You Stole My Forehead! [WIP] | Update: 13 Oct. 2019 | Prologue

You were born as a Gibyun, a mutated humanoid species created from the radiation from the Red War. Your features, standard to most of your fellowmen such as having multiple limbs and a crystalline like object growing on your forehead, are regarded with awe by the humans. Unfortunately for your species, some of the humans are too fascinated with your kind, and some of them hire hunters to extract the most valuable thing on your person: the gem on your head.

As the eldest child, you work in the Elk Bone Canyon to help out with the family’s financial troubles. Deep into work one quiet evening, a mysterious figure appeared out of nowhere and shot you on the head. You awoke (miraculously) a week later in a clinic, with your gem stolen. It’s up to you to take it back and find out whoever did this to you while exploring the harsh lands of Arlika, taking odd jobs to gather gold for your family, try to send your youngest brother back home who wouldn’t stop following you, or just say “feck it” and return back home to resume your regular life.


  • Customizable character. Have more than two eyes, arms, or even have a tail if you so wish!
  • Play as Male, Female, Non-binary
  • Explore Arlika, find treasures, battle mutated monsters, become a notable figure or an infamous one
  • Be a Scavenger of old technologies, Merchant to sell and trade the knickknacks you collect, Bounty Hunter and hunt down dangerous beasts or just resume your regular life and pretend nothing had happened
  • Raise your youngest brother to become a good boi and help you in your adventure, or to be a hell raiser and let him create chaos wherever he goes.
  • If you happen to have the same name as an NPC, then hey, extra dialogues for you! (Applicable to non-romance-able NPCs only)
  • Play matchmaker to your best friend! (Or not, that’s okay!) A little nudge and words of encouragement can help them foster relationship with their own crush, and you’re here to help.
  • 5 ROs so far.

  • English is not my first language, so I apologize for grammatical errors and some writings that don’t exactly hit its intended message. Please don’t hesitate to send corrections, it will be a great help!
  • I’m not sure if there will be sexy romance scenes. The best sexy romance I could write is fanfiction levels of erotica.
  • I have to deal with school, so updates will be irregular. Though I’ll try to make it once a month or as close to that.
Trigger Warnings
  • Strong language, though it won’t be frequent. Just a sprinkle here and there (and I’ll even toss in a few strong languages of my country to teach you some new words :wink:)
  • Violence (Fight scenes will be detailed)
  • Your father, Anthony – A tired man who constantly needs to look out for his 9 children. Well, 8, since you’re old enough to handle your own. 7, if you include your youngest brother in your adventure.

  • Wren – Your youngest hyperactive brother, who not only acts like a little dog, but trainable like one too!

  • Arc – Arden’s unofficial parental figure. He may have the mouth of a sailor’s, and thirst for gold too, but he has a heart of gold as well. Kidding. He only cares about money and Arden.

  • Noelleon, Victor, and Olivia will be available as early as Chapter 1
  • Quintin and Arden will be introduced at Chapter 3, so for now not much info will be revealed (sorry everyone, I have to!)
  • Two more RO’s is currently being written.
Noel / Leon (F or M)

“Really? 15 years of friendship and suffering together down the drain because someone scooped your forehead off? Um, no.”

Your co-worker who claims to be your childhood best friend, who’s eager to get you your memories back. Whether you yourself like it or not.

Like you, they’re a Gibyun; Curly white hair that covers their round, orange gem, 6 arms, 3 eyes, and ton of sass.

Victor (M)(Noelleon's crush

“Isn’t it amusing how hamsters eat their own young in the guise of survival? No? Just me? Oh…okay.”

A shy son of a merchant, who struggles with the family business. He dislikes engaging with customers, and prefers he does the financing part instead.

Often seen wearing sweaters two sizes larger than him (no matter how hot the weather is), he sports raven black hair, grey eyes, and pale skin that goes paler whenever he meets new people. Except Olivia. The two are close enough for Victor to be his fascinated-with-death self.

Olivia (F)(Noelleon's crush)

“It was fairly disturbing the first time you told me, Vickie. Spare me your fantasies with death.”

A former Red Bone Walker turned hard ass mercenary who is hired by Victor’s family to be their bodyguard. Sometimes play as Victor’s tormentor because she loves spilling his weird secrets for fun.

Her face still bears the Red Bone Walker mark, two faded crimson lines from her neck up to her left cheek. She hides it with a face mask, keeping her brunette hair long and never tied to help mask it. She has green eyes, deep brown skin and loves leather overcoats.

