Zeus' Dilemma (WiP - Last Updated 06/14/21)

Big spoon aquired :wink:


Appollo is the secret RO ? I would never have guessed !


Apollo and Iris are the secret ROs.


I knew for Iris but I’m still really surprised for Appollo. Too bad I didn’t see the color of his eyes in his description. Anyway, I like him ~.


@Misa101 Error
It is impossible for Greek gods to have least they multiplied like rabbits like no tomorrow but I guess it have to be Athena the virigin goddess and Hephaestus who only have 1 child from accidentally falling from Olympus and plunging his prick into Gaia

I did not know Hephaestus have more children I was thinking so hard about that story so is only Athena XD


Probably Athena since all her kids are adopted




Wrong pronouns

furrowing as though she’s having trouble figuring out


Wrong pronouns


I mean if Hercules did it, it could be fine for us right? I mean this poison is literally from one of the most feared monsters ever.

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I am curious what the conversation between Ares kid be like with Hera or how Hera will react to Ajax


If her kids are adopted then how are they classified as demi gods? @No_This_Is_Patrick


@TheOfficer All children only have one power (or two if they are really special). So Hephaestus children with Fire Manipulation can be, but Hephaestus children with other Manipulations aren’t. I think bloodbending is too far removed for any demigod to have it as a manipulation. No, but some with the Manipulation can pull gold out of the earth (Mor, for example, can’t). Yes, if they have Speed Manipulation. Otherwise, no. Thanks for the questions!
@salvation @Empress_Nightmare Thank you! They’ll be fixed soon :slight_smile:
@Misa101 Zeus' Dilemma : I wonder... how many siblings do we get with each... → That should help.
@Elemental She blesses them. When you meet her in-game, she’ll explain more of the process to the MC!


Can’t believe I didn’t notice this until now. My son of Aphrodite was instantly in love with Cyrus by the way. :heart_eyes:

Ah, it seems my mc really has to rescue the poor kid, he’s stunning already but he could indeed do so much better. I hope we totally get a scene where we can give the boy a makeover…and in that case my mc would totally do a coordinating couple outfit with him. :persevere:

Also, since I usually like to play mc’s on the taller side of that spectrum, I was kinda funny that my mc is only the second tallest of our demigod adventuring party even though he is not by any means a small guy himself, Cyrus takes the cake there. A bit like the difference between mr. Ackles and his cute co star on Supernatural I guess (god I like those boys but hate that show). :sweat_smile:


Haaah, finally found the time to play the update!

I’ll admit I’m extremely conflicted about this one, though. But I want to say I absolutely LOVE the new content, eh! I have no issues whatsoever with the story or anything! I enjoyed (almost) every bit of it, and the characters are just as great as ever. The “almost” - and the reasons why I’m conflicted - come from the fact I had a lot of issues related with continuity, stats, romance values and code in general, and I know a lot of flavor text and options I got in the game were “wrong” because of that, so I guess the experience was a bit tarnished, and I had to read the code to get the “proper” lines I should have had.

My more or less proper list of that:
After loosing the game at the start of the story:

I don’t know if I reported that the first time I’ve played, so I’ll do so just in case.
When going back to the team (at least as a child of Ares), there’s that line: “You open the door with ease, only to get met with your team’s frosty expressions. Nobody likes losing, and your face matches theirs.”
It doesn’t make a lot of sense for my MC since I selected the option to say he didn’t care about winning or losing (because he doesn’t get competitive) right before that. So his face shouldn’t really match the faces of the rest of his team.
I know the game checks for the Agressive / Peaceful stat for that, but the thing is, my MC being a son of Ares, there is a huge boost to Agressive at the start, and I can’t lower my stat enough for the Peaceful to be dominant at that point, even though almost all of my choices during the (entire) game are Peaceful. So in a sense, that reaction is out of character for my MC. And well, it’s a continuity error anyway because of the option I selected in the previous choice.
I guess it would make sense if the game checked either only for what the player picked during that choice about what MC feels about losing (as it expresses MC’s opinion on the matter well) or for the stat first, then for that choice.

On a slightly similar matter:

For this one I’m nitpicking, so it’s safe to disregard - I’m writing it for the sake of pointing noting down everything.
There’s that part a bit later:

You wince, clutching your head. Of course, this all happens way too often for your taste, your recurring migraines always picking the worst times to show up. You stumble to your left,
*if (competitive < 50)
asking people to move
*if (competitive >= 50)
shoving people
out of your way.

Maybe it would be nice to make that a choice, that would make the Agressive stat go up or down, which would help establishing MC’s personality instead of forcing a behavior that may not be accurate since it’s influenced by the godly parent. My reasoning here is that MC’s personality is already formed, so having personality dependant flavor text so early on may lead to inaccurate depictions of the MC in relation to what the player envisionned, as it was the case for me, here.
Now, with that being said, in this specific case I CAN shrug it off as MC feeling bad and shoving people because of that, but it still doesn’t sit that well with me.

