Your most embarrassing moment in the choice of games community


MY is probably going to be that I saw a beta test for a game and I really liked the idea of it so I hurriedly read the old beta I had finished it give back a review and send my request to the developer only then being replied back “Why are you applying to beta a game that was released five years ago?” lol


would say it’d be misspelling embarrassing in my thread title

edit: the thread title was originally misspelled. this comment was almost clever then


Well, let’s just say I had a very unpopular opinion on a thread. Got shut down, fast.


Unknowingly closing down old threads by posting on them, kept off the forums a good while after that


I, too, always lose track of how old things are. I totally flagged a post that was like 2 years old… real smart, that. :roll_eyes:


Well, I flagged my own WIP thread.

Each time I go to edit the first post, there’s that word "You flagged this topic for moderation."
Ooh… the embarrassment :relieved:


Making a topic that only had 1 reply.
Never again.


Joining the forum.

Ba-dump tss

Seriously though, for me, every single joke I tell has roughly a 50/50 chance of being embarrassing. So I’ve had multiple instances of having to silently stew in the awkwardness left behind from a bad pun.


Especially when your post is the last one on a topic for a day or two


Shudders Eugh… Yeah, that’s never pleasant.


Especially when you recently did that


This is one of the few places I haven’t embarrassed myself, it makes a nice change.


Ditto :stuck_out_tongue: , in my case it has to do with the fact I often take ages to post a reply(except when I don’t have that liberty :stuck_out_tongue: ) , looking for typos and what not, often changing my reply completely if I don’t like the general feel of it or what not…not to mention how many times I’ve typed up a reply only to cancel it as I can’t get across what I’m trying to say properly, don’t feel it adds anything to the thread etc.


Forgetting that I already have an account here, made a year before making this one.

@yanderia is dead forever…


Posting a link to something relevant to my WIP only to test the link and find it to be both wrong and totally NSFW

Changed it before anyone noticed


The fact that without the five minute tolerance for editing posts we seemigly used to have everybody sees that at an average I edit my posts about five times (and most of it in a row in under five minutes after I posted it…the text just reads differently in the preview, can’t expect me to see every wrong word and spelling error and weird wording before I post something).


Accidentally making someone think I was being mean/standoffish towards them when I was just joking/quoting Vivienne from Dragon Age Inquisition. It got cleared up pretty quick but I felt bad.


I asked for a date on an update. It kinda seemed t make others do it. I hadn’t read the rules enough so my post was flagged and someone explained why. Felt like the dunce of the class for a week.


Every moments are embarrassing for me. I barely comment because when I do I am hit with a realization that ‘why did I do that!! nobody wants to know what i think!!!’ i’m just… a very nervous person…


Mistook the author of Broken Lenses… Yeah, that was embarrassing.