Zombie Exodus - Can I save this character?

So, I got to the chapter where you have the option to give up your supplies to raiders, or fight them off, I chose to fight them off, at the start of the fight I chose to take longer to properly gear up, my actions evidently got Candace killed, I would like to know if she died because of my actions, or if she can even be saved. Thanks.

She can be saved but yeah I’m pretty sure she always dies if you take longer getting more gear.

Don’t go to the supply room… else Candace will dies, basically we don’t need to gear up properly …just choose a weapon of your choice and start the battle immediately . i chose to block the entrance with fire , eventually zombies will come and you can even allow the bandits to enter your cathedral to join the fight

Here are guides from the ZE site if you have more questions: http://zombieexodus.com/guidesarticles/