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Then I’d definitely have to go with Isamu. His dynamic with one of my MCs interests me more than Dai’s.

If there will be more than one game in the series (as someone brought up) then it would also be acceptable to have Dai in the first game and Isamu available for the second. I plan on making a new MC for every RO so one more wouldn’t kill me.


at first i thought i would like Isamu, but after the first apperance of Dai, im more interested with him… his character is so adorable and kind of reminded me with Luiz from Magikiras (a bit) :flushed:


If I had to choose between Isamu and Dai, my vote is for Isamu! He seems like a nice guy, and he’s had many years of experience in this field of work, and he does show signs of remorse for what happened to the MCs mother. Dai seems like a nice guy, but I’d have to see more interactions with him to make a fair choice between the two, which is why at this point my vote is for Isamu.

On a different note, I don’t see the update. I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but the game doesn’t look different from when I last played it over four months ago. It also still has that same “glitch” from back then:


This appears in the second to last page. That actually reminds me of a question I’ve been meaning to ask for a while: is the kitsune an RO?


That is because it hasn’t been updated yet.

Yes, she is.


Oh ok, thanks for letting me know. I honestly thought that it was updated :sweat_smile:


I’m so happy you’re back :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Anyone else find it mildly amusing that everyone (including myself) has recently shortened Daisetsu’s name to Dai? Just me?


@Ros_e will you be interested in making an isekai type of story/game?


Honestly, I feel like they’re both different enough characters that you could do an RO line for both of them.

Daisetsu is such a cinnamon roll, I just wanna wrap him in a carpet and protect him rather than let him have it the other way around. He’s so sweet. He reminds me of a baby chick just shedding its downy feathers; so ready for the world to break him.

Isamu’s different. He’s clearly been through some stuff since the night he first gave us some konpeito. He’s older too, so I think he’d have more of a story to tell than Daisetsu.

But, considering how many RO symbols I’ve already seen for this story, I can understand wanting to have one less. But, in case you change your mind, I trust your abilities as an author to be able to make these two potentially similar characters very different yet equally interesting.

Should Daisetsu be chosen, I’d love to see the kind of dynamic Isamu can have with the MC. As you’ve said, he has a bit of an older brother thing going on. So, I can kind of picture him having a soft spot for the MC and it’d be fun to see how he interacts with them, only to see him act differently around others. I’m sure he’d be a fun friend to see, even if only occasionally.

Should Isamu be chose, I can definitely see the MC and Daisetsu still being close. Should they be so inclined, the MC could try and get Daisetsu to loosen up a little. Maybe be the Red Oni to his Blue Oni? …y’know, since he’s so sweet and pure, I can actually imagine a female MC teasing him in a somewhat sexual manner (e.g. Starting to strip in front of him) whether it be as an RO or just as a friend because his reaction would be AWESOME.

But… if I had to choose…? I guess I’d pick Isamu. He’s a little more jaded, so he’d certainly be an interesting route. But Daisetsu’s so precious…! Honestly, I don’t know why I’m getting so antsy about this. I’m gonna romance the Tanuki or Kitsune. xD


Well, personally, I would prefer Daisetsu as a RO. When it comes to supernatural character’s I tend not to be as uncomfortable with them being a lot older than the mc because they’re, you know, supernatural and probably live for thousand and thousand of years anyway. That’s not the case for Isamu since, as far as I know, he’s human. Plus there’s the added effect of Isamu meeting and remembering the mc as a child, with him being an adult at the time. Then there’s the fact Isamu was apart of separation the mc from their mother, even if he seemed to be less than happy about it. I would definitely be interested in him and the mc having a familial relationship, but that’s it.

But with Daisetsu, whom I’m assuming isn’t supernatural and instead a normal human, I’m pretty sure he is closer in age range with the mc, and it’s without the added uncomfortable feeling of ‘I was literally there the day you were taken from your only family and can remember you when you were a literal child while I was a full grown adult’ you get with Isamu.

Plus since he’s more inexperienced, there’s more a chance you could get away with a lot more under his watch than Isamu’s, with the whole spare the yokai options. Isamu doesn’t try to cover up for the mc if they spare the yokai on the first mission, which almost gets the mc killed if I’m remembering correctly. Even if not almost killed, it still puts them in a horrible spot, which, yes, they go them self there, but it’s just not very comforting knowing that you almost got into serious trouble without him even trying to help. He more than likely has his reasons, but that, on top of everything else, doesn’t make me at all feel comfortable pursuing him in a romantic relationship with the MC.


I feel like that could be a fun little thing to differentiate his route. You’d have to convince him a few times to let you do things your way. It’d certainly be interesting; having an RO that doesn’t immediately treat you with favour.


