Yoo! samurai jack is back!


I don’t know if you guys know this yet, ya probably do now because of the title, BUT Samurai Jack is coming back in 2016!


Whooooo! This show was my childhood lol…but adult swim?


Yeah man! I think that would be a good idea, its already pretty dark so it being on Adult Swim will allow the writers to push it more into the shade


That’s awesome! I loved that show!


Awesome! I used to love SJ.


I knew this would happen, I knew since I was a child! Hell to the yes.


I was wondering what happened to this show…
Probably won’t be available in my country so soon though.


Doesn’t adult swim have some sort of online offering? It may be region locked, even if they do.


They do have their own website and app, don’t know if they’re region locked though.


Welcome back childhood. I’ve been looking for you since adulthood.


Hell… It’s about time.

Seriously though I lover SJ so it will be fun to see if they will be able to make it even better now that they are under adult swim.


The PowerPuff Girls are coming back too, in case you guys didn’t know.

Now, we only need Johnny Bravo and Courage The Cowardly Dog to gain my childhood back.


What we really need is for Boomerang to start running these old cartoons again instead of crap that was canceled last week and early episodes of crappy current shows. Seriously, why are they playing Teen Titans Go on Boomerang? Where is the original Teen Titans?



No, no. Boomerang, do not do this. Be like CN, who has stopped playing childish cartoons so much and has focused on Adventure Time and Steven Universe. Be smart. Be like CN.

Start playing Teen Titans, Courage, Johnny Bravo and all of the old school TV shows that made you what you are today.


They’ve been hopping between children cartoons and teenage cartoons for years now, if they put Samurai Jack on Adult Swim that means CN will stick to the preffered age they’re catering to now and let Toonami/Adult Swim handle the more…adult stuff lol.


CN doesn’t exactly have a preferred age they are catering to. Adventure Time is a good show with quite a deep plot, lot of feels and you can get lost pretty easily if you aren’t an avid watcher. I hardly consider Uncle Grandpa and Clarence to be equal to Adventure Time.


Well, like I said, they usually switch age groups every few years. I’ve watched Adventure Show and read up on some of the lore, it seems to be more towards teens since most children, probably, couldn’t follow whats really going on. Plus the humor is pretty crude.


Yeah, especially with Simmon and how that world originated. When you find out about Ice King’s past… Well, let’s just say that you should be getting ready for it.


It is possible for a cartoon, or any other children’s media, to handle traditionally “adult” themes (war, death, religion, etc) and still be appropriate and engaging for kids. Samurai Jack, Avatar, the Warriors books, etc all do that expertly (Adventure Time fails to do so in my opinion, but that’s just me). Most networks just aren’t willing to take that risk. They don’t have to switch age groups every few years; it’s entirely possible to appeal to multiple demographics at once if you pick the right shows. The networks are just too narrow-minded to do so.

@Jjcb And I’m sorry about the Adventure Time comment; it’s just that at the beginning of its run, it didn’t have much appeal for adults, and as it became more adult, it lost some of its appeal for kids. Not that it’s a bad show; it just failed to strike that balance.


There’s still a plethora of cartoons I’d like to see return as well, but knowing Adult Swim, I can probably expect them back in one way or another.

Anyway, I LOVED this show as a kid, and hearing that Tartakovsky is coming back is bonus points. However, the trailer I’ve seen looked suspiciously smoothed out…