"You Are Here" map UI button?

Ideally, I would like an additional UI button to bring up an image of a map (*image img/map7.png) with a “you are here” marker with some text below it, specifically variable to the scene file from where is called and to return to where it was pressed, after viewing it.

Basically, giving the player a quick map check to see where they are in the geography of the story as the reader progresses from one location to another.

How tough is something like that to implement?


The only way I can think to do this, would be to have a bunch of different images of the same map, with the “You are here” marker in a different location each time. Then code it so that a different image shows up depending on where the player is.

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Yes, I have seven versions of the same map image with the “you are here” marker in different locations made in Photoshop.

I just need a UI button to kick the reader to a “map” scene file where I can display the image with some descriptive text below it, that is scene file specific, so the reader can return to where they left off.

Is there an example anywhere that shows how that was accomplished by others? I’m a noob so I’m hesitant to mess with the UI scripting.

There’s a file called choicescript_stats.txt (or something of the sort). You can edit it and insert your image (and the code related to it) there. Just leave the images on the “mygame” folder of the game and then use the code *image imagename.extension to display it.

Things on the choicescript_ststs.txt will appear when the player clicks the “Show Stats” button, and then there’ll be automatically a button “Return to the Game” on the top so the player returns to the same specific point in the scene from which he left out.

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That’s a BRILLIANT solution - Thank you!!!

THANK YOU! I will give that my best shot. I hope I can figure it out to open up even more creative possibilities :smile:

I just got it working! :blush:

The only extra step I found necessary was to use CSIDE to conform the map png graphics into gosub files. Easy, but still a necessity for all graphic inclusion on a compiled game.