Zeus' Dilemma (WiP - Last Updated 06/14/21)

I play a very laid back, go with the flow but still use your brain, Dionysus kid who just wants a drink after all the bs going on but has to be responsible. And yes they stare at their younger sibling blings and just silently ask ‘why?’.

I guess its because I like the banter from the get-go? Mor is still kinda…intense in the demo so far so that’s probably why.


Oh same, every time I try to do to a different route but it never works. The banter and jokes is a huge reason why each time.

And I guess my MC is a very sarcastic, pessimistic Athena kid, who does not want to go on this quest at all, hates the gods, is just so done with all the bullshit and wants to leave but ends up helping. :joy:


oh, really? I do multiple playthroughs with diff ROs lol, and find them all interesting! I do like Kai’s banter; he’s a very charismatic character

I play as a sarcastic, quite laid-back and flirtatious Athena kid, who’s mostly along cos she wants to flirt and spend time with the others on the quest lol; does help out tho xD


That’s actually my starting goal. Make a character and test out all routes but… I’m weak, so weak.

The banter gets me every time 🥲
Not that I’m mad about it though :laughing:


All these new demigod children makes me wanna draw lol.


Is it weird that I flirt with my best friend/crush (Cyrus) dad (apollo) plus in the train scene I pick the option where I’m questioning my self if it’s possible to have a crush with someone and their dad at the same time




No I don’t think is possible in the game but in movies and real life yup


I am excited to see the full game done. :slight_smile:

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Why the option I wanted to choose the most is blocked ;-;

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You can only select that if, when first meeting Cyrus, you determine that your MC can’t tolerate him. It sets their starting relationship as “enemy”, and this is what enables this option in the choice you showed, from what I can see in the code.

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But that’s what I did.

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Quick Progress Update

I’ve finished the initial writing for chapter six, which brings us to the halfway point and makes me ahshsdhjsakhdjsk (lol).I’m going to take a break for the next week up until and past a surgery I have on the second. After that, I’m hoping to have the completed chapter done by the 15th with all the edits. I also started going back and fixing chapter one, but I think that I’m most likely going to have to finish the entire book before I complete most of the edits that I’ve been meaning to because I’m constantly changing variables and names and things.


@TheOfficer I’ll see what I can do, but no promises. I might add some more options about how MC feels about physical touch, but, again, we’ll see.
@Jordan_Kelley I feel the same way when I write them smh.
@Jonard_Conejar The mechanics of Apollo’s romance are a little weirder, but flirting with him won’t lock you out of his child’s romance if you do it a few times.
@Cingulum_diaboli I’ll look into that

Sorry for the radio silence on my end, I’ll try to post end-of-the-month snapshots from now on lol


You’re good. Appreciate your hard work.



Chapter six is finished and up, and chapter seven is well on its way. If I continue at the rate which I have been writing, the rough draft will prolly be done by the end of the month and then the goal is publication by mid-November.

My ultimate goal for 2021 is to get through chapter eight, which, once school ends early December should be possible.


Thanks for the update. I was actually wondering since I am reliant on the forum for updates :grin::+1: also good work I am looking forward to your finished story :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: