Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



Damn. Really wanted to see if I could take down the silverthornes before the inevitable war started.


Look man, would it really have made a difference in what you said about stopping my complaining if I had mentioned every character that was not saveable? The list could go on forever: tommy’s mom, Gina’s pals in the city, Colonel Faulkner? The point is, no matter which character I would talk about saving, your response would most likely be the same, to tell me to shut up. Secondly, to address your point on the “waifu material”, I only spoke about sifer’s death being undesired since there is actually some character development. The more you learn about a character, the more relevant they grow; Also compared to other characters that were killed off, I feel that the MC had way more interaction with sifer than any other “auctionable character”, allowing people to know just enough about her without fully being able to know more, which is probably why Sifer is one of the more favored characters, proven by the fact of a poll earlier on in the game’s development and even by JimD, who would’ve liked to keep her alive. Furthermore, I’ve only posted about sifer, what… 2 times? I mean, I would understand if I had been posting about the topic repeatedly and frequently but I think the response that was mustered was uncalled for.


Do they really? I mean, in the hill battle they threw themselves at us until we murdered them all. No animal I know (expect maybe certain hive insects) are that stupid.

Maybe I’m just not paying attention, but so far I have failed to observe any self-preservation instinct in a zee.


So I have been playing zombie exodus safe haven nonstop for a couple weeks now. During this time, while exploring all the different paths, I thought of something. Maybe other people have suggested it, and if so, no harm done. But I was wondering if anyone thinks it would be a good idea to add an option where you can save custom characters. Kinda like make em “premade” but premade by you. This way, if you like a character with the attributes and skills that have been set, but you want to explore different choices and paths with the same custom character, you don’t have to redo the custom character option everytime. I found redo-ing the custom character option can be quite time consuming… so just thought I’d throw the idea out. Good day to ya’ll and thanks for reading if you got this far into this paragraph.


Seconded. Maybe we could add a save point right after character generation?


You were on same terrain, and they are kinda like the walkers in GoT you see, in season 7 they come at Jon and co. but stop when they see they’re on a thin layer of ice and when couple of them fall through they stop and wait, zombies fight you on hill because they have a chance to win but in water it is a lose-lose situation.

Not exactly true… You can see these posts about auction characters and just how interactive they are.


Not really familiar with GoT.

Are they really that smart? If they are capable of learning through observation, when we’ve just taken out 99% of their forces without casualties they should probably get the hint and leave.
Unless the virus itself has an instinctive aversion to water. Possibilities…


Could be… Like cats I guess


We could run behavior tests on Joe and design our strategies accordingly. Like digging a shallow moat around him and see if he wades in.

I request that a high Science/Survival MC will have this option.:dark_sunglasses:


Maybe not, but I can certainly see them walking underwater until they reach the other side… :innocent:

You may be, but this is a question that’s been asked a lot… :sweat_smile: Also, both Nathan and Benjimin did get about the same level of detail as Sifer; you’re likely just remembering Sifer more because she was more obviously unusual.


No, with this character my response was “shut up” because there was already a shit ton of other people who complained about it long ago and an explanation was provided to the matter.

Besides, the examples you listed don’t make much sense. I don’t know much about the Colonel, but Tommy’s mom and Michael (who I’m assuming you’re talking about) die for the progression of the character. Asking for them to be ‘saveable’ would just be stupid.

Still doesn’t change the fact that there has been an extensive shitstorm over the matter.


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For those that feel a need for closure, I am in the middle of writing a Patreon short story involving Sifer - the story should help those needing closure to achieve it.


great physical or mental strength that allows you to continue doing something for a long time


I think Attributes will add percentage to your skill … there are description on each attributes

for example Perception add on Empathy and ranged weapon
Dexterity also add on ranged weapon too :slight_smile:


Their deteriorated and decaying biomass would make it quite difficult. Alas, they do not and cannot posses the mental capacity to, due to the obvious nature of the Zeta virus. After reanimation, you can clearly tell it only affects the more primitive parts of the human brain, hence their intent to kill and spread the infection and literally nothing else. And no, a zombie’s respiratory system, just like their circulatory and cardiovascular systems, remain completely nonfunctional and nonworking after death. Zombies an’t even digest/produce waste. Oxygen isn’t required to keep certain parts of their brains semi-functioning; the virus is doing all that.


I’ve seen in some media that they have a barely functioning respiratory system, can’t say how it is with the Zeta virus. However, the most primitive parts of the brain are what regulate breathing so it is possible, at the same time that could just be a reflex so to speak. Like they don’t actually need oxygen despite performing the physical action.

Short story for Ray when?


Right, and I don’t like those versions. Viruses exist to perform their function, though. Nothing more, nothing less. They are simple microorganisms. Even if Zeta did indeed affect the cortex area relative to breathing, it still wouldn’t make the zombie do the action, as it serves literally no purpose to the pathogen’s goal: spread. This is why zombies can’t, again, produce waste. Its why they can’t talk, read, write, think critically, or other things: because they don’t need to. Consume flesh, spread the infection; that’s the virus would be concerned with. No reflexes would take place, either; its the virus that controls everything. The zombie is a zombie because of Zeta, and only because.

In short, the virus only preserves what is relative to its function.

It would be different if the virus didn’t kill then reanimate and instead just affected people like in 28 Days Later, but, in ZE, they are unfortunately not that. :rofl:


What’s the function of a virus?


spread spread spread


And would you agree many viruses can kill off their hosts?