Flirting with Mor at the party:

It would be nice to have a non-bold way to do so. The only one that’s possible atm is totally out of character for my MC, to the point I really can’t select it.
At first I didn’t think much of that one, really. But there’s the fact that you don’t have a single flirt opportunity with Mor after that and well… After playing more, I realized that actually, this is bigger than I thought it would be, in a way. Looking at the code, I see that I’ve missed various segments of flavor text related to MC being interested in Mor because I couldn’t select that one flirt option and there was no other opportunity after that, whatsoever. For these various things to be altered, the romance value had to be 10 or more, but I was stuck at that meager 5 from that very first opportunity when waiting for the food, before the quest was announced.
But I need to point it out - I don’t mind the romance progressing very slowly, considering Mor’s personality. What bothers me is that the game doesn’t acknowledge there was at least some attraction, only because I couldn’t select the second possible flirt option with him.

If I’m to be honest, I think this was the thing that bummed me the most during this playthrough. :sweat_smile:

When talking with C about the project, after the party:

The option to “wing it” resulted in that line: “Cyrus gives you a good-natured bump on the shoulder. He definitely knows you well enough to know that you hadn’t even thought about the project.”
This doesn’t make a lot of sense in my case, because while my MC may not be good at strategy, he’s extremely hard working, so I guess it would be good to change the phrasing of that part depending on how hard working MC is. In the case of my playthrough, if Cyrus actually knew MC well, he’d know MC gets stressed out even when not being able to check an e-mail with an assignment at the very moment he recieves it. A hardworking MC basically must have thought about the project, but without being able to come up with a decent strategy, so he had decided to wing it.

First choice of chapter 3:

I don’t understand why the only options I had were to leave C alone, press for more info or try to leave the café. I would assume MC could rather start to panic, finding himself outside of his forever home suddenly, AND with C not wanting to say anything. I would be scared out of my mind if I were him.
Same when the “cashier” explains MC and C they can’t go back on Mount Olympus. At this point, I’d be getting a full blown panic attack.

After the harpy fight:

“Once you arrive, you smile grimly harpy at your feet.”
Would be “you smile grimly at the harpy at your feet” or something like that.

Romance related options in choices (and related flavor text):

So, this is something I have noticed only after a while when looking at the code, but there are some issues with some options in choices (and sometimes flavor text) appearing or not depending on if MC has started romantic related things with them. For example, when K saves MC from a harpy:

*if (romK)
   with a curious gleam in ${k_his} eye.

   You recognise your precarious position only moments after ${k_him}.
*if not(romK)
   awkwardly as ${k_he} make${k_s} sure you're all right.

In my case, the version I get is the one about the curious gleam, but I didn’t select any romance related choice with K during the entire game.
And for the choice that follows, the options that appear for me are also the ones that imply romance, for example “if (romK) #I give ${k_him} a smirk. “You know, you don’t have to get off any time soon.””
On the other hand, this one doesn’t appear: “if (romK = false) #Despite not feeling any particular attraction to ${k_him}, I can’t help but joke. “I guess you really fell for me, huh?””
It gets especially annoying when ordering food in the hotel since there’s that choice with C that appears for me, and that should apparently appear only if MC’s interested in them, if I understand correctly…

Sadly, I can’t really tell you all of the instances of that since there are a lot, and I didn’t even realize at first.

I thought at one moment that maybe it depended only on if said character’s gender is compatible with MC’s orientation, but even if that’s the case, things like my example with K’s gleaming eye rub me the wrong way, since being able to feel attracted to the person’s gender doesn’t mean they would necessarily think anything else of that situation aside from how awkward it is… And things like that choice option that didn’t appear for me that I mentionned (“if (romK = false) #Despite not feeling any particular attraction to ${k_him}, I can’t help but joke. “I guess you really fell for me, huh?””) should appear anyway… So yeah, I don’t know what to think.

In the hotel room:

It would make sense for MC to suggest they’d sleep on the couch, no? :thinking:
I don’t understand why are they fussing about who sleeps with who (at least on the M and K path). What I mean is that I understand K suggesting they’ll share a bed with M so MC can get the other bed - it’s the polite thing to do. But MC can be just as polite (or pragmatic) and say they’ll sleep on the couch instead.

