Yet another music thread


another music thread, you can post songs, bands, music videos, etc etc.

so…anyone heard of a band by the name of Seether


There good soulful sad stuff
I can’t listen to sad stuff for to long
If you like them try clutch, amazing

I like all that stuff, tool, raidohead, greenday before they got all famous, the darkness were cool when they were around, queens of the Stone Age are super good too and can’t forget about queen
Oh and the who, skynard, old British punk bands

Shoot it would be faster talking about what I don’t like
Is it just me, of have music videos become way too sexualized
Give me the video for the safety dance by men without hats or ah ha’s take on me anyday


Lately been goin through some oldie i.e. The Kinks, The Band, and Yes. But also lovin the Goo Goo Dolls lately <3


I like seether and sublime is great but there lead singer is dead or something like that Any way my favorite band is bad religion


seether and evanesence are my 2 favorites


Rammstein. Nuff said


Foo fighters,CCR and The tragically hip just some of my favorites.


How could i forget about the foos
and the greatest band In the world (or so they say) Tenacious D


I pity the foo who has those guys on its ass



Actually, I listen to a lot of different music; Disturbed, Within Temptation, The Birthday Massacre, Hyper Crush, Manga, Jolin Tsai, t.A.T.u, Eric Saade, Ayumi Hamasaki… :">


Sadly the foo are taking a break for a while :frowning:


Seether is pretty good, I especially have a soft spot for ‘Broken’ featuring Amy Lee…

My favorites include Evanescence, Crossfade, Rise Against, Lady Gaga (yep, I said it…), Emilie Autumn, Eminem (on occasion…), Phil Collins, Fort Minor…

yikes the list goes on and on.


Metallica (their older stuff, mostly), Evanescence, Weird Al (because funny), Disturbed, Skillet… other stuff I can’t remember…

Seether’s okay, but I haven’t heard any of their stuff for a while.


Skillet, seether, holywood undead,breaking benjamin, rise against, evanescence, eminem, coheed and cambria, frank sinatra(well that escelated quickly), dean martin, red hot chilli peppers, flyleaf, and thats it…i think


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My two favorite bands are Flyleaf ((lacey strumm flyleaf)) And linkin park


Hopsin is a really good rapper