Your Thinking Music/Playlists Recommendtions


Hi its me Ryse :stuck_out_tongue: <–Dat Intro doe

Anyway I just wanted to know what kind of music you guys listen to such as thinking music to get you pumped for writing…music that inspires you…music that connects to you…Kay imma stop with that. So post your favorite song/playists Down Below. (ill start off)

MDK- Jelly Castle

Pegboard Nerds x MisterWives- Coffins

Pegboard Nerd- Hero feat. Elizaveta

Awolnation- Sail

These are just a few of my favorites so go ahead and post your favs down below


Well I will admit that music plays a heavy part in my own inspiration so I play too
With my current storyline the songs that seem to provide the most inspiration for my ‘Imaginary’ project.
Polly Scattergood:

  • Breathe In Breathe Out
    -Poem Song
    Like a Song
    -Sound of Silence
    Drowning Pool:
    Imagine Dragons:
    -Hear Me
    Theory of a Deadman:
    -World War Me
    16 Volt:
  • Therapy
  • And I Go
    -Don’t Pray
    -Become Your None
    -Path (check music video very interesting)
    -Happy Together
    Marlyn Manson:


My own project mostly needs just translating, so I don’t really need inspiration, but something to make it less boring.
So here’s some:

Alestorm - Drink

Diablo - Angel

Devildriver - Appetite

Insomnium - Against the Stream

Skyfire - Rise and Decay

And pretty much anything from these bands.


@AStraali Metalhead approved. XD

Insomnium is always a joy- Where the Last Wave Broke is my favorite from that album. Through the Shadows, of theirs overall. Have you ever heard Kalmah or Universum?


I honestly prefer silence when I work. That said, some songs with a story inspire me. “Unwelcome Guest” is a ballad about a Robin Hood type figure. It was one of the unfinished Woody Guthrie songs that were put to music by Billy Bragg and Wilco.

As for mood, “Hole in the Middle” by Emily Jane White invokes a gloomy one.


When I work on my CS story, I also prefer silence.

When I do my work-work monthly (I work from home on my computer), I listen to playlists I’ve created on youtube, or Communion After Dark podcasts on youtube.


@RyseAbove I think you will be interested in my music playlist, very interested, i think you will love it!


(Edit- missed the ‘thinking’ part of ‘reccemended thinking music’, so I believe I’ll have to redo this post now that no one will ever see it)

Most of Gary Hoey’s music would be good because he doesn’t really sing much. For thinking, I would say that his track ‘Coasting’ would be great.

I would also recommend low key rock like Cream’s ‘Badge’, or Clapton’s ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’.

Additionally I would say Frederick Chopin’s Nocturne. (Obviously there’s so many variations to that song to pick from that you could easily find one that fits you more than my recommendation, but I personally like Nocturne No. 19 in E Minor, Op. 72, No. 1)


Very cool songs guys
@P0RT3R you nailed it for me :smiley: I love to listen to that kind of music.
@darkspeakercal and @Shawn_Patrick_Reed Sometimes I need total silence or I can’t focus as well, but other times music gives me inspiration and new ideas.


Obviously it depends on the type of story you’re making and your tastes, but when it comes to inspiration I like:
Glitch Mob
It often offers a mix of really upbeat music with energy
Who offer me a sense of tranquil.
And my real motivator is

Cash Cash - Overtime.


Now this song gives me ideas for war games and makes work less boring.
Linkin’ Park and Jay-Z-Numb


I like listening to catchy songs that put me in a good mood. Sometimes I even think about songs my characters (college students) might enjoy in a group karaoke session or impromptu dance party.


Phil Cook

Black Joe Lewis


Yeesh, my list isn’t going to be as amazing looking as everyone else’s but when I start working on my characters for my hero idea and another project I tend to listen to:

Prey, Wiped Out! by NBHD (pretty new but it actually helped me finish up on one of my characters)

Bloody Angel by Avatar

Sweetest Kill by The Broken Social Scene

Welcome Home, Running Free, The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut by Coheed and Cambria

Jenny, God Went North by Nothing More

Even Deeper by Nine Inch Nails

Angst, Choices, Crush On You, Doomsday by Nero

When Girls Telephone Boys, Bloodycape, Be Quiet and Drive, My Own Summer by Deftones

Latch by Dislcosure

Tea Leaf Dancers, Never Catch Me by Flying Lotus


My music tastes when I’m writing, thinking, studying etc? Vocaloids, vocaloids and a bit more vocaloids. (Odds and Ends, Happy Synthesizer, Existence Imagination and Sweet Magic being a few favourites.)

Other things? The RWBY ost for some reason (the reason probably being “Boop”, as that is theme song of the S.S Renora and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.)

Finally there is Miracle of Sound, a one man band done by a guy named Gavin Dunne who does absolutely brilliant video game related music. Seriously, if you’re a gamer, check his stuff out. You won’t regret it.

I fact, I’ll link one of his more recent song below:

And I’ll post another because why not?


I CAN’T believe I forgot to mention one of my FAVOURITE artists.
Tom Waits
For those of you who enjoy dark themes and poetic lyrics, the album “Alice” is a Must listen. the Song- Poor Edward, is downright Creepy!
His music is… ‘different’ and his voice is rather ‘rough’ take a look, but I’ll admit not for everyone.


Oh man these are some awesome songs you guys are posting. I have a really broad taste of music so I like anything from Pop to Classical music :slight_smile:

I got some more good songs I listen too —>

Sublime- Santeria

Flume Insane feat. Moon Holiday


Not really into Pop artist but Young Girls by Bruno Mars is pretty good too. Probably the only pop song I intentionally bought.


I love these four songs; each one of them inspires me like nothing else can and instantly puts me in a good mood!

  1. **You Raise Me Up (by Josh Groban):**This is a song that signifies hope and trust in the Almighty. It reminds us all that we are loved, and the Almighty will not let us down, come what may.
  2. Imagine (by John Lennon): It inspires people to be better, to help others. It really shows that if all the people just use their imagination and live for today this world will be what everyone imagines it to be.
  3. In The End (by Linkin Park): The rap part in this one as well as the lyrics together are just wonderful. It always gives me inspiration to do everything in any situation I may be in.
  4. Beautiful (by Christina Aguilera): It goes like this - You are beautiful, no matter what they say. Instantly revs you up.


I like Deftones and Chino Moreno, and their band Crosses. Is here Deftones lovers?))
Also my favourite are Anathema, Tesseract and John Frusciante))
Also, I was excited by the incidental music to the film of Gaspar Noé - “Love 3D”) it was fantastic)


I very much enjoy the music of Glenn Miller and the classical composers. Occasionally I listen to some video game soundtracks or something that is just catchy.

Cicada 3301 video from the Deep Web:
I don’t really know who composed the music for this one, but for me it is some serious thinking music.