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But isnt she a child?


No. They can change their appearance into a smaller and younger version of themselves perhaps, but they are most definitely not a child.


a 200-year-old child.


Well as long as she doesnt scratch and bite me like most tanukis when I try to make-out with them

Also since @Ros_e is working on this are all 3 books of CiaR done or is he/she taking a break?


So who are the confirmed ROs?


@Ros_e important question. At some point, this is gonna make us cry isnt it?


Isekai’s not exactly a genre I am passionate about and also what do you mean by interested in making?

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Also since @Ros_e is working on this are all 3 books of CiaR done or is he/she taking a break?

That’s really sharp of you to notice! And yes, the rough draft for 3 books are finished~


Starts crying tears of joy :joy:


Which Samurai would you prefer as an RO?

  • Isamu
  • Daisetsu

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Where is the neither option? Both are followers of the system responsible for the MC’s kidnapping and Mother’s death. One of them is directly responsible for it.


But, insn’t MC technically part of the same system?


No, the MC was kidnapped and forced to do what the system wants. If you let the spider woman alive, you are saved from execution by one of your mentors.
The MC is just a slave for the system supported by those two guys.


I thought people were born into being samurai, so they didn’t have much of a choice being in the system just like MC was born with her powers and had to work.


The kitsune, Kyouran/Kyourie and The Tanuki(?), Haruka/Haruki


No, they choose that life. That is why both of them deserves to die IMO.


Who’s isamu? I know dai is one of the samurai that takes us away but not isamu.


Isamu is one of the samurai who kidnapped the MC.

Daisetsu is another samurai the emperor sent to be your “handler” (a watch dog who will execute you if you don’t do your job).


What’s the difference between the two? Like is one male, one female? Are they both ROs? Etc.


One is older and is the captain of his elite division that I don’t remember the name.
The other is a young samurai who is going to be your “handler” and accompany you on your missions.
Both are man and @Ros_e haven’t decided who of the two is going to be a RO.


Ok good to know. Can’t wait for the update. In fact I’m play it again.