Your most embarrassing moment in the choice of games community


I posted in a thread that became inactive for 2 days, then after two days i visited that thread to find 3 mistakes in my post that changed the whole meaning of the post into something that makes no sense at all.

I am still thinking that how many people had visited that thread in 2 days and read that post thinking what a dumb guy.


Protest about how i can’t install the game I already purchased to the game thread, despite it’s actually my internet connection that slow.


Awkwardly writing a step-by-step, sexually-explicit seduction scene in which our intrepid hero (the PC) attempts to seduce the beguilingly lovely but innocent Carina (the game’s leading romantic option, according to feedback at the time). It embarrassingly ended up as something that appeared to be out of the 1987 classic Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards.

For all you young 'uns out there, the tl;dr on that link would be:

Then again, with CoG’s new Heart’s Choice label now a reality, who knows—I may try again… :thinking: (:rofl:)


Follow your dreams, darling, follow your dreams. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I really want to get rid of that capital “M” in the title…


Aren’t you a regular? I thought those can change topic titles?


Yup, but I want @Maehul approval :blush:

… I can’t take it anymore… fixed! :blush:


That time I took a joke aimed at me literally and felt attacked by it. I managed to stay calm but I did voice that I was upset. Kind of embarrassing when everyone else knew it was meant as a joke…
Afterwards I apologized (kind of) and disappeared into the shadows XD

My comments are embarrassing. I cannot express myself well and English is not my native language. I then see all those in depth, beautifully written comments with actual feedback while mine are like:

I liked it because it was good. Nicely written! Did I mention good already? Please keep up the GOOD work~ It’s so pathetic >////<


My justly earned reputation for deleting posts, second guessing their worth.


I’m beta testing for a game, but I couldn’t figure out how to post the screenshots of errors I found. I felt kinda guilty about it, but all I did was slink off into the shadows…oops :frowning:


yeah same thing happened for me too I gave the review for the game 3 months later after the game released


So I forgot the merits of posting multiple errors I’ve found for a wip in a single post, rather than posting 5 errors separately…


I honestly lost my ability to feel shame years ago. Too many embarrassing moments in life have caused that part of my brain to overload and shut down.


That one moment when you submit 21 words to a certain contest and it contains a spelling mistake.

Besides that, that moment when I joined this place

Or maybe the fact that I still exsist


Less embarrassed and more ashamed that I didn’t finish my WIP

Edit: but I am embarrassed with some of the writing in it


I’m embarrassed by a lot of things right now (Not working on my WIP, forgetting to review a beta I was sent, starting an unnecessary argument that involved the moderators) I figure that right now I hold no standing in this community and have tarnished my reputation forever and will never ever be taken seriously.


I don’t think you’ve done anything that I haven’t also seen from people who ended up mods themselves. :slight_smile:

We’ve all had embarrassing moments. They definitely don’t have to be the last word on your reputation.


Realizing I did simple elementary school level math wrong when figuring out my MC’s age for a fic in Zombie Exodus’s fanworks thread weeks after posting it and pointed it out instead of fixing it for continuity for some reason

Well at least it’s not like I ever claimed to be smart


That contest entry was the funniest one of all time. :laughing::joy:


quoting and replying to someone over 400+ replies ago