Zombie Exodus, Part 5 beta testing

@CrimsonRose301 YESSSS, of course I love that idea haha d: but I dunno guys, I’m pretty sure the scene in the shack is the one that happens in the very beginning. A cabin and shack are practically the same thing, I mean we don’t have to be talking about a luxury lakeside cabin here. And there’s a lot of similarities. The thin pool of blood next to you, looking around for your gear and not finding any, the zombie letting out a shrill howl outside, as you consider your next move.

@alleykae …and then Devlin swoops in to the rescue, all while chewing on a single strand of wheat, saves the day, and then we end the day sharing a cigarette while watching the sun set…

But seriously, what if Devlin never shows up. We’re doomed and Jim is just gonna be playing a cruel joke on us ._. I think @Giglamesh’s ending sounds more likely and realistic (not that I think zombies are real or anything…)

@Giglamesh your ideas for raising will and charisma sound intriguing – I may use them for ZE2 (if it happens)

@stsword thanks for the vote. I will have to figure out a way to add in the narrative some hint on how much “cost” each mission has

@CrimsonRose301 it is exactly how @alleykae described it – the scene is from the shack with Catherine. The intro flashback is not really necessary to experience – it is supposed to hook the reader with a tense moment from the game.

Devlin will do some saving but not from the shack scene :slight_smile:

@CrimsonRose301 Holy schnikes I am totally digging your mind but I knew it xDD
and thanks @JimD, as if I wasn’t dying for the rest of the story enough as it is haha :smiley:

Uncle Lou in our hearts you will remain and in my saved games ^:)^

Devlin saving the MC?

If Devlin some how manages to manifest as a real person - Lock up your daughters,sons,husbands,and wives. Cause they ain’t gonna stay long with him around!

@trollhunterthethird Whatcha got against Devlin D: And technically there has been a couple times where he saves the MC. Like he takes on those five zombies at the dock so we have a chance to run to safety with Emma and Heather, he can save us from the zombie priests and nuns in the cathedral, andddd most importantly, if it wasnt for him, we’d be trapped in that grocery store with Mindy until we starved to death, or fell through the floor to be devoured by zombies!!

@alleykae I think you took my sentence the wrong way! :smiley:

That sentence is meant to imply that if Devlin were a real person - He’d be sooo damn hot people would have to lock up their beloved ones so they won’t run off after him!

@trollhunterthethird BAHAHAHA OKAY BRB DYING

Do people actually like the idea of having their main character saved by someone instead of doing the saving? I’ve noticed a few comments about how Devlin should punch Tom, Devlin should save you, Devlin should fight over you.

For me, I’m far more interested in being the one to punch people, to rescue people, to get in fights (or not) myself. I suppose having NPCs as active participants is good though.


I fixed your sentence for you.

If Tom some how manages to manifest as a real person - Lock up your daughters, sons, husbands, bottles, and wives. Cause they ain’t gonna stay alive long with him around!

@FairyGodFeather I guess I like to have a balance :smiley: As much as I love to feel like the kick ass heroine of the story, I do get bothered in like shows, movies and stuff when the same person ALWAYS gets the big heroic moments and it’s just so predictable and cliche. What also bugs me just as much though is those annoying girl characters who always need their boyfriend to save them. Yeah, I definitely don’t want to be one of those characters either xD like I said, a balance is good!

@Alleykae But I want all of the big heroic moments! They’re mine, that’s why I’m the hero. Devlin can just stand in the sidelines and swoon over me and hope that I decide to rescue him. Although I suppose at no point do we really rescue Devlin either.

I liked that despite spending the whole first part trying to find and rescue Emma, when we did meet up with her and Heather, they were the ones with the plan and we went along with it. And Emma showed herself perfectly capable of looking after herself. It was Carl, Kelly and Crone that were in need of rescue at points.

I suppose we do get a chance to rescue Mindy and Candace, but even there there’s not much of a big deal made out of it and they survive regardless of our actions. Just as we survive if Devlin isn’t along. Everyone has eachother’s backs.

Apart from Tom, he has a knife in your back instead. He doesn’t take Devlin along. He doesn’t rescue Carl himself. There’s no moment where I can think of him acting all that heroic or putting himself in danger for others.

I do have a dislike of NPCs who’re always swooping in to rescue the main character. I roll my eyes and want to be the one who’s doing the saving. But give and take works too.

We fight together.

@FairyGodfeather I don’t know about your MC but mine is a girl, it’ll be kind of weird if a girl just does all the hard work while all the men just stand aside and believe she can take care of things, chivalry shouldn’t die just because its the zombie apocalypse! That doesn’t mean I want my character to play the damsel in distress, because I think it’s still pretty awesome that you could still kick some ass despite your gender. But we aren’t superheroes, out MC’s are gonna need help eventually and it would be a great opportunity for Devlin to a) show that he can kick some butt, and b) show the he cares and is looking out for us.

@JimD and you have no idea how happy I am to hear that ^-^

@CrimsonRose301 WORD haha :smiley: Like… my sentiments EXACTLY.

@CrimsonRose301 Okay! Ha! If only you had the option to say to Tom, when he tried to send you after Carl “but I’m a girl! Send one of the guys instead.” Tom has shown himself to be sexist in the past. Although I can see Mindy not really approving.

That said I’m glad that Zombies Exodus doesn’t discriminate.

And when you mention chivalry, I have an image of Devlin holding a door open for you, while you shoot zombies out of it. That’s chivalry in the zombie apocalypse! The two of you running from zombies and him holding the door open so you can escape first.

Crone is probably the chivalrous type, or at least more prone to traditional gender roles, though Emma doesn’t receive that type of attention too well. Devlin doesn’t care about such things – he’s all about survival.

So I’m fairly late to the “how to react to death discussion” (and haven’t actually played part 5) but I figured this was relevant to ZE as a whole.

In one word: Adrenaline. To be more specific, the after effects of an adrenaline rush during a fight or flight scenario, such as nausea, “crashing”, pacing, post incident soreness, and many others.

While it may be far to late to introduce to earlier chapters, and putting it in these later ones may seem dodgey, here is a link that may help when dealing with character reactions to certain situations, as they tend to be universal regardless of “humanity”


More information can be found by googling “the after effects of adrenaline”


@WolfieGrey thanks that’s helpful. I want to rewrite the whole reaction to death section, so this will come in handy.

@FairyGodfeather HAHAHA you guys are just killing me today I swear lolol. And @JimD that’s probably true, and any shred of chivalry he may have had would have been utterly destroyed after Heather’s comment she makes when he offers to carry the bags ahaha, waaay back when he first meet him.

@alleykae Oh! You’re right, I forgot about Devlin and Heather’s exchange, with Devlin offering to carry a bag and: "Devlin offers to carry one, but Heather states “chivalry is dead.” Of course I bet that Heather just assumed that Devlin was going to run with one of the bags. She should have given him the one filled with her high-heels.