When talking about the tickets from Iris:

There’s that segment about C: “He’s wearing loose-fitting black combat pants, along with a dark green, tight shirt that hugs his muscles, accentuating what isn’t really there most of the time. He looks hot. And kind of badass.”
I don’t understand why my MC would find him hot or badass at all, since I never selected any option to be interested in him, at all - unless it’s related to the issue I’ve pointed out before, where a choice that seems exclusive to C romancing MCs appeared for me (but I selected the option that appeared not interested). But then again, in the code it says the mention MC finds them hot appears if “(c_rom > 10)”, and well, I’m at 30 in that bar, but it goes to 30 automatically when I select that MC and him are best friends, at the start of the game, so…
I always assumed it meant C had some sort of unrequited crush on MC (basically, that the bar was the RO’s opinion on MC, and not the other way around). But if that was the case, I wouldn’t get that line about MC finding C hot in chapter 4, so yeah… I’m really confused :sweat_smile:

When musing about Apollo appearing at the hotel:

The first option, when selecting MC’s thought on Apollo, the day after bumping into him, is: “He looked like they were doing something important before I bumped into them” (and the variation with “you bumped” on the follow up page). But if Apollo uses “he/him” pronouns, then it should be “He looked like he was doing something important before I bumped into him.”? I mean, it didn’t seem like he was NB? :thinking:
If he actually is NB, then maybe it should be a bit clearer? I dunno…

When asking Iris questions:

Why can’t MC ask “how exactly am I not like the other demigods?”? I feel like that would be the first thing to ask (as it isn’t the same as asking “why me?”). She may not answer, obviously, but it would still make sense to ask.

Train fight / dealing with passengers:

Well, that has been mentionned before, but I agree that the stat requirement of 60 for that is way too high unless going for the power route with the “right” parent. 50 would be way more reasonable.
For the record, my MC had 56 in his highest stat, and well, I think that’s pretty high.

When meeting Artemis:

What she says on the train is a bit confusing: “You’ve grown, Cyrus. And his friend lovely to meet you Val,”
I feel like something is missing in that second sentence. Or maybe it would be better if it was separated in two sentences, between “friend” and “lovely”? :thinking:

Talking with C after meeting Artemis:

I feel like in this one, MC should be able to ask C why didn’t they tell them about Artemis mentionning them etc. I feel like believing C or not is secondary compared to that? Basically, there is believing or not believing, and then there’s telling C they didn’t do anything wrong, and I would see questionning them on that and being mad because of that as it’s opposite. I mean if Artemis was talking to C about MC, and considering how gods rarely do things just for no reason, it IS pretty bad that C didn’t mention that to MC. Sure, they say they didn’t think much of that, but that doesn’t make sense. MC could perfectly well believe C when they say they didn’t think much of that (as unbelievable as it is), but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be mad. Kind of like - “How come you didn’t think of telling me?! It’s about a GODDESS randomly talking to you about me in very cryptic ways!” :rofl:

I feel a bit bad for pointing out so many things, really… I always feel like I’m going to far when I do so, but at the same time, I can’t help but be really bothered by all of these things, when playing, which makes me thing it’s still better to mention them.
I really don’t want to be disheartening or anything! :sob:
As I said, I really enjoyed the story content of the new chapter and the characters as just as lovable as always, but all of these issues hindered the experience.


Ahh, no thank you so much for letting me know! They’re very, very helpful :slight_smile: :smiley:


I noticed with different parwnt you have different types of siblings. I was wondering if we could customize our relationship with them, like very close, close, average, distant.

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Maybe, but I think it’s unlikely :thinking: From what I’ve gathered, the “sibling” part was just some flavour text, because we don’t/won’t spend a lot of time with them. It’s more about this quest we go on, and our sibling doesn’t really have much to do with it (except for the gossip talk at the beginning).


In a way, we can?
Depending on how we act with them, their reactions will change later on. If MC was very mean and dismissive, then they’ll be surprised if MC’s nice later - things like that.

For example:
#"Great. We should catch up soon," I answer, smiling brightly.
        *set rainer 2

When the value is higher, then the affinity is higher. You can stay at 0, set 1 or set 2 depending on how you act.
If I select an option that leaves it at 0 - an unfriendly one - then there’s that if MC’s nice at the next choice:

*if (competitive <= 50) #I offer reassurance about others' remarks concerning our father.
        *set emotional %+10
        "Don't worry, all Ares kids get the remarks. The others'll grow out of it soon," you say, softening 
 your voice to make it comforting.
        *if (rainer = 0)
            He looks at you incredulously, and you shrug. Maybe you were a little flippant earlier, but reassuring your younger siblings is important to you.

If MC has been nice before, then he wouldn’t be surprised and just go on.

Of course, it’s pretty simple since these are not important characters, but I found it to be enough when playing?


What I meant is when you hug one of your siblings they say is that how you greet all strangers and others hug back very quickly.


Why is it every time I play this demo I start with my mind set on a Mor play through but always end up with Kai?

His flirty jokes get me every time :rofl:


What is your character personality I tried being nice as a Ares kid it eventually led to me being with Kai as well :man_shrugging::heart_eyes:

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