Your Writerly Signature?


I poked around, didn’t see a thing asking this specific question. Also, the… topic title may be a tad vague… Thus…

When it comes to films, you can generally tell when you’re watching certain directors’ pictures - once you’ve seen one Wes Anderson flick, you’ll likely recognize others of his body of work even if you miss his name on the DVD case/in the credits. Same with Kubrick, Tarantino, so on.

As a writer, what is it you want people to most recognize about your work - the thing that, even if the cover and front pages of a book are ripped off or muddied up - because you’ve written and published a best seller in this example, you awesome author, you - people’ll go “oh, yeah, that’s definitely by this author?”

I suppose another word for what I’m looking for could be ~style~ but that’s a very broad term and… doesn’t quite express what I’m trying to get at. Maybe another way to ask would be “what’s the favorite thing about your style that makes it yours?”

If it helps to clarify things any… my thing would be word play. Not even the good kind - I want my jokes and such to be the type that might get a chuckle upon reading and then promptly forgotten… until the reader is about to fall asleep and then bam. They remember that pun and decide that they hate me.

So, yeah. Your writerly thing. What do you want it to be? What do you think it is? Y’know, if that other question’s a bit too… out there.


The Byzantine flavor of my WiP is really strong and I’ve embraced this.


I would say good writers tend to be able to mold their stories to the situations, and if done correctly their finger prints are very small and very hard to associate with normal works they tend to do. Some authors have a very distinct style, Pratchett, Lackey, Anthony, and the like. The ones that stick to a genre tend to pigeonhole themselves to that style.

Fun fact, at the end of CSComp we tried guessing who wrote what, by the author writing style, barring first time entrees most were spot on. Though I was 5/7 some were batting 1000 so if you have a distinct style it shows.

I will add a craveate @Fiogan give-away was not due to her writing style but by the grammar and very few typos (I think I can count the typos she made on one hand XD) it was if she had an editor…Oh wait she is an editor XD so that gave her away. But if you look at her CSComp entry and her current WIP here on the forums, her style changes (Though cheeky humor seems to be her forte).


Understated facetiousness.

Though I don’t think any examples of my work exist on this forum. :thinking:


Keep swelling her head… sigh

Her style is … VERBOSITY

Although I have to admit that she has been working very hard to self-identify and work on her perceived deficiencies. Cheeky humor? bah…


My own writerly thing eh? Not something I very much out… Any thought in really. Does differing viewpoints count? The WIP I have actually has a large amount of lore in the background and varying perspectives. There are factions. Whether it be race, beliefs, geographic areas, etc etc. Even then though its not as linear as that for in every faction there are sub-factions and than every individual with their own reasonings, goals, and beliefs.

So I guess my writers thing could be World/Lore building? Creating stories from a self-made lore? It sounds simple yet… The amount of things and takes I’ve done for my world building is amazing to me and I want people to see the world I’ve made through my writings.

If that makes sense.

@Eiwynn I’m telling you half the time I’m trying to remember who you are. The new name is still throwing me off.


Id have to say that my writing is generally very dark. And if it doesn’t start off that way it’ll start fairly light in tone and then undergo a dramatic shift into darker territory. in short I supp my style is very grim.


Hmm… I guess my signature would be that I don’t have a writing signature ^.^; My writing voice significantly varies from genre to genre, especially when fan fiction is involved. Then again, I do have a tendency to word things awkwardly @.@ (also end my sentences with emojis in posts [not while I’m writing]. Other users kept saying I was intimidating when I first started using the forums so I picked up that habit to soften my tone, though I think the years have naturally softened my tone so I’m so intimidating any more ^.^). I also completely forget words in my sentences since I tend to think faster than I can type @.@ So I guess my signature is my weird errors xD

EDIT: Now that I think about it, I can’t go a chapter without killing of someone or something o.o My current game, Be the Witch, is a rare exception, but before Be the Witch there was a test game called Haunted Heart (I refer to Be the Witch as my first game as it’s semi more official than Haunted Heart). You can find Haunted Heart here:


I know, am I convincing as the sweet and innocent elven “mosiac virgin” yet? Or will everyone see the dark evil girl that scares everyone? :rose:
Is it ironic I’m listening to “Stairway to Heaven” at an extremely high volume at the moment? :dolphin:

The dolphin is a dead giveaway though.


There’s always one character I add in so people who have read my work know who’s written it. The character never changes their looks, opinions or appearance so it’s easy to tell who’s who in my story. You can’t miss them :smile:.


I’ve got a few. Verbosity for a start. I take a very long time to say anything, often disappear on philosophical tangents and character thoughts. It gets really bad, that’s why my last novel was a flop, I just fell into lunacy and put in random rants at inopportune moments. Then there’s my chronic abuse of commas. I’ve gotten feedback about that but I still do it. I love run on sentences as well, I often feel as though a short sentence is a crime against literature. Similar comic relief characters in each story as well. Bad jokes. Oh, and my eyes and brain constantly war against me. I miss words in the middle of sentences, or repeat words or entire phrases. Those are the most common things about my style. Genre too, I mostly write fantasy and comedy.


One thing about my writing that can’t be missed is…repitition. I have a habit of emphasizing actions or emotions by repeating words. For example:

(Excuse the fact that it’s Steven Universe fanfic. It was the first non-smut thing I had on hand.)

Imprisoned and tamed – stuck, helpless, let me out – it was what Jasper deserved. Jasper. Lapis didn’t. She didn’t deserve being caged in a mirror, she didn’t deserve being caged on a ship, she didn’t deserve-

I also like to repeat the structure of sentences.

