Zombie Exodus, Part 5 beta testing

@JimD Hahaha I must be psychic. I love that spoiler scenario. You’d have to be rather evil though to make it work. Well unless you go “Uncle Lou, Javier, Dave, and Carl. What did they all have in common? I was the last person to see them alive. Coincidence?”

ooooohhhh can’t wait, I cannot wait! so pumped for the next update, still waiting to kick some ass

@JimD uhhhh, is saying uncle lou was murdered a good enough base. I hope mindy and emma will stay by my side since uncle lou is OBVIOUSLY NOT an option anymore (R.I.P uncle lou 2013)

@JimD Will it be an option to just pack up and leave the cathedral to go our own way without even saying a word to Tom at all? Like, say we already had plans to leave with just a few specific people and weren’t even planning on staying for much longer. That, and there’s the fact we could be afraid that no one will believe us about Tom, and maybe they’ll blame US for Uncle Lou, and especially, I know I’d be afraid of the possibility that when Tom saw me again and realized his plan to kill me failed … he’d put a bullet in me right then and there. So maybe instead of confronting the issue, some people may just wanna hightail it out of there?

@Kaosorer_6 whether people stay with you depends on charisma, allegiance, and your relationships with them.

@alleykae if you don’t confront Tom, you can just leave with the people you want. They may or may not go. And if you choose not to take Tom, people may want to know why.

I like what fairy god father is saying! The whole “I may be a psychology murderer…” *evil smile* angle sounds really intriguing!

Psychopath* damn auto correct

Hey Jim. I had kind of a worrisome experience with my ZE game from the Chrome store, the one I’ve been using since it was released.

I just tried to restore my saved game from choiceofgames.com, that option, and I got this message:

Uncaught EvalError: Refused to evaluate a string as JavaScript because ‘unsafe-eval’ is not an allowed source of script in the following Content Security Policy directive: “script-src ‘self’ chrome-extension-resource:”.

I’m really worried something happened to my save and my character, the one I’ve had for so long.

@JimD everyone loves me, except heather whom I viciously turned down and once again uncle lou because he is dead.

@jimd as i reread the story i came across a few things i thought could use some attention

part 4 mission lists- this could really use a facelift of some sorts. the problem here being we dont know which choices will force the story to move forward. ideally, i could talk to devlin, kelly, crone and than train one of my skills before going on a mission with emma. but if you had not mentioned this in the forum (long time ago), plus my trial and error, i would have had no way of knowing this. so if i was playing through for the first time, i might just pick to go on that mission with emma and get screwed out of all those other options i previously mentioned. if perhaps you could add little tid-bits next to the choices, informing us which are missions, sides, and conversations, and than add somewhere that selecting a mission advances the story, selecting 2 sides will advance the story, and conversations will not advance the story. this will be very helpful so people can get the most out of their playthrough, and not unknowingly limit themselves.

improving skills- this has bugged me for awhile actually. in part 3 you can improve your skills no matter what level they currently are. in part 4 you can only raise skills below 20. finally, charisma and will cannot be increased at all, ever. im having a hard time thinking up a reason for doing this, i was hoping you could shine some light here.

inventory- im happy to see an option added that allows you to confirm your selection, but this was only added to later chapters. if possible, it would be great to add this to the previous chapters as well.

i also noticed something when replaying through part 3. if you choose to train others in the use of weapons, it details how a number of weapons were stockpiled and names some of them of. one of these is a hunting bow, which apparently never made it into the game. now im sure some people out there would appreciate this option (i prefer guns and my knife), but it might be easier to simply remove that one line. ill leave that up to you.

@Scelous with the save feature, my total involvement is putting the line of code in to allow it. Most of the work is on the CoG side. I will let them know about the issue and hope it is an easy fix. If you want, PM me your stats, character name, and any other details to help rebuild your MC. I’ll send you a password to use.

@Giglamesh I’ll address each topic you raise:

part 4 mission lists - I actually kept it ambiguous in the game so people would have to make the decisions based on their own level of importance. If you choose a mission first and skip the rest of the possible choices, then it may increase the likelihood you will replay that part. Also, I think people pick up the most efficient method of choosing missions.

