Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



Now that the game is live, please post feedback and character profiles here (end-game stats, survivor summary, etc.).
Release Date for Part 1: 10-28-16
Release Date for Part 2 1.0: 3-21-18
Release Date for Part 2 2.0: Soon! (free update)

Edit - RO as of this latest release (3-21):
Bailey: playersexual
Brody: bisexual
Gina: bisexual, aromantic
Jillian: bisexual
Jaime: bisexual
Kelly: playersexual
Lopez: bi/homosexual, (relationship +75 needed if female)
Madison: bisexual
Rachel: playersexual
Reilly: playersexualbisexual
Tommy: homosexual (and nb MCs)
Woody: bi/heterosexual , (relationship +75 needed if male + high persuasion)
To be done: Rosie, lesbian

*Teenagers have Madison and Brody available for romance right away, the others will stay as friends - at least for now. (up to part 2 1.0)
Thanks for the help @Lycoris
The list will be updated as information is found out.

Scripted Deaths attributed to pre-production auction/prizes:


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Things to do in Part 2
  • Scout the area around camp.
  • Read Trisha’s notebook.
  • Email Julianne and Jason.
  • Set up a SurvNext server.
  • Romance 2-3 characters.
  • Be a leader. Be a follower.
  • Kill a group member.
  • Celebrate Mother’s Day.
  • Go to the Lake.
  • Scavenge the caravan.
  • Reinforce camp.
  • Fight another survivor group.
  • Triy multiple Challenges.
  • Train your group.
  • Receive training.
  • Train your nephew to kill zombies.
Part 2-2 additions
  • 3 missions in chapters 6 and 7: You will be able to visit up to 3 different places.
  • Conversations with all NPCs in the open-ended camp scene in chapter 6.
  • Rosie as a new female-female RO.
  • Go on the mission with Nathan/Benji/Kelly to scout in the open-ended camp scene in chapter 6.
  • Other little additions people are asking for.

New Hosted Game! "Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven" by Jim Dattilo
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New Hosted Game! "Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven" by Jim Dattilo

  1. Maximum skill level is 7 currently. Preferred skills are easier to raise.

  2. Many skill checks are either high success, moderate, or fail. So if you shoot a rifle with a high Ranged, you will get a high success. Sometimes very high skills give big successes. So a high Ranged of 75+ in the school parking lot allows a sniper-style headshot on the bandit.

  3. In that scene with Rachel, you were likely a teen. She’s 30ish.


@JimD Thanks for the reply. I think I will do a replay of the college student to do some stat balancing then ( like lowering short ranged and hand to hand and increase long range since I have selected my first 2 strong points as Dexterity and Intelligence).

Since u said Rachel is 30ish , I want to know whether there are any romance characters in college student age group in Part I


For stats XD:




@Sanjay if you are college age, anyone is an option. I thought you may be playing a teen. Rachel can comment you are too young but a high relationship score may lead to an RO.


@Pace675 Interesting character. What profession and what is your weapon of choice?


@JimD Well then I will stick with Rachel then, though I will have my eye out for other characters.

Thanks for the reply. Keep up the awesum work. I am very much looking forward to the next part


@JimD Oops I almost forgot. I also wanted to know if I will meet the character with whom I went for a date ( Vivian is her name I guess) in the next part


Teenager and Katana XD


So I took my cat with me to the school, but once I had assigned everyone a vehicle and was coming home the game was acting like I left him at the house, with comments such as “Simba might still be inside” and then Riley telling me how he went inside and saved him.


Good catch - need more cat lovers taking their cats out with them :wink:

So has everyone discovered that if you start out in the rural setting you get free water! That is a lot of free inventory you get to keep for scavenging etc. … I think I took a couple hundred bottles of water from that well.

What's up with the emojis?

Here’s my stats. Character class was college student. Used the +25 boost for this one. I also played a female teenager with a dog and a nephew, but I forgot to take screenshots of that one haha.








I can’t assign skill points at the start of the game for my second play through. Kind of annoying. Did I break it with how well I did in the first? Maybe all the cold blooded murders?


yeah I keep getting locked out of assigning some skills doing a army medic build and I can only assign skill point to ranged weapons and medicine I assigned my own skills like strength, dexterity etc. and I have 66 skill points to assign


The + option and ++ option still seem to be bugged. CoG is working on the issue still (last I checked a few hours ago).


@yougal I had that issue. But when I restarted the game once every skill was unlocked


So,I finished the game.And I gotta give credit to Jim for this game,it was outstanding.

But that was for the story.Now,the mini maxing shall begin.


That too is a story; try a couple of sessions with kleptomania as a challenge and see how it goes. :slight_smile:


yeah tried restarting it still doesn’t work I also have a child dependent and dog german shepard