Your house is on fire, and you can only get one item. What is it and why?


I would choose my laptop, since it contains most of my work and school files, also my game. What would you bring?


Before the fire starts I would put all of my important stuff into a bag (you know because I knew the fire was going to start) and then save the bag therefore saving everything else


The fire extinguisher?


I will take the fire out of the house. Why should be obviously…

What? You only said one item, not if it would be realistically possible for me…


Wait, so is this why sometimes you get heart burn, because home is where the heart is?


I love your answers! :slight_smile:

Someone should make this a choicescript game.


Do it @FairyGodfeather ^^ you know you want too! ^^



Not me! I refuse! I will not be tricked like that again into making a silly game! Nope!

You do it instead! :slight_smile:

:fireworks: :house_abandoned: :fire: :fire_engine:


Only after I ressurect the dead and return to my first project. Beside with your keen wit and subtle humor you will have a smash hit on your hands XD


I would like to say that I would choose something important and irreplaceable, like old photo albums, or a stuffed elephant my older brother sewed for me…

but nope, I’m in the same boat as @SoulsOfTheDamned, and would probably pick my laptop too, for the same reasons, with it containing important school files. ^^


logic would probably fail me, and instead of grabbing one of my laptops, my external hardrive, usb etc I’d probably grab my teddy…or my umbreon plushie…or one of my cool knives…probably my teddy or umbreon plushie though…or more likely yet, burn to death whilst trying to decide what to grab. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d rescue my piano, of course; I’d carefully push it out the door…and lift it down the steps…and, well. That would be a problem, I suppose.

It would also depend on where the fire was, if I’m to be practical about this. There’s a little box in the back of one closet with a few items in it which belonged to my father (deceased) and my girls’ father (also deceased). I suppose I would take that, although it’s in a very good place for getting trapped if the fire spread…but even then, I’d mostly be sorry that I couldn’t take the piano. Everything else is immaterial, really–well, material, I suppose, but therefore easily replaceable with a bit of legwork.

The sad thing is, all I would honestly care much about rescuing is that Steinway, once all the living things were out safely. Music all the way. And my houseplants, but they are close by and could ride on top. Piano saves the day.


(whispers softely) I’d rescue my Blankie cause it has sentimental value to me.


My phone, it’s my other baby and I can’t live without it! Plus I’ll need to call someone to put out the fire and then file the insurance claim :stuck_out_tongue:


I went through a fire last year. So I’ve had to live this question do I know my answer I’d get Connor my youngest while getting my wife to get my other son Dean. At the time I didn’t have to make a choice as my wife had gotten the kids out first. She was worried I’d be upset she didn’t save anything else but I simply told her I was proud and she’d saved the only things I couldn’t replace.

I lost my computer and my laptop that day along with a lot of other stuff some cheap some valuable. And I’ll say this. Your belongings can be replaced, your family can’t be.


my phone. then I have access to all my money and family photos. and I could sell it if I really needed to. this actually happened recently to a family nearby my house. all the family members got out, but the fire destroyed everything except for the clothes on their back.


If everyone was safe, then I’d take the fire box I have that has the documents of life and extra keys and the thumb-drive back-up in it.

I’d also grab my jeweled unicorn that are all in the same location.


That giant safe filled with documents after I put my laptop there…ill just push it down the 3rd floor and hope to not crush anyone XD


I’d choose the cash box where the cash and credit cards are hidden. Also, the jewelry box that me and my mom share that contains the family jewels.


That would only be possible if you had precognition or were in fact the arsonist… can posts on internet forums legally be used as evidence?