Oh I can definitely see the merit in that sort of story, it can be very fun one after all! Earning the love and respect of characters that treat you with disdain or indifference at the start, or at least too afraid of a shared oppressing force keeping them from helping which is probably more the case here, can be very fulfilling if it’s done right!

It’s more that that scene was just something that topped everything else that made me uncomfortable since it just highlights the already present power imbalance from their different ages and stations between them that is on a very realistic scale. While star crossed lovers sort of thing from separate stations can have it’s merit, it’s a very delicate balance for me for it to actually work. And often, that involves the person that has a power advantage to lose that advantage, and learn to respect the other person as a friend and equal and for a bond of trust be established between them, long before any romantic advances begin.

The main problem I have with the idea of him as a RO was that he has a huge age gap as a fellow human, not some yokai that’s thousand of years old and on their own range of maturity and growth and such of their own kind that is just fantastical compared to the mc. He met the mc as a child, and obviously recognizes the mc as ‘a child I met a long time ago that I helped, even if reluctantly, be permanently removed from their only family and hometown’, during when the time it occurred, he was already a full grown adult. When that happened, the mc was like, what, 6? And he was about in his 20s at that time if I’m remembering correctly? That just… really freaks me out in terms of a RO.

Of course I would find it interesting to convince him to come to the mc’s side, to see the mc as a younger sibling to him, and take on a somewhat mentor role, but that is far as I want that affection to go personally. If we can only have one samurai RO, then I’d prefer to see Daisetsu’s, as his route is one I’m more likely to actually play, instead of one I’d avoid all together which would be the case with Isamu.


I guess it boils down to preference. XD

For some like you, would be bothered by it while some don’t mind it at all. I guess at the end, we will wait for Ros_e to decide.


The age difference won’t really matter in the long run and such a relationship wasn’t unusual back then.

Also, I don’t think the MC was 6 at the time. I could be remembering incorrectly, but I think they were a number of years older than that. Isamu himself was only mentioned to be around 20, but no exact age was given.

Still, I see that you have your reservations.

And who knows? Maybe my visual novels have ruined me and that’s why I don’t see a problem. (Older love interests are kinda common)


The age gap thing is really a personal philosophy thing. I have always been wary around older people expressing interest in people who were significantly younger than them, and that wariness just carried over on what RO i feel comfortable pursuing .Combined with their past history and their current power dynamic, I just have too many ‘let’s not do that’ vibes to feel okay going through with it. But in end it’s still my personal feelings on the matter. If Isamu does end up being a RO, I won’t kick up a storm or anything I’ll just, not play that route, haha. Although I guess me getting a bit too long winded in my arguments here w ould say otherwise woops.

However, in the end it’s up to Ros_e, as resuri08 said! I’m sure however it turns out the relationship between the characters will still be interesting to read, with or without romance, which is enough to look forward to!

Also, I went back since I felt kinda silly saying ‘from what I remember’ with it being linked right there, haha. So the game stars out with the MC stating they’re four, then does a two year jump where they are six and that’s when the encounter with the yokai that ends with them being taken away takes place. Isamu is described as ‘A younger Samurai who looked no older than 20…’. So he’s at most 20 during the flashback, but it’s also from the perspective of a six year old so they could be over or underestimating. Then the game does another time skip of 15 years, where the MC would 21. If Isamu was 20 during the prologue, he would be 35 during the present of the game.


I’m on the Isamu train too. He seems like he has a lot more to offer than Daisetsu – both on the main plot and on his possible romance route. I understand people’s reservations on a romancing him and I think he has the same reservations about it too. There’s the age and different stations things and then there’s his past with the MC. I think it’s possible that one of the reasons why he didn’t tell the MC first that he was there was because he was still feeling guilty about it. Maybe he’s even succeeding in putting it on the back of his head now but then he meets the MC again and even has to work with them. Isamu is a professional though so he doesn’t let it distract him from his duty.

On the other hand, I don’t think he’ll be the type to take advantage of his age/experience/station in a romance route. If anything, I think the MC will have to be the one to initiate things and truly show that they’re interested before Isamu really makes a move.

Daisetsu is cute though. He’s so green and stiff that it’s endearing. I’m okay with whichever @Ros_e writes :kissing_heart:


I love read ing discussions like this hehehe~ it gives me insight and sometimes more inspiration.

I’m still trying to make the update as long as possible so you guys can at least know more bout the Kitsune.

I have paths and a lot of pieces in rough drafts it’s just a matter of executing it smoothly.

I always try to break at least 10k words for every update so you guys could play and read more.


When everyone argues about the two human male characters I’m over here like “So…I’m guessing no tanuki make-out scenes?”


this @Ros_e what you say?


Well, that’s probably because our tanuki friend is already a confirmed RO.

I will make an MC for them in due time.