You Stole My Forehead! [WIP] | Update: 13 Oct. 2019 | Prologue

Damm now I can be four arms! Four arms with a missing forehead.

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What about 10 arms 16 eyes and a missing forehead and if that picture is any indication that I’m gonna be cute


Oof, rip my plans on making a char with 999999999 legs, 9999999999 arms, 9999999999 ears, 9999999999 nose, and 999999999 mouth…

…I wonder how that looks lol


Eldritch horror detected


Like everyone else, good title

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Currently the extra dialogue is only applicable if you have the same name as NPC’s. But with coding, I actually had fun with this little feature! So I’ll put that on the maybe list. :smile:

Well, there’s no one saying that monsters can’t be cute :wink:. As for the eyes, I’ve set it to only reach a max of 10, and the arms, well, feel free to have 10!

Hello everyone! I’M BACK!

Hey, remember when I said full prologue would’ve been released last Wednesday or Friday?

I’m so sorry for not delivering.

I have underestimated the difficulty of coding. But now I know how fast I can work, so hopefully I can announce more accurate dates.

So sorry again for the delay everyone, I promise to fix that. :sweat_smile:


I realized that when someone has surgery on their head, their hair is shaved. Soo, the option for hair will be placed in Chapter One, along with adding limbs to your person. (I know how excited you guys for that part, and I feel like I shouldn’t cram that part in Prologue)

Love you all! :green_heart:


Reminds me of that game where a harbinger tells you to find his head or die lol