animals that are blood relatives of the wolves :wolf:, what to expect?
I think two dead, and a terrified and wounded survivor are a very real setting. After all, what can we expect to find walking and camping through the forest? Happy kittens? And we should still note that they fell fighting too, a good ending in my opinion.
And frankly we are in the apocalypse of the dead here, there will be losses at some point, either by the zombies or the mental state that people hit, after all it is not possible to save everyone, is it? we’re not super heroes.
And even though some characters who died were recent in the group, this happens, by the logic people we just met in an apocalypse of the dead can die very fast, they came and they go, very fast sometimes.


Ive always hated kelly since day 1. At first it was a non explanable hatred of her name, then it was on her holier than thou attitude then the shit with the makarovs. Then my hatred descended and went to loathing, amazing writing on her to makemw hate her as if she were a real 3 dimensional peron
By the by can someone tell me about tjis auction im confused



Hey thanks buddy…finally i manage to recruit and romance Jillian :grin:

i think i mustn’t chose Deep Sleeper as challenge too… Just realise Jillian is a great love interest , not only there were great adventure scenes in Part 1, but in Part 2 i also realise something else… while it was perceive that Jillian is a con artist , she doesn’t simply con or play mind game with “anyone”…during one interaction it was mention that , while Jillian is bonding closer with me …she had also further distant herself from rest of the group , hence it seems i am only one of two persons Jillian really loyal and comfortanble towards… for that, i think i can trust her :smile:

Mean while, Bailey is an under-rated love interest …She is what Rachel describe as “Pale Temptress” if i am not mistaken. i manage to romance Bailey too , and there were at least two cosy moments within Bailey Romance route, and the 2nd moment was the best ( basically it resulted in Rachel staring at us wide eyed) :blush: Well, i think Bailey is a solitary but emotional sensitive individual , once we manage to break into her heart…Bailey will stay most loyal and attached to us, as these traits were display in her romance scenes, not only that… Bailey is also among the most courageous and skillful fighter , she will be one of the survivor who volunteer for watch duty without complain :slight_smile:

My Pro-Wrestler MC

My MC with Bailey

when I am driving in the 4 doors luxury car in the Zombie infested Land…this is the music i am listening to :wink:


How do you romance Bailey?


That’s nice :heart_eyes: I guess an alternative is “Topez,” which sounds sort of like “topaz,” which is pretty :thinking: (but I like LopMy…)

I’m sure we’re not the only ones :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And do not be alarmed if you hear us, uh, moving an air conditioner in the process… :innocent:

Just to check… she should only show up if you scout the boarded up house in part one. Have you definitely done so? If you have, then sorry, not sure what it is :sweat_smile:

Edit: Sifer also has to like you well enough to show up. If she doesn’t like you very well she won’t be there at all. (I wonder if she’s actually still alive in that scenario… just never returns :thinking:)

Yep, Tommy is gay; you can romance him with a male MC, and he can also go for a nonbinary MC, but he won’t be interested in a female one in that way.

Just saying, by the standards of how old this planet is, Velociraptors are newbies :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, but on the topic of the coyotes in the actual game, I think it’s worth bearing in mind that this isn’t really normal coyote behavior—they don’t normally go after humans like that, especially adults (incidents have happened but they’re really rare), so we shouldn’t be too harsh on the poor wolfies :wolf:
Woody does speculate that one of them might’ve been infected, so I think it’s pretty likely that their behavior’s been influenced away from its normal pattern.


This is the interesting part :wink:

you must talk to Bailey at the end of Part 1 … at the start of Part 2… in the scene where Church hide the zombie, chose last option " Let us vote to decide what to do ", then when dealing with the fight with zombies, let the survivors decide which group they want to join ( to ensure your relationship with Bailey won’t drop ), i think if you allow NORA to fight, relationship with Bailey will rise as well… but just to be safe, then when we reach the hill, our stats should be enough to choose Bailey as RO… then follow the twins, Tommy and Bailey to the lake, talk to Bailey …then swim in the lake ( i can only tell that one option will lead to a cosy romance moment )… then i think randomly Rachel will call you, you will realise Bailey found some bones in the deep woods, you can have another cosy moment with Bailey which resulted in Rachel staring at us wide-eyed :smile: i only encounter this scene once, though


Sounds complicated as hell… Ugh now to replay.


