Yet another interest check: Warlocks and/or Vigilantes

Hey gang, I mostly lurk around here and only occasionally rear my ugly head. I’ve been developing two unrelated settings and accompanying stories for a while now and would like to eventually turn one of them into a Choicescript story. But as it stands now I’m utterly torn between both yet feel I should concentrate on one to get sonewhere. Since neither threads on new ground, checking with the community to see which concept people see more promise in, or at least less overlap with existing premises and settings.

Warlocks: Set in a fantasy realm which is a feudal magocracy the player would take the role of a young scion of magic apprenticed to a warlock ruler. While the backdrop is one of social upheaval and a society approaching a crossroads the story itself would be equally about exploring the setting as well as the protagonist expectably running afoul of sinister forces. While the story itself is about defining one’s place in the world I’m very set on making this world alien. Not unrecognizable but I’m just not all that entertained by the regular old fantasy setup espousing Judeo-Christian morals and customs without explaining how they got into a world that lacks the groundwork for these things to be there. Downside is that this might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Vigilantes: It’s hard to describe this one without making the obvious comparisons here. So basically think Gotham City in the style of Batman: The Animated Series with a somewhat more realistic outlook. Except the Batman analogue of that setting is gone and several second and third string vigilantes try to fill that void. Eventually the various second stringers disagree too much with one another and break apart into factions with the protagonist as a capable but new arrival on the scene thrust in between caped politics and trying to prevent a civil war. Or not. There’ll be plenty of action too, maybe a dash of romance.

Don’t be scared by me using the Bat’s name in vain here. No copyrights will be infringed on. This is about the Darkwing Duck level of homage and with most characters people can’t even tell the original inspiration. Just pointing that out in case anybody worries.

I have set pieces ans story outlines for either of those I’m just really curious what tickles peoples’ fancy more or what seems problematic. Like the warlocks’ yearly human sacrifice.

Opinionions welcome!


I am up for vigilante game.

Will we have gadgets or superpowers or just highly trained to the level that it actually looks like superpowers.

Any back story which made us vigilante.

Are we going to have some job or we make money by giving bodies to police for bounty ( umm it’s going to be hard to explain how he ended up dead :sweat_smile: )

And do we have some sort of family.


For me Vigilante is the best because since it will most likely take place in the present near past or near future where unless there is magic involved the the choices and situations should be more realistic

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I think the best would be a highly trained human who uses some gadgets because even a real life ninja would need technology to operate in the present days

I meant to say something like iron man suit or mech or something like batman have ( all that batmobile and awesome suit )

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Yeah, I can see why you’re torn between those two, and frankly, so am I.
I’d play either of those really. I like both ideas.
It interests me though, that if you go for the Warlock one you plan to do something different, something that will make your game stand out from the others, that’s a cool signature to your WIP, so I have to give this one the preference.

I’d personally like to see the Vigilante one. There can never be too many good superhero games out there

I have a basic ‘character class’ setup in mind for the Vigilante story. Every character is assumed to be able to handle themselves in a fight and possess some other rudimentary crime fighting skills. The classes more represent what makes them special.

Physical Prodigy - - The character is mainly known for their prowess, athleticism and hands-on approach to crime fighting. Think martial artist, daredevil trapeze artist, parkour runner…

Mental Prodigy - - The vigilante is characterized by their intellect, fighting with his brain as much as his brawn. Think detective, tactician, psychologist…

Gadgeteer - - A character whose strength lies in preparation and the equipment they carry. Think archer, swordsman, inventor…

Each of these would mostly lock or unlock certain paths along the story as well as bonus options. For flavour and determining stats they’d also allow you to pick a sub class. Major NPCs will for example include a Physical Gymnast, a Gadgeteer Archer and a Mental Tactician.

I’m still debating the option of offering a ‘Powered’ option with a choice of three MINOR superpowers (inaudibility, sonic scream and superspeed burst) which would unlock a ton of bonus options but have reduced stats compared to the other three.

At the end of the day they’re all about flavour and mood though.

Thanks for the quick and positive turnout.


Seeing as I’m the only Warlock advocate here, at least for now, could you post the classes that would be available for that game too?


Vigilantes definitely.

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Vigilantes because I get to be Daredevil. If you do add powers would you consider adding enhanced senses to the list.

I like the warlock idea too. I’m trash for fantasy settings.


Warlock doesn’t so much have classes as it has archetypes that characters can aspire to from a classless system. If it doesn’t turn out too complicated I’d want to focus more heavily on actual spells characters can learn and define themselves through their spellbook. But certain affinities including archetype affinities will dictate which spells are available.

The archetypes are:

Keeper - - The epitome of a landed warlock who exists in communion with the land itself (though this is more a matter of haggling with its spirits than druidic harmony.)

Champion - - A magical duelist if you will. Dashing knights errant or fearsome blackguards.

Adept - - A scholar and researcher. Specialists in esoteric lore and magics.

Bur again these are not classes. They will be stats that represent how close your character is to their ideal.


Warlock, I love fantasy magic games and I like that it would be more about the spells you learn.


I would also be interested in hearing more of the Warlock story.:smiley:


Now this has confused me. Do I like vigilante more or watlock

Hey i have a better idea Can’t you make both. puppy eyes

The vigilante catch me up better. Even though the Warlock looks a bit more original, i think the civil war between vigilantes looks more interesting, in my opinion.

Warlocks all the way

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Hm, I would definitely like to see the Warlocks story. I personally think there are a lot of vigilante/hero games here, so something about warlocks would be interesting.

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Grand! So now opinions are tied leaving me none the wiser!

Seriously thanks for the input though. Maybe I’ll put up some more detailed blurbs over the weekend so people on the fence have a clearer image of where each setting is headed.