Your Favorite Death Scene(s) (any medium) - SPOILERS


Hey fellow internet people; so I was having an argument with my sister about our favorite death scenes from movies, books, games etc and was wondering what you lovely folks thought.

Mine was the death of Sean Bean’s character (don’t remember the name) from Equilibrium and my sister chose Eduard Delcroix (the black guy’s) death from The Green Mile (book not movie) she assures me not because she’s racist but because of the feels.

Edit: A big thanks to all you guys from me and my sis for my making a very long train journey much more enjoyable.


Nagito Komaeda’s magnificent death in Danganronpa 2. Only that sexy bastard could arrange his own murder, look that good doing it, and magically get better in time for the sequel.


I do like that wonderful pink blood everywhere it’s like icing on a cake mmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Ah! You beat me to it. Best case in the series so far.


There’s always been one death scene that just never slips past my memory, and it’s been 9 years since the movie came out. Anyways, uh… Mace’s death in the movie Sunshine always gets to me. The music, cinematography, and the scene just… really made it for me. When I first watched that movie, I cried, honestly. I got attached to the guy, and then… That movie still remains one of my favorites to this day, even if it still gives me feels. :cry:


Johnny and Dally in The Outsiders.

“Stay gold, Ponyboy”…:sob::sob::sob:


Bladerunner maybe

I don’t know. I don’t like deaths.


My sister very much approves of your taste in demise she says and I quote “If you’re going to die might as well make your killer feel like an asshole about it.”


Most of these:

This one always stood out:

(from Fighting Fantasy #1: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, 1982)
Submitted by reader Liam, who added:
“Playing it aged 7, I remember being very disturbed at the thought of being paralysed while an...


“I have only loved one woman in my life… Only Cat.”

SHEBANG! :boom:


Dobby’s death scene still gets to me.


I don’t like deaths.

I really like deaths. I dunno, my shrink calls it counter-phobic. For now I’ll just leave it at: there are psychologically productive reasons to enjoy horror movies, gore, and the deaths of fictional characters.

Some of the more beautiful or interesting ones I’ve seen in film:

  1. In Hostel Part II, the death of a young woman in the style of Lady Bathory, creating a literal bloodbath.
  2. Reservoir Dogs - the torturous death of a cop set to music.
  3. Tate’s rampage in American Horror Story, Season 1. The narrative, face paint, and sex appeal were all on point.


Oh! But Deckard doesn’t kill Roy Batty. The replicants are spending the entire movie searching for a way to prolong their lives, because they’ve only been built with a five year cut-off. Deckard spend the entire movie hunting them down and killing them.

In the end Roy’s the only replicant left. Deckard’s killed all of his friends, and Roy’s discovered there’s no way possible to extend his own life. And he ends up saving Deckard’s life, giving that speech, and then dying.

There’s more to it than that of course. Bladerunner’s a movie I loved, with its themes of mortality and humanity.


Well instead of favorite I’ll say most impactful…Anna from My Sister’s Keeper…I cried for like 6 hours straight after I finished that book :sob:


The black hole “quest reward” in City Quest? Even knowing how deathhappy the game is that one was still a surprise.
I prefer my free text adventures though.


Claire from Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - this one had all the feels. I loved it mostly because it meant so much character development for Layton. It’s still my favourite Professor Layton game.

Taroumaru the dog from the anime Gakkou Gurashi. It’s so so sad and handled so well that I just cried like a little girl.

Arima Kishou from the manga Tokyo Ghoul: Re. Handled perfectly both in its exposition as well as how it was drawn. It gave him a very fitting end AND dropped a huge twist on the readers. Not to mention that his connection to the main character Kaneki was completely laid bare. I love it.

Abel from Antonia Michaelis’ book The Storyteller. I have never cried so much over the death of a fictional character or the ending of a book. It has so many layers to it, it’s handled amazingly well and it just makes you feel.

I could add a lot more, but I think that is enough for now, haha. =)


When dumbledoor died in Harry potter movie, he does the dab :grin:, also, nearly every character in H.P does the dab before they die, or lies in a dab position. Hahaha, sorry I had to mention this.

When the lopmons died in S2 digimon fusion.

Also, going way back here to my childhood. When Lucario died in the pokemon movie “Lucario and the mystery of Mew” that made me cry so much!

When the baby Dragon died in Merlin, that was sad, also the winged panther/were-panther girl died in S2 of Merlin, it is so sad that Merlins sweethearts keep dying or end up being evil.

That’s all, all the favourite deaths from my child hood+, all my favourite characters dead :smile::cry::sob:

Joyful Memories of MWD Everyone!!!

EDIT: when the father of Aine and Yuki the wolf children died, it was a big punch in the anime and manga. (Appologise for spelling the wolf children’s names wrong, I cannot spell right today and auto correct is awful)


Maybe changed my mind. Watership Down.


Is it too soon to mention the red wedding :neutral_face:


Okay, I’m a huge mushy marshmallow when it comes to character deaths in general, but as far as specific deaths that made an impact, I’d have to say the scene near the end of “Life is Beautiful,” where the dad keeps acting silly and happy so the son isn’t scared, and then…ugh. Big, ugly, sloppy waterworks, every time. That movie is so freakin’ good.

Mordin in ME3 messed me up, too.