It felt too much like betrayal to consider that she hated Jasper in place of all the gems she couldn’t hate, that she wanted to be the one to make her suffer and yet still felt more at ease with this wild-maned beast than she ever did with any of the others.
Peridot, who had found companionship so easily Lapis despised her for it. Amethyst, who could hide her pain behind careless words and a joke. Pearl, whose mistakes were forgiven over and over again. Garnet, who never once in her life had to feel alone.
Steven, who was a far better person than Lapis would ever be.

Another thing I use a lot are parentheses. That and I switch from very long sentences (with lots of commas) to very short ones.

Apart from the ‘technical’ aspects I guess I’m mostly a smut writer (with some very niche themes), so I’m pretty sure my readers recognize that. But yeah, repitition is what I mostly notice about myself.


I’ve “actively” been writing guides and reviews withing a certain game’s forum, which are generally well accepted. And from what I tend to hear is that people not only enjoy them for their good content but also the charming, yet witty and sarcastic way I write things down.
I guess things like that tend to get injected into one’s writing when it, well, is the same outside one’s writing.

I have yet to see what happens when I write an actual story, maybe it will get so intense that either I or the reader dies… Guess there’s only one way to find out! Or not.


My writerly signature is

My writing tends to be short, quirky, light-hearted and rather silly. I’m very aware that I’m really bad at writing descriptions.

And I’m terrible at finishing things. I have too many ideas and absolutely no perseverance. I had report cards from when I was 8 years old saying that my work was good, only I never finished anything. It has not changed. I was also very surprised to read in those same report cards that I frequently day-dreamed my way through classes since I don’t remember that at all. Yes, my writing style is I’ll daydream about all of my wonderful story ideas that some day I will write, and yet I never do!

Don’t be like me anyway! Learn to finish your work.

Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

My writerly signature… That’s going to be a long one.


The tone of my stories mainly depends on the length of the stories. My longer stories tend to be pretty grim in tone. Not in the blood and gore and random deaths way, but in a more subtle way that involves a lot of heavy subjects without diving too deep into the psychological or political theory behind those subjects. You know, in a show, don’t tell way.

My shorter stories on the other hand tend to be a lot more lighthearted in tone, in part to balance out the pessimism that inevitably builds up when writing my longer stories. They often involve fantasy elements, animals and colorful settings.

What both my long and short stories have in common is that I tend to not strictly stick to genres, themes or tropes. I like messing with cross-over genres and inverted themes. For example, I’m currently writing a super hero themed game for this year’s IF Comp. The thing is, in this story the powers of the vast majority these so called super heroes surged out of control, and they ended up killing countless people in the process. It’s safe to say no-one really likes them anymore.


I’ve got a habit of inserting at least one ‘me’ character in most of my stories. You might want to try to figure out which character that is for which game :wink:

Another thing about my characters is that they’ve all got some distinct issues. I don’t write ‘perfect’ characters.


If there’s humor to be found anywhere in my writing, it’s usually in the form of snark, sarcasm or cheesy puns. It’s not something I’m particularly good at, so I tend to avoid it if possible.

Grammar- and writing wise:

I love using words like quite, generally, perhaps and possibly. The more indistinct, the better. :smirk:

I’m also quite bad at writing dialogue, so it usually ends up as ‘person a says …, person b answers with …’ Most of the time I end up writing those kinds of scenes in narrator style to circumvent the problem altogether.

My paragraphs are usually quite lengthy, and my choices spread out very thinly, because I strongly dislike adding meaningless choices just for the sake of having choices.


I tried writing a fan fiction once and I discovered that I absolutely suck at show don’t tell. I have this COG game idea for as long as I can remember, which is a miracle since I’m the least creative person on the face of this earth. Most COG games authors are awesome at describing things instead of throwing them out there, so I’m not at that level.


Well, I am sorry to say that it is already too late for that.


My tendency to talk to the reader via the narrator. I try to have my work come off as conversational during those more boring explanation.


Interesting question…

I guess that my writerly signature is that I tend to narrate from an unusual viewpoint? As in, I write about details or small things that most people don’t really pay attention, because they are more interested in the big picture/general scene? Like, if you have a beautiful crystal vase, rather than the shape or markings, I’ll write about the material itself or some notch/crack it may have. Or a bloody scene, rather than the amounts of blood or gore, I’ll comment the color or texture of the stuff.

I also have a dark-ish style (seen in the Freakhouse) and I like giving a “raw” feeling, but I can totally write bittersweet things (The Purple Desire), because happy, 100% fluffy things are out of my grasp. I don’t have anything against those themes, but I have a hard time writing them :persevere:

Then the characters… they are probably one of my favourite things (the other one descriptions of bloody/dramatic scenes, and details… I love details), and I try to make them relatable, with good points and faults, saving graces and ultimate flaws. I don’t want to make someone who is 100% likable (though 100% hate stuff I do), my aim is to make the reader doubt themselves, as in “well, I like this character for x, but at the same time y is not cool”.


I’d say… The genre shifts? I tend to start a story light-heartedly and silly, although there’s always that modicum of seriousness that just slips by and then… BAM! The tone shifts 180° degrees and goes into a grim and cynical turnaround.

I also tend to… Add information on the fly. It’s not something I do on purpose, I just start getting ideas and implement them in the story as I go, which heavily augments the length of my works.

For an example, I entered a competition last year, I had to write a story based on high school life, but with a certain twist to it. I had just watched the Sky High movie and got the idea of adding super powers as the main subject.

The word limit was 5K words, which I thought was way too much when I first heard it. Come in writing and by the time I finished the second chapter, I was past the limit… 3 times the limit.

I really can’t control that.