Your favorite WIP story of 2023?

Yours is close enough to mine that I’m just going to edit it for myself:

Favorite unpublished WIP? When Life Gives You Lemons

Unpublished runners up, in no particular order: The Bureau; Fallen Hero: Revelations; The Fernweh Saga: Book Two (though there’s nothing public yet, it is in progress)

I just have to add one more to the favorite WIP list, thanks to @yizhens: Broken Fable… that demo was a damned blast!

Honorable mention WIP: Infamous (needed a separate category because it’s excellent writing and an addictive game that I both love and hate at the same time)

Favorite one that got published in 2023? Fallen Hero: Retribution

Published runners up, again in no particular order: I, the Forgotten One; The Fernweh Saga: Book One; Their Majesties’ Pleasure; Blood Moon

Honorable mention for 2023 released games: Wayhaven 3 (only for M’s route… I hated the other routes and the overall plot was terribly executed)

Itch games released in 2023: Roped In

Itch games WIP: The Wedding; Imperial Grace; Within Your Eyes; Burning Red; Heart Cage; Bewitching Sinners; Superstition S3; Touchstarved