Zombie Exodus, Part 5 beta testing

@FairyGodfeather NOOOOO STOP IT STOP IT HAHAHAHA I’M GONNA HAVE NO VOICE LEFT PRETTY SOON D: At 4 am everything is too hilarious to handle!!! I’m gonna go eat breakfast now cause I think it’s evident I’m not falling asleep anytime soon.

@FairyGodfeather Nah I’m thinking of another suit-case, even worse, for Devlin to accidentally take…

Great game don’t trust Tom

the majority of people don’t


Indeed. I’m hard pressed to think of anyone that had much trust in the guy. I always tried to give him the benefit of the doubt because of this. After all, I didn’t want to delude myself into hating the guy when I didn’t really have any reason to. Interestingly enough, when I got my best friend to play the game, she immediately told me she thought Tom gave off a really creepy vibe (this actually became a running joke among us - whenever I saw her walk by on campus I’d just whisper “Tom” and watch her cringe, much to my amusement). I now see that her hunch was correct.


I really like the idea of Crone being a true gentleman. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d totally have some coffee or something with the guy. I could see him being a big softie around Emma if not for… well… the apocalypse and whatnot.

@Jay_Girl You made me go ‘awww’ with that last comment.

hmmmm Mindy, Candace, Kelly, Emma, and Heather… so is Jason gonna being taking off anytime soon like he planned? and I am assuming Tom is about to exit the stage as soon as I get back home, dammit I cant find any excuse to get rid of Crone, hes actually a really good guy… eugene is goin nuts, plus hes old so he wont last long, Devlin is devlin not sure what to do with him, and River has finally snapped so I will be rid of him soon. seems I am getting closer to my goal of a harem ending. I may allow crone and devlin to stay as my personal guard but im still debating that.

@giglamesh harem ending? XD



Can harem ending be achieved? You don’t need to recruit Devlin and Eugene. Jason can be dead. You don’t need to rescue Crone (just rescue Kelly). River’s optional too. Tom’s the only guy that has to be present at this point and hopefully you’ll be able to remedy that soon enough.

Ha! Actually you can let Jason die, then kill Carl. You can kill Devlin. You can just leave Crone behind. You can kill River, either by not letting him join, or taking him off on that mission with Starr to retrieve their stuff. Badger can be shot. Uncle Lou was annoying, if the brakes didn’t fail surely you could have arranged his demise. Javier. Dave. Is it any surprise that any men going on missions with you don’t survive, and yet strangely none of the women can die on missions with you (apart from Starr).

You could quite happily play a sociopath who quietly ensures that it’s only you and the women… and with your eyes set on Tom. Try and kill me why don’t you Tom, let’s see who’s the biggest sociopath.

I’m definitely adding an achievement called Harem Ending. What can the ending be for a female with all men in her group? All Male Entourage?

Cabana Boys. :slight_smile:

Although that would involve ditching Emma and Mindy so is somewhat tricky.

And the men don’t seem to get along quite so well with each other. Eugene and Devlin. I can’t see Crone going with you unless Emma does too. I’m fully expecting Badger to betray us. I think Devlin and Tom would fight if we brought them both. Jason has his plans for going on his own and besides he’s creepy but he seems like he’s the one who gets on best with Tom. River’s crazy and I’m expecting him to try and kill someone. No. I can’t see all the current men getting along at all.

It’s like that game with the farmer, the fox and the chickens. There’s no way you’re getting all of them in the zombie apocalypse boat without someone eating someone.

I actually trust Tom. I hope killing him isn’t a requirement in the next part of the game…

@jimd It would still be called a harem if the female went for all males. technically it is a place rather than a collecton of people (regardless of gender), so it should be possible for a female to have a harem. but for the sake of being different it could be called Mistress ending. although realistically, it would be in the best interest of the female MC to simply join my harem. they would be so much happier with the great me.

on a more serious note, do you recall if anyone has tested certain bad endings? to be more specific, whatever happens if throughout the story you never bother to obtain food, water, etc. and in the beginning of part 5 if you just assign everyone to chores or perhaps simply dont have enough people to complete the tasks in time. it occured to me that i never thought to try any of these options. also i am assuming that there is a bad end in these circumstances, if there isnt this should be rectified.

one last thing. i hate myself for mentioning this, but I am bringing up Hadley again. I personally prefer her death, but since i am the king of heroes, for the sake of those who wish for her to survive… i fight for yooouuu!! *ahem* so i thought to myself, “how can i save hadley?” well the answer was surprisingly simple: i need to save colins camp. how to do this, you ask? indirectly, i say! go waaay back to the depot mission, block the door, tell colin the true location of the depot, do not engage the military team, take javier back with you on the motorcycle. these are the requirements. this ensures that colin has his team and plenty of resources in order to allow colins camp to fend off the zombie attack, and thus prevent hadley from ever needing to leave safety of the camp, leading to her never being scratched by some zombie in the woods. death avoided. so the cost of keeping her alive is: no supplies from the depot and switching out the hadleys death scene with another scene. instead of coming across hadley, we come across soldiers from colins camp. this scene needs to be extremely difficult to survive! that would be the cost for saving hadleys life.

@Giglamesh That’s a really good idea, it would really make the player feel bad if she mentioned that the supplies from a depot went missing and her dad mentioned someone named ‘Sally’ (Don’t know the male name) had run off with them, that would be a kick in the trump.

Could you please post a link?

@Giglamesh I think that’s such an interesting idea on how to save Hadley. It’s very obscure. It does mean no stealing supplies from them either. Would it be worth the trade off feeling of hopelessness? Actually I think yes. I think hitting a group of soldiers that are almost impossible to pass. Being so close to your destination only to have this huge hurdle. Of having to hide from them, and spend hours being silent, cramped, wet, hungry and thirsty and waiting for them to pass, hoping that you’re not captured, certain they’re going to get you. So close to your destination and yet so far. I think that could work.

Of course it assumes JimD doesn’t have a plan for a confrontation in the last part. I’d be surprised if Colin didn’t show up. But I’ll say that your suggestion is the first way of saving Hadley that I can actually get enthused by. It’s obscure, unlikely, it’s something that would need to be puzzled out on a player level, it means doing without, making sacrifices, but it saves a little girl. I like it. It’s clever.

I think easter eggs involving “You had to have already played this once to know to do this” would add to a lot of replayability. It’d be a lot of work and a lot of revision, but think of it as a hidden “New Game +”

Just depends on if JimD wants to do all that work for a game only the more determined/obsessed of us will attempt. Could also set up these major “perfect set-up” easter eggs just for the last few chapters. Although seeing the brilliant plot so far I wouldn’t be surprised if there are already a few of em’ in there.

@Gran_Sleep Killing Tom is not a requirement.

@Giglamesh I thought harem had connotations of an all female group, but I think using it for both male and female groups is a good option.

If you don’t bother with food and water, you suffer a loss to stats. At the moment in the game, it is 20% loss and goes higher later on. That actually is a huge disadvantage, since many stats have a 20-point success threshold, and losing 4 points knocks you under that mark.

I like your Hadley idea. I won’t give away spoilers on Colin’s potential impact on the end, but I will add your method of saving Hadley to the feature wishlist.


@FairyGodfeather and @CheckeredZebra I do have some Easter Eggs planned, and I will have some very “good” endings, though nothing on par with a Hollywood ending.

@JimD Yay, hadley can be saved! go go power rangers! yay! and there does not seem to be the definition of hollywood ending on the dictionary.com

devlin owns.
just sayin

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the time of the new scene being released gets closer