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It magically happens when you choose a different RO or decide the MC should be forever alone. :stuck_out_tongue:


That is a very extreme opinion. It’s their job after all and they can’t be bending rules for the MC.

It might be different if the MC was their best friend or something, but that’s not the case.

That is how all my MCs will view things in my playthroughs anyway.


I don’t have a high opinion in people whose job consist in kidnapping, slavery and if you don’t do as you are told they execute you.


Plus they killed the MC’s mother.


We just all have to conclude that some of us would like to seek vengeance with them while some are willing to forgive to those who wrong them but that doesn’t mean that we have to agree with the system so some seek to change that.


Which is what my MC(s) will do. They seek to change that from within to spare others from the same thing.

Treating the roots and all that.

I’m pretty sure that wasn’t Isamu and Dai specifically though. Heck, Dai was also a kid at the time. Well, technically so was Isamu.

That isn’t their main job.

It’s just that it’s the law and can’t really be overlooked. Isamu might have been killed too and even if he hadn’t turned the MC in, someone else would have…because it’s the law. Dai wasn’t there so he’s not really worth mentioning here.

And I wouldn’t call being an onmyouji slavery. They seem to have luxuries and an education. Maybe it’s just because I’m thinking about US history as my comparison though. A few slaves that got those privileges are the exception and not the rule in US history.

I’m not trying to dissuade or argue over play styles by the way, before anyone gets confused on the matter.

Just passing through and giving my opinion on events while waiting for more story to dig in to.


The law is unjust and they choose to become keepers of those unjust laws. They are guilty in my eyes.

Luxuries? They throw onmyouji at any youkai, they don’t ask if you want it or not, there is no choice to what to do with your life and if you refuse or fail they will kill you. That is slavery.
Not only that but onmyouji don’t live too long, they die doing the bidding of the emperor.


Once again, finding children to be onmyouji isn’t their main job. That law just happens to be there and they don’t have the power to move or add any.

It’s like finding fault with the police after getting caught with illegal substances (which is just as far as I’m concerned, but users might not think so) when they didn’t make any drug laws.

Also, users know perfectly well what the law is and the risks of breaking it.

Well, logically, who else is going to fight them? Everyone else is weak against them.

I agree that conditions can be harsh though which is why changing things from within is something my MC seeks to do.

…It’s still too much to call it slavery though, in my opinion. It’s not really free labor.


The law is abhorrent, any kind of law that kidnap children and turns them into slaves should be fought against. Those guys choose to fight to keep those laws, there is no way to defend them. It is OK to forgive them, but saying they are just doing their jobs is not going to cut it.
It is like saying it was OK for a slaver to beat, main or kill a slave because they fled from their master.

And are you seriously comparing a mother who wants to protect her for from the horrors an onmyouji will face, from becoming a thing to the emperor whose live can be taken any time, with someone who wants to get high?

People who wants to fight them? You can’t force someone to fight a spirit just because they can see it. I’m sure there would be several volunteers to be an onmyouji if the laws were at least fair with them.

How it is not slavery?

An onmyouji is taken away from their family who they will never see again, just like a slave.

They are forced to do a job even if they don’t want to do it, and this job might as well kill them, just like a slave.

The emperor is free to take an onmyouji life at his will, and they don’t have any choice in their life, they will continue to work as an onmyouji until the day they die, and if they try to run away from their “job” they are killed by people like Isamu and Dan, just like a slave.


Kind of off topic, but I don’t think the emperor set up the demon slayer’s system to help protect people from monsters.

At the fight with the spider woman, Your handler said he just wanted a jewel and immortality. (I think. I haven’t replayed in a while) .

I think the system is corrupt, but a lot of people in it are nice and too scared of the emporer to do anything. It’s kind of hard to believe our loveable raccoon loved with powerful demon players for years and ran around stealing candy without getting caught. Some probably noticed him and were nice enough not to kill him and that last who defended is seemed nice.


who knows they may die if they dont do these acts. Isamu couldve die by getting in the way and for going against law


And why I should feel sorry for them? They choose to be the emperor’s dogs, they weren’t forced into it, they made their own bed and they can only blame themselves.


This is one of the reasons I love CYOA games that include variety in regard to the protagonist’s personality. Your version of the MC might be able to forgive and forget, rationalize their mother as a casualty of the system, put their duty before whatever personal emotions they might have, and be a good little onmyōji like they’d be expected to do. After all, the samurai responsible were just doing their jobs and didn’t have any say in the matter, right? Orders are orders and all that.

My version of the MC, however… is not. Her mother was the only good thing in her life, and to have that be taken away, be forced to put her life on the line fighting monsters on behalf of the people who kidnapped her, and then find out years later that her beloved mother was murdered by the same people responsible for her abduction and that said murder was kept secret from her for years? That… is unforgivable. Someone has to pay. Sure, Imasu may not be directly responsible for the MC’s mother’s death, but he’s one of the ones who abducted her and willingly serves the system that is responsible, and that’s good enough for my version of the MC. Actually… no, that’s not good enough. If the samurai were acting on their own initiative, then the retainers directly responsible for the mother’s execution would be the only one to suffer the MC’s wrath. But this… this goes all the way up to the Emperor…


I’m just explaining my thought process. It was the only example I could think of, and the actual content didn’t much matter as long as the thought process could be explained.

I agree. It’s just that it almost seemed as if you thought the whole profession was bad.

Not really. People choose that job knowing that the only purpose of their job is to harm another for the sake of profit and production.

Isamu’s group are warriors and and I don’t think they have as much power as you think they do.

It might seem strange, but samurai can only be samurai if they are born into it. Part of being a samurai is having loyalty to beaten into them which might be part of why they aren’t rebelling.

Who knows?

That’s my theory.

I can see some similarities, but the differences make it difficult to say it’s slavery.

Again, it might just be because I’m comparing it to the lives of actual slaves in US history.

@Ros_e Can Onmyōji in this game get married and have children? I don’t mean the MC specifically, just in general.

I’m curious.


Nothing wrong with helping the common people as far as my MC is concerned.

Also, my MC isn’t really going along just to get along. They need power to improve a broke system and they see revenge as a pointless endeavor.

My MCs are always nice and almost seem like pacifists. I can’t seem to play bloodthirsty or evil characters without feeling some guilt.

Anyone else have that “problem”?


I have the same feeling. I really can’t play any evil MCs. ^^;


I’m bowing out of this debate. Other interests have popped up.

But never fear, I shall return when there is an update…probably as a lurker as I always do.


But what if they expected to actually do some good. Then when rhey were recruited the empire’s true colors showed.


Yup. (20 pacifist characters)


I’m confused, you are aware that people have no control over whether or not they have these abilities right? And comparing a scard little kid trying to save people to a drug addict seems a little far fetched.

Isn’t a profession something you choose to do?

I also have to disagree with this. Just because someone gives you nice things and an education doesn’t mean they get to control you. If anything they do this so they can have even better control. It’s like letting a wild animal roam around a fenced in area instead of a short leash. At the end of the day a gilded cage is still a cage.

Not trying to say you’re MC’s viewpoint or how you play the game is wrong i respect you’re opinion, that’s the beauty of cyos games. I’m only improvising a counter argument. For instance my MC is a forgiving soul who will choose to forgive someone if he sees that they’re good. But he will never forget what has happened to him and that the people in charge consider him little more than a slave. A slave with value maybe, but still a slave without true freedom.