Zombie Exodus, Part 5 beta testing

This thread is for posting feedback on the final part of Zombie Exodus, Part V: Resolutions. Currently, chapter 1 is ready for testing.

To beta test, you can restore via long password from the end of Part IV or build a new character with a full range of options.


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@JimD Possible typo by River: “I will kill the one who murdered her. When I am done the mourning process, my vengeance will be wrought on the killer.” Should it be: “when I am done with the mourning process”? Or “when I am done mourning.”?

Possible duplicate info when leaving Heather after she freaked out on you about the relationship:
You stand and clean off the light debris clung to your clothes from sitting on the grass. Walking back to the Cathedral, the sun beats down on your back, and Heather continues to berate you. As you get further away, her words drift off.
You stand and clean off your clothes from the bit of dirt gathered while sitting on the ground. The air is thick and dry, and warm air gusts, nearly knocking you over.

Verily excited! :slight_smile:

here we go again :smiley:

The moment you added with Devlin at the beginning (my character is in a relationship with him) was really sweet. I felt more “in the moment” as far as interactions go in this part than the other 4 parts. Assigning different characters to different duties was really fun. Heather… CORPSE DUTY. Really fun. I’m running through it several times with several different builds. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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Oh yes can’t wait to play :stuck_out_tongue:

same to me I can’t wait to see Emma’s fate


First I want to say that I’ve really enjoyed the progression of Zombie Exodus and that it’s been a thrill to explore this rich world of possibilities.

Second, previously in the Part 4 beta my character engaged in a romance with Devlin and now as she supervises the pairs of survivors I come across this message-

line2037: Non-existent variable ‘watchduty_adequate’

Just thought this might be useful to you,

Thanks and keep up the great work.

@The_Black_Reaper thanks. I believe I fixed that error. Sorry about that one.

I have a sugerence I start directly in five so I don’t know in what state are people hurt or not so I send to watch a dude who can’t see so it’s posible a way to see physical condition before assign task because I send people blindly

Hi again,is it deleting save games each update?I have saved many times only to see it saying no saved game found.Is it just me?

In the forums agaaaaiiiiin.

@Theotian are you talking about the app or the online beta version?

@Marajade I can add that. Thanks for the suggestion.

@JimD Is it possible for you to allow players to change the people assigned to the tasks? E.g I assign Emma to secure the Alcove, but I change my mind and send her to the front doors instead.

“Of all the things to ask me to do, why must you ask me to join corpse duty.”
I think a question mark would be better in this case? This is when Heather gets asked to do corpse duty.

really liked the scene with devlin, actuly felt connected to the character. tom’s scene made me trust him less i don’t know why…

i was expecting more of a reaction when you put emma on body duty

Ooo part 5 beta awesome ;o

Wait how do you do the password thing?, usually it just lets me continue when I buy it on the App Store

Wait how do you do the password thing?, usually it just lets me continue when I buy it on the App Store