Quintin (M)
  • Quintin – (M) A scar-faced farmer who had run-ins with Arc and a couple of Red Bone Walkers
Arden (NB)
  • Arden – (NB) A trainee under a hired Bounty Hunter tasked to collect Gibyun gems who may or may not be the one responsible for your gunshot wound.

Demo link:

Current word count (with cmd lines): 5818
Characters: 35769

  • 2019-10-13T10:27:00Z – Posted full Prologue, did some bad grammar and bug hunting.
  • 2019-10-06T13:45:00Z – Solved the custom surname bug and added save option.
  • 2019-10-03T16:03:00Z – Cleaned up a few typos, added option for Gem Color and Gem Shape, and added more to some existing scenes.
  • 2019-10-01T16:00:00Z – Posted a sample of the game.


It’s ya boi, Broccoli. Hey, thanks to y’all for taking interest in the game. I just made this little thing here to distract me in life, and hopefully, this little thing would become into something spectacular! I’m gonna say this right now, that progress here would be slow. Yeah, I’ll be updating by once a month, but I’m sure it would be just tiny ones, and not really that game changing. If you guys hunger for more, just let me know and I’ll let my human writer know. (I could do it myself, but alas, the limitations of a broccoli hampers progress.)

Ya’ll really warm my heart because you took a liking to this game! And now, Prologue is released yay!

Anyways, feedback is a valuable thing! If you guys think there’s something you want to be added, changed or deleted in the game, don’t hesitate and let me know!

Love ya, ya magnificent creature!

Sincerely, with smooches,
Broccoli V. Vegetable :green_heart:


Now THAT is how you make a title.


Learned from the best :wink: :wink:


AHH! NOT MY FOREHEAD! Seems like my precious little brother boi will become a little devil boi.


A good choice! A very good choice!


The friend has a crush on two people?


Haven’t played the demo yet, but does this mean we are going around with a gem indentation on our forehead now? :thinking:

Can we put a fake gem there? :rofl:


Interesting. I’ll be keeping more than one eye on this hilarious WIP.


I just gotta know how I got ambushed with all these eyes in me

What do I even look like with all these eyes?


Do you know hermaeus mora? take out the tentacles, add a few more eyes, a hole in your head, whatever other body parts you have and you should be good to go. Or just imagine an eldritch abomination stuck in a somewhat humanoid body.


If you say you only have one eye the very next page says “Your eyes…”

I liked it just like I thought I would back in the interest thread. The story is slowly but steadily coming together and I can’t see how it all plays out.

Stealth and Charisma is one of my favorite stats so I’m glad you put it in there. *I salute to that

A few things...

I do wish that the scene where they took your gem was more descriptive and less sudden.

I wished the father seemed more concerned about your gem being stolen (I still love the laidback feel he had to em!)

Overall I still loved the demo

Oh yeah I forgot I found a typo while choosing my eyes.

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Easy. With so many ‘eyes’ on an otherwise human body they would be extremely tiny. Smaller than skin cells. Nearly 10x smaller. As a result they would be almost useless, you would be lucky to see vague changes in light and certainly no detail. Your MC would actually be entirely blind. Furthermore, I assume your MC wears clothes, which is a handicap since your character would have ‘eyes’ underneath them all.

After all you have almost 10 trillion eyes, almost as many eyes as a regular human has cells in their entire body.


It’s a cool concept i’m looking foward to see the whole game

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Yep! Help them choose one or ship them with both :wink:


Good question! MC could go around with a hole on their face, put a mask on to hide it, put other things on it like flowers or something, or yeah a fake one!

I was thinking Y’all would just input up to a hundred, but my, was I wrong :joy:.

Just like what @Jay_Tarrant said, your eyes would be smaller so all of them could fit you.

With that, I sadly have to put a limit on the eyes . Sorry for everyone who wanted to be an eye god :frowning:.

Good point! I guess I did rush too much because I got too excited. I’ll add more to that part.

Oops! I guess I wrote his priorities wrong :sweat_smile:

I haven’t played that far into Skyrim yet, and now I am terrified :joy:

Thanks for pointing that out!


“Me choosing to have more than 2 eyes”

Mwahahahahahah!! I am now the blinking monster!!


Enjoyed that and look forward to more!

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Bestfriend getting too greedy, they can stand alone in the corner while I flirt with your crushes. There’s only one female RO, and I’m not setting them up with you.


I do see how greedy best friend is :sweat_smile:. Better add more ROs so everyone gets to be happy!