Young Justice is Coming Back!


Young Justice has been renewed for a third season, and let me just say that I’m pretty excited. It’s honestly a little hard for me to believe, but I am ecstatic right now.

Have any of you here watched the show? If so, what are your thoughts on the show and this latest turn of events?


Waiting for a new Batman-only series that is as serious and original as the 90’s one.




Because a friend of mine told me the other day that they were making another season of LoK and I got way too excited before realizing they were teasing me.

If this is true… Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(And who will be the new main cast? Please let Connor and M’gann get back together. And let me cry for days over Wally. :frowning: )


I don’t think Wally is dead I think he’s trapped in the speedforce.


As long Wally comes back as the real Wally, instead of the broody guy with a troubled past that DC called Wally, I will be happy.


Thank god a good show to carry the teen titans legacy.

I can finally scrub teen titans go from my memory




D: Oh well


What @Urban said. We don’t need no Kaldur 2.0.


The show is actually coming back. I was skeptical at first, but I read the story and it is actually returning.

Here’s the actual story:


What year did young justice first come out?


It came out in 2010 the last year Cartoon Network was any good (apart from toonami on adult swim)


Pretty much. Sym-Bionic Titan was also a great show that got cut way too soon. Still, I’m happy that Young Justice is returning.


It’s one of those shows I am jealous isn’t on Netflix UK, like pretty much anything DC related I would like to see… :frowning:


Man you Brits got shortchanged there.


It’s on the US and Canada versions of Netflix. It’s a really good show.


Young justice is awesome ive been watching since i was seven such a good show


Honestly, I feel that the show was targeted at the wrong audience. In spite of it being animated and on Cartoon Network, it’s not really a kid’s show—it deals with some really poignant themes and communicates a lot through subtlety.


I know, it sucks, I think Amazon Prim over here has some deal going because they seem to have all the animated DC shows and I think Arrow and Flash too. And exclusive rights to Lucifier. Netflix UK has Gotham and I Zombie though.


I think that’s probably why its popular, it appeals to the older Toonami types? When I was growing up with CN I liked the older darker shows like Batman of the Future and Dragonball. And since most DC stuff is more kid friendly like Teen Titans GO! (Which I will unashamingly admit I like, because people can like all sorts of different tones of stuff)


You can get it on iTunes, and you can watch it through sites of questionable legality, though that isn’t the best way of doing it.

I myself watched a lot of season two episodes on DailyMotion since Netflix only had the first season, and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to watch Season Two. Since Netflix didn’t have it, I had to turn to other sites. I stopped after the twelfth episode though.

Let’s just say I was really happy when I saw that the second season was available on Netflix. I’ve watched all its episodes save two, which I hope to watch at some point.