However, I have had some feedback like yours, so I will open it up to the forum’s opinion. Should I provide more information in the weekly narratives to guide players into choosing conversations vs. stat missions vs. story missions?

improving skills - in part 3, you can improve stats and push them pretty far, up to 50 for dex. In part 4, if I don’t cap some stats, it will grow out of range and require lots more coding or really ridiculous stat checks. For example, a “difficult” stat check using a pistol at long range versus a running zombie may require a 35 or greater dex. If I make it higher, 90% of players will fail. However, if you have a 60 dex and never miss. It is not even a case of min-maxing since it is easy to raise dex to 60 and still even potentially having high int and charisma. So capping stats is for balance. Having any stat 20+ is really the best strategy and I wanted everyone to have opportunities to reach it.

TLDR: cap stats keep the balance.

I could not think of plausible ways to train your will or charisma; therefore, I don’t allow you to. Will is a “divine intervention” stat and I want those who choose it in the beginning to be rewarded for it.

inventory – you’re right, I’ll need to add that. I may also add a way to load your last inventory layout.

hunting bow – good catch! I’ll fix it

Thanks for the great feedback.

a hunting bow might be useful, though I’d much prefer the crosbow

@jimd thx for the info. i figured the stat caps had something to do with the coding and other complicated things. all of that is foreign to me so i was stumped when thinking up reasons for it.

as for training will and charisma, i can see how thats difficult. why not just have the player spend some time in prayer/meditation for will? charisma is alot harder, and i suppose it depends on your interpretation of it. avoiding the generic ‘read a speech book’ option would be nice. if any ideas come to mind that would help improve confidence and maintaining a positive mindset, those would work perfectly. setting and achieving small goals and improving public speaking in order to increase confidence are the only ideas that really come to mind. or maybe something really simple like practicing a speech in the mirror or to emma lol? the other option is to have certain choices you make throughout the story improve your charisma. meaning if you choose an option to speak to survivors to raise morale, you gain charisma. this may also mean choosing an option that shows great leadership value and/or a will to endure hardship can also slightly raise charisma. i havent really thought that one through but the basis of the idea sounded good to me.

I too would like the option to know which options are “free” and which are “you do enough the game goes forward.”

I’d rather do as much stuff as I can, not get shut out because I chose things in the wrong order.

So I’m not exactly sure if someone else has already brought this up or not, but what about the scene in the “main menu” of the game before you choose to load a saved game or start a new one? I’m kind of curious how the MC is going to end up in a cabin, and from the looks of it, bleeding to death.

Are we gonna die…? :-((

@CrimsonRose301 Isn’t that scene the one that happens in the most recent chapter? When we can go to investigate that shack and get our gear taken away, and that zombie shows up outside? And the blood would be from us cutting our leg on that nail? I’m pretty sure that’s it, I dunno though. Because I mean, going to the shack is optional and you can skip that part so it would be sorta weird to start the game with a scene that some people may end up skipping over…

@alleykae I skipped it because I was pissed off over lou’s death and I just wanted to get to kicking tom’s ass

@alleykae i think youre forgetting an important detail. the scene in the recent chapter has youin a shack. the scene crimson is talking about was a cabin. cabin > shack
@crimsonrose301 i think the cabin scene will be at the very end of this story, assuming it makes it in at all. its possible it was forgotten after all this time. best idea i can think in that case, would be that it happens after this story finishes. for example, after we get our happy ending at the cathedral, a few years pass and everyone dies at some point and we are alone in the cabin facing the inevitable. as mrs.smith once said, happy endings are stories that havent finished yet.

@alleykae well I don’t know about you but I check out the shack and I made it out alive /:slight_smile: I even got a shotgun, some food and a box of pretzels from it so it turned out swell for me

I always imagined Devlin rescuing my character from the shack or something.

I mean, I turned down Heather and Tom for him, he can’t just let me die :-S