Yggdrasil: Little Inn Of Horrors (working idea)

Hello forum :slight_smile: I have had this idea for a while and I just wanted to put it here because I really want to make this but I have a few problems.

I don’t remember where on this forum did I read a story someone was making, but it was about building and taking care of your own bar or Inn. Now I don’t know what happened to that person or whether he/she abandon the project or not, but I liked it enough that I wanted to make something similar.

Revision: 10/11/2016

The concept: I really like pet shop of horrors and the dungeon crawler game series etrian odyssey.

You the mc are born in Columbia, one of the most beautiful but corrupted nation on earth to a long generation of a farming family. The current generation your family, plant and grow some of the rarest coffee in the region. However as your family is well aware, coffee money just aint enough to feed an entire group of people. Under that facade lays a world of drug cartels, human trafficking and quasi illegal operations.

Your mother, determine to not let you suffer the same fate as your siblings and let you turn into another black sheep, decides to sends you abroad to Japan to finish your school and to be raise into a person of good.

Once in Japan, you integrate yourself to your new life and school, but the extreme culture shock and failed linguistic skills force you to isolate yourself. After months of surfing the net, you come across the game of dreams called Yggdrasil:Eternal Labyrinth.

Yggdrasil:Eternal Labyrinth billed as the online second earth.

Is a place were everything is possible. There are thousands of people who have chosen to live permanently in there. Its a game that has a fantasy city with an underground unconquered mysterious labyrinth. Reading more into it, you discover that there is a class in the game called Botanic Merchant.

The least popular class is geared towards people who are Verse in everything that has to do with plants. You miss the coffee fields back home so you decide to try and become someone in Yggdrasil. You try to build your own plant empire.

However old habits die hard even in an online world. You begin to question your morals. What starts as an innocent venture quickly turns into a not so nice operation. Money and power invite corruption and as you rise to the top the Administrators of the game take notice. They come after you and offer you a deal that you can’t refuse. Its a project called Little inn of horrors. It was a guild created to keep players from reaching the end of the labyrinth by any means necessary. All this hides behind a simple Inn.

Before you can join though. You must meet the strict requirements to reserve a spot.

Deception, betrayal, fraud, hypocrisy, treachery, trickery, treason and trumpery are the daily tea that runs within the project known as little in of horrors.

In game:

1. Cultivate plants known to man (from simple daisies, to the more exotic and extinct corpse lily)

2.Build a economic empire of flowers, try to carve a game territory for yourself. (Live a decadent life or be frugal as hell)

3.Evolve plants to a more monstrous state.( Turn a small venus fly trap into a more carnivorous blood human eating machine.)

4.Develop your unscrupulous cartel of flowers: Plant cocaine(Coca leaves), grow some morphine(Opium poppy) and as mere hobby why not grow some cannabis(weed).

5.Use passive and aggressive diplomacy: you’re bound to meet people who don’t want you to rise to power. In that case why not send them a bouquet of Poisonous White Poppies. Failing that you could always send them Audrey 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

6. Inn plant management- Be in charge of decorating the guild’s inn with plants of your choosing.(beauty, defense or offense)

7. Juggle your real life vs your game persona. Each chapter will Alternate between day and night.

The problems:

  1. Good news semi plot is in the works :slight_smile:

2.Horrible at spelling.

3.Horrible at programming/Coding.

I’m still working on the idea but I hope to start it soon.


I like the idea, hope you get a idea for a story real soon!

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The game was Tavern Tales by @CitizenShawn

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Why not just let us play a Plant Magician? Or the Botanic Merchant? That seems like it’s by far the most fun option of those you’ve suggested. Because to me, it seems like you’ve one core, really exciting idea, and you’re then adding on other options just for the sake of it.

Sometimes it’s better not to give a choice. It’s better to focus on that great idea. That you can let us grow plants, seek out new seeds for those plants, and get cuttings, perhaps make hybrids, worry about insects to pollinate them, and the plants trying to eat people.

Do we make potions out of the plants? Do we just sell them? Trade plants with other people?

Actually why is this a game within a game? Why not just a pure fantasy game?

Anyway I think you’re being too unfocused which is what’s making the plot difficult to come by.

If it was Little Shop of Horrors, well your plot would be you get a little plant, you help it grow, and then you start feeding it people, and then it wants to take over the world, so do you help it, or do you seek it’s destruction? You could totally use that idea.


I agree with @FairyGodfeather. It seems like you’re mixing lots of ideas together to the point where everything is confused and nothing stands out. That’s why you’re coming up dry for plot. If you simplify and stick to one or two ideas, it’ll work better. Right now you have:

  1. Game within a game
  2. Little Shop of Horrors
  3. Labyrinth
  4. Merchant and guild idea
  5. Inn idea
  6. Cloak and dagger type intrigue

That’s at least 6 unrelated ideas for the concept alone. Sounds to me like you have two or three different games here that you’re mixing up and melding together into some sort of unrecognizable goo.

I wouldn’t want to play the game you just presented, sounds too convoluted and like I would never be able to immerse myself in it. For your own sanity as the author as well, what you’re proposing seems like way too much (too many options, too many ways the plot could go, too many elements etc) for one person to handle…

Now if you just said that this is “a game within a game where you explore a labyrinth crawling with monsters” or “a game about a running botanical shop where the plants turn carnivorous” or “a game about an innkeeper who discovers their inn is built over a crazy labyrinth with monsters in it” or “a game about running an inn where the employees start acting weird because of the pollen of the plants the MC grows in the back room” or “a game about an inn where small talk hides political intrigue, and the wrong word in the wrong ear will get you killed”, I’d totally be on board, each of those sound awesome to me. But they are very different games, and squeezing them all together in one game is bound for catastrophe, imho.

If you can’t explain the entire concept of your game in one short sentence, you need to simplify your concept. Save the other ideas for another game.

PS: I really really want a Little Shop of Horrors sort of game, that would be absolutely awesome.


Hi there! I did create a game a while ago that was about taking care of your own inn, called Tavern Tales. Anyways, I didn’t really have a plot idea going in, which is probably why I didn’t finish more of it, and I didn’t really have a plan either, just kind of wrote as it came to me. To help with the lack of plot, I decided to let the innkeeper decide whether to help or hinder an archetypal “hero,” and THEY would be the ones going on quests, and you just get to experience the back-end. Might sound boring, but to me that’s what made it unique. I like meta games.

Horrible at coding? Well, you’ll have to learn it eventually! It’s really not so bad, there are only like 12-18 commands.

Horrible at grammar? Well…that’s where an editor comes in. You can finish your game and ask for help, or get people to help as you write, but that’s on a case-by-case basis. Maybe you know someone that is awesome and will do it for free, or someone on the forums is an angel and LOVES your story and decides to help. In any case, it pays off to have a well-written beta for obvious reasons. Mainly, people will read your game instead of giving up.

My advice would be to come up with a system, so, like a small group of stats and features that you plan to allow the player to upgrade/maintain, and try not to deviate from that too much. Come up with early-game and late-game modifications, and make sure you have descriptive text for each one.

You can use variables to store descriptions, so like feature_one and feature_two could be “long, viking-style table” and “tall observatory tower.” Then you can write:

"Your inn is known for its ${feature_one} and ${feature_two}, blah blah blah."

Good luck! I’d play!