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I wouldn’t call the system slavery. It seems more like the old American draft where men, who didn’t have enough money or excuses, were forced into war. The draft is kinda sorta still in effect in modern times and men voluntarily sign up for it (if they want a driver’s license, or federal student financial aid, or to not get punished for refusing).

The emperor seems like he already owns everyone in his kingdom, just most parts are delocalized because of the distance and can’t be effectively micromanaged. He was able to kill the MC’s mom just for wanting to keep her baby and he didn’t face repercussions.

If the samurai aren’t born into being samurai, then it wouldn’t make sense to keep nonpowered children and slavers own their slaves children.

I think of slavery as having many slavers that can buy and sell people that they own and break up families and/or do whatever they want with the slaves, which is usually to make profit. A warden kind of “owns” prisoners in the sense they can do what they want with the prisioner, but if there’s no broad system of buying and selling or profit and children owning, I wouldn’t call that slavery. If there is only one slaver, the emporer, that seems more like a dictatorship and if the head is taken down, the system should end, but slavery has many individual heads that are hard to re-train and completely abolish.


IIRC, Feudal Japan was heavy on the class system, so if you were born into a samurai family, you were raised to be a samurai. Furthermore, a great deal of emphasis was placed on following your superior’s orders to-the-letter no matter what they were or how personally unsavoury they were. Also, the Emperor was deified so defying his orders wasn’t an option.


I was focusing more on the police, law, and blame
on those who enforce it part of the discussion.

Like I said, it was the only example I could think of.

Also, the kids aren’t the ones who would be considered the “guilty party” so no I wasn’t comparing kids to addicts.

Not really. Like someone said, Japan was really big on a caste system. If you were born into a samurai family then you were gonna be a samurai too and that was your profession.

Mostly, I just called it a profession because it actually was one (or something like that) at some point in the history of Japan. Abe no Seimei comes to mind.

Well, Japanese history isn’t really my thing. I only know bits and pieces.

Didn’t say they should.

I hope I’ve explained myself sufficiently because I would seriously rather move away from this already and enjoy the rest of my short vacation doing something fun.

Let someone else debate something.

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Ah~ so must heated debate~

Hmmm, cause of the cultural background of Asian countries; many things might seem harsh or unnecessary. I’m trying to have those struggles shine through.

Emperors searching for immortality are the biggest norm during that period and those who served under them saw the ambition as something go be admired and would obey to a dot just to fulfill their ruler’s wish.


I’d much prefer to talk about who to ship my MC with than rather talk about how edgy the MC is and whether or not Isamu and Daisetsu are sheeple working for a divine sheep emperor who wants youkai blood because apparently Japanese cosmetic technology wasn’t advanced enough for crow’s feet treatment. Meh.

I think you’re doing fine so far, but if you have doubts over whether the struggles are shining through, I wouldn’t mind a scene here or there that expands on my MC’s struggles over being pressed into service or dealing with their mom being gone.



Oh my… the tanuki is so cute! I want to pet her/him!
It is really an interesting story, I like these stories with yokais~ but unfortunately, there is only one in choice of game… and your. Aww a kitsune! A kitsune has many tails right? I want to caress his/her fur! But I doubt he/she will let the protagonist do so :pensive: . Shame. Ohh I also like the illustrations style manga/anime! I really like this style, there is not a lot of them though, in general in choice of games.I am a little disappointed that we could not bring the issue that the captain was seduced and in the end, we have to do all the work. Is he really a professional? I thought that he would at least already encounter this kind of situation before. Moreover if the protagonist let that spider woman live or kill her, it is kind of because of him that the protagonist did that. At least, let us complain to him. And if possible, lecture him. That would be fun because the role would be switched. The protagonist playing as the responsible adult while the captain as the grounded child. Oh and also, I am kind of curious about the ghost that makes you get the achievement about Gasper. Why did you put her in the story? Or will she appears again later? @Ros_e can you do something about that, please?


I think unless they have a protective charm a normal human can’t fight against a yokai’s magical influence, no matter how many times they’ve encountered one. Besides there’s no way for normal humans to detect if someone is actually a yokai unlesd the yokai reveals itself. Though i do see where you’re coming from. It would be interesting to at least have a thought on the incident.