That’s why Bailey is the BEST :wink:


This is why spoilers need a double click function. Once to give a prompt saying, are you SUUUURRREEEE you want to spoil something? And then when you click it, it asks you once more. I’m pretty sure I can avoid clicking a spoiler a second time if it prompts me… though, maybe not. I seem to be lacking willpower.

Note to self: Don’t just go clicking spoiler text all willy nilly like.


Well observed, I find a very interesting premise that was addressed with this, how the virus reacts on animals and other such issues. A real danger, since apparently their mobility was not harmed by the virus. Could this help in a future study of cure and virus? In the first game, where we live in the cathedral, we use squirrels as guinea pigs, and they were aggressive from what I remember, I think it’s really cool that this subject has been dealt with again in history
What causes me to worry too, and if something happens to my dear Foxtroxt? my German Shepherd may end up having the same fate as Samantha of Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neville :thinking::sob::sweat_smile:


In my eyes, 3rd, but that’s only because Bailey is tied with Jillie Bean. McMadison is my favorite ship.

If I go all adult and stuff, then I have a hard time choosing between Bailey and Jillie Bean. I have started thinking I may have to make alternate saves of each adult playthrough so that I can have the same things going on, but with both my RO choices.

At least until Delusional Ray RO happens, then all bets are off! Wait, does Ray’s apparent age change with MC age? I haven’t went through with a delusional adult yet…


Do not let Dr. Alan Grant hear you say that … :joy::joy::joy:


They are not going to turn my sweet little cat Lucky. I will train Lucky to attack, then craft a menacing face mask for Lucky that has razor sharp blades on it, so all Lucky has to do is jump at a Z’s face and punch one of the blades through the head… and don’t you dare say cats can’t do that, because cats are stronger than you think. As a kitten, my Siamese cat pushed a 20 pound fish tank off the table to get at his ‘friends’ the fish. Okay, so maybe my Siamese cat is abnormal, but still, it’s possible.

I now want somebody to get killed while saying “Clever girl…” before being mauled by Z’s. Don’t ask me how it will happen, it just will. Jim will find a way.


To be fair Rachel will stare at you despite being in a relationship with Bailey, I romanced Madison and comforted Bailey but she still stared.


Oh yeah, I suppose that’s probably what happened with that squirrel at the verrrrry beginning of part one, poor thing. I’m curious about how the effect might differ with animals that are closer or more distantly related to humans :thinking: like if a :gorilla: would be susceptible to full-fledged zombification :cold_sweat:

So far I think the only evidence we have is for mammals, right? :thinking:

Well, just a Dimetrodon is four times more ancient than a Velociraptor, and older than any dinosaur… and even those are still half as old as the first animals :upside_down_face: Velociraptors are babies, babies! :crazy_face:

(I wonder if they would’ve been susceptible to zombification :thinking: my guess is, if we find out that birds can be, they could be… :smiling_imp:)


Actually, I see your point.
I always thought cats were not cats, if they could be more great and strong, they would eat the owners to keep their homes.
And there’s all that stuff about evidence of plans for world domination too, giant statues of cats in Egypt already show us something … So I’m sure the cats are behind the apocalypse unleashed by the Zeta virus… :thinking:
Keep an eye on cats, this is my advice, sorry, dog team here :wink:
just joking, i love cats too :heart_eyes::grin:

Nice idea :joy::smile:
It’s like Doctor Malcolm said: “Jim found a way”, cough cough, i mean “Life find a way” :thinking:
although Talented writing like Jim’s work´s is life too :smile: