YA Novel with Female Protagonists that turns into



I really wanted to make a YA novel about a girl who starts to turn into something once the crazy adventure happens.

Like instead of the protagonist being a wizard or a Demi God or something like that, they’re actually a monster and start to turn into one.

My issue is that even know I know there people who would like that it seems like a very small section of people.

And I also don’t even know what I would turn her into: a dragon? An alien queen? A techno-zombie? Or is she part of the “monster district” of her dystopian world?

Any ideas?


How about an update to the Medusa story?

Where she finds redemption in the end by becoming less of a monster…

The major trouble I see is that YA structuring almost dictates its writing and morality is definitely a subjective thing you’ll need to be good at addressing.


Always you don’t turn the girl in a Japanese tentacle monster. Not a history I would enjoy not charisma or taking power in that story I don’t like playing stories where you can’t reach your outcome and you ending being a ugly monster.But I think many people will like it.


This seems to be a fairly common trope in young adult books, although it’s usually something like an Angel or a Vampire or a Werewolf or whatnot. It makes me think of Monster by Christopher Pike. Actually this was a fairly common theme in his books too from what I recall with secret goddesses and people who had past lives and I think I remember aliens.

Which is to say it’s popular.

We’re not really a forum for offering advice on non-interactive fiction. Have you considered making this a choicescript novel?

You also seem to not really have much of an idea of what you want to write. That seems like a bad place to start from. You don’t even seem to know what genre you want to write in.

I’d say think about this yourself. Find your own inspiration.

What sort of things do you like?


I agree with @FairyGodfeather. Why not try it as a choice script one?

It would be interesting to explore the different options in how you deal with the transformation. Do you try to maintain a sense of normality? Accept or reject the transformation? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to remain human?

Maybe the ‘bad’ transformation is pay-off for using one of your powers. So in order to change your dystopian world into a better place you have to use your powers, which means you slowly give up on your humanity.

Check out Snarlbear, an awesome webcomic where the female protagonist has this kind of dilemma. Staying in the magical world is literally killing her humanity but she can’t face the idea of returning to her supermarket job/human world.

I would love reading something in that vein.


I think this is a marvellous idea.

Poor Medusa, she got such a bad rep, and did nothing to deserve being cursed into the form of a monster, and then ultimately beheaded.


If I remember my mythology, blame Poseidon for being a horndog and raping Medusa, and Athena for punishing the victim.

It’s not Medusa’s fault that she was born beautiful…


My good nb friend did their final English project at university writing a story about a girl in, Cornwall or something, I can’t remember, who gets an unknown disease that starts to turn her skin into itchy scales. When nothing seems to work from the doctor she runs away from home, frustrated, and, in the wilderness, slowly turns into a dragon.

And then meets other people, once considered sick, which have become mythical creatures, too. Then humans start to come for them, believing them just strange undiscovered animals, not beings that once were human, thinking them a threat. I forgot what happens at the end…


Thank you. I do think it is a story that can hit home to many of us in today’s world if written in today’s best story-telling traditions.

Don’t forget Medusa’s sister but ya, again, I think this is a story ready to be written.

I might write it, if I ever get this current project I’m working on done.


I’d greatly enjoy playing a game where the protagonist becomes a monster on the outside, with it being left up to the player how much humanity they retain on the inside.


I would read the story, and I’m sure a lot of other people would also read it. I see involuntarily turning into a monster as a metaphor for struggling to fit in and connect with people, or maybe being uncertain about your identity or the morality of your actions. Monstrosity is actually the parts of humanity that people want to hide. It’s very relatable.

Other types of monster tropes are the discrimination metaphor, in which the monsters are just misunderstood (District 9 I guess?), and the “are humans the true monsters?” story, in which humans attack all monsters with cruel methods (Tokyo Ghoul?). These are also very relatable to a lot of people.

I think it would be cool if you researched different mythological creatures and made your own version of one. No vampires or werewolves :mask:


well this wouldn’t be a Choice of Games novel.Just a YA novel


jesus…did they retain their humanity or…mentally gone?


Retained their humanity to a point, but it degraded more and more as time went on and the disease progressed, making them less and less humanoid. They were somewhat sentient, able to remember faces, places, reasoning, but became more and more animalistic as time went on.

I think, actually, in the end, they all decided to mass-migrate somewhere safer away from humanity to embrace become beasts entirely and stop clinging to their humanity that would never come back to them nor be realised by society. I think at the end the dragons were the most sentient, but many of the people that were with the girl when she first ran away became mute and bestial.


Reason I posted this here (in general to be more specific) is IDK any other writer places. I’d Prefer this to be a non-interactive so i can give the middle finger to Popular YA novels.

But if ya’ll think its better as Interactive. I’m not sure.


fuck. so it was like one of those depressing transformation stories where they change physically and mentally until there’s nothing left of the original?


Not really. The ending was a bit confusing but very uplifting as I remember it. They had become something else, and could find their own reasons and their own world for living, without the pressures they had as humans in society before. It was… bittersweet. They could never go back, but a new life had opened up to them in exchange. “You get what you’re given, it’s all how you use it” kind of thing.

I think my friend uploaded it to livejournal years back… I wonder if the page is still up…


i’d give it a read.

I’m just not a fan of those “Once you transform you forget who you were” stories.


Wow, it’s been… a long time since I read this. And my memory is so, so bad - there’s obviously a lot of stuff missing or mangled in my head… sorry.

But I asked Rethi, and Rethi said it’s okay to spread it publicly, so… this is “those who remain”.


No I don’t like those stories I end sleeping. I just don’t empathy with those drama characters :rolling_eyes: I just laugh how stupid they looks. I love maquavelian intriguing stuff poisoning , killers and mistery not Heatcliff boring crying…