Eh? I am actually quite surprise then that he does not have a protective charm then. I mean, they are specialised at taking down yokai so they must at least have something to counter this on them. No wonder that the agents do not have a long lifespan. Well, it also must be because of the plot, and that him falling under her charm is a must(maybe) to find her, at least more easily and also faster. Sorry to complicate your life author but I like to point out flaw when I find one.


that was be best i give A+ for this got me see more please my heart is crie out my heart


how story made show your love in japan history i hope that pashin never dies an good luck


@LikeGames I see your point :open_mouth: Will justify the reason in the future and thank you so much for enjoying the game.


Quite obviously, he accidentally handed over the charm he had when he paid for the MC’s souvenir only to discover it wasn’t there when he searched his pants. Happens all the time. :yum:


Hahahaha I like this theory


The update is live :slight_smile:

The new update will stop in a cliff-hanger and that’s all I’m going to say. But you will be seeing the Kitsune soon and get to learn and interact more with Daisetsu and Haru.


Must…see…if ship options…exist…

Piece by piece the colossal Gashadokuro crumbled, bones collapsing onto the aged ground. The loud fall of the giant can be heard through the hills, it's a blessing in disguise that Funamaki was in such a rural area.

"I have repaid my debt to you, Hikari." Kyourie bowed. "Let's try not to cross paths again." Here comes her annoying smirk. She

Removing the seal from Kyourie took a toll on me; the energy needed to release such a strong spell was more than I had originally anticipated. I, myself am bewildered that I am still standing on my two feet, I should be knocked out by now.

I’m guessing the second part of that sequence isn’t supposed to end like that.

"Dai-chan will make sure we're alright." Haruka added. "Hang on a little longer." Her furry little self was lounging on top the young samurai's head, they looked like the best of friends already, even calling him Dai-chan

You’re missing an “of” between “top” and “the”.

The castle doors looked so welcoming, it had this mysterious hold over me. How can one felt so much comfort in returning to their prison? This Stockholm syndrome had me at its fingertips.

Two female attendants rushed to our sides, they were used to scenes like these, Omnyoujis and their retainers returned all worn and bruised. Their faces didn't wear the same compassion or worry that Daisetsu did. Their features only spelled out a blank, stoic and unchanging. A little part of me envied them for their ability to push pass human emotions.

“felt” should be “feel”

“returned” should be “returning”

there should be another word during the 3rd sentence of the 2nd paragraph, around “blank, stoic and unchanging”

"There's no need to thank me. It is only natural for me to be concern about my master." Daisetsu bowed deeply.

"I should be going." Daisetsu vanished within seconds. Is he a samurai or a ninja?

“concern” should be “concerned”

he’s both

"Uratoro is indeed astonishing," Daisetsu added when he saw me peeking out the window. "Haruka-san, would love the view." A small smile hung on the corners of his thin lips.

"Dai-chan knows me so well!" Haruka gloated. The little tanuki nodded in approval; she hiding from the naked eyes of unassuming humans like Daisetsu; but I wasn't like any human am I?

no comma is necessary after “Haruka-san”.

an “is” is needed after “she”

Her wild ponytail, her petite figure, glowing bronze skin and signature green jinbei came into view. It's been awhile since I saw her in this form. Her wild ponytail, his lean figure, glowing bronze skin and signature green jinbei came into view. It's been awhile since I saw him in this form.

self-explanatory (my Haruka was a girl)

Another Kitsune? She But unlike Kyourie, this newcomer didn't feel right, there was a malicious aura that surrounded him, he didn't mask his murderous intent.

no “she” necessary

sees the kitsune is hitting on my mc


sees ship options exist for the kitsune


sees it’s greyed out despite my mc’s orientation

goddamnit :pensive:


Ohmygod, is this a dream ? :scream::scream::scream:


The Kitsune as a RO gives me life, thank you :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
I wonder what the angst will be. Especially with this “Akane” character.


Thank you for this so excited to try the updated demo.


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now…gasp…finally…gasp…I can see again my kitsune!