Y U G E N 幽玄 [Demo - 21/09/2017] - Updated



I also wondering about that myself, but at least this one is opened



Since CiaR is technically finished :slight_smile: It will go through edits and beta testing, so I didn’t see a need for the thread to be reopened >W<


CANT WAIT!!! :heart_eyes: :joy: :grin: :star_struck: :hugs: :rofl: :eye::lips::eye::sparkles:


Will definitely wait for CiaR to be released :star_struck:


me neither, the hype is real!


Welcome back @Ros_e (20 char)


It’s finished?! :astonished:


It’s finished? Wow you must’ve been in overdrive to get that bad boy done. Last I remember it was pretty solid with a few bugs here and there. It remind me so much of the persona series except your persona actually talks to you.


Agreed. Hopefully the MC doesnt have to give themselves up to save the whole world. (I hope someone gets the reference)


Wouldn’t be bad for an ending but considering the theme of that game it fit. For this though I hope it doesn’t come to that.


If it does. @Ros_e will be surrounded by rivers of my tears.


I think that would borrow a bit too much from Persona 3… :sweat_smile:

Can’t wait for the finished product. :slight_smile:


Nice to see it finished. I am looking forward to it. :smiley:


Thanks guys for all the encouraging words :relaxed:
Hope to have CiaR done soon too >w<

Anyway, in this update, you will get to see more Daisetsu xD not everyone’s favourite part but still… Daisetsu!

Your retainer’s someone who’s quiet, honorable and inexperience. So in a way he’s a very pure character so if you have a menacing MC it will make a very interesting dynamic xD but at the time if your MC is as sweet and pure it will also have a lot of tender moments together.

Isamu on the other hand is older, experienced. He has a bitterness under the surface but he’s definitely a older brother type of character you can count on.

I am still on the fence on whether Daisetsu or Isamu should be a RO. So maybe after this update I’ll see what you guys have to say~


They are both working for the man who slaved the MC, and I’m sure they will try to kill the MC if they don’t want to go back to the emperor.


Unless they developed a feeling to the MC that is. XD

@Ros_e I do hope you will consider them as RO , especially Isamu. XD


Isamu was one of the men who kidnapped the MC, it is because of him the MC’s mother is dead.


Some MC could view it that way, however that doesn’t mean that some would hold it against him.

Some like the drama and Isamu might feel guilty about it or he might not. Or not make Isamu a RO and get to know Isamu better and make him a RO in the sequel based on fan feedback. But the question is if there will be a sequel.


My question is…why not both?

We’ve spent more time with Isamu thus far and the MC knew him in the past which makes him an attractive prospect to some for various reasons (including the fact that some people like seeing love overcome complicated pasts or something like that). Some might even just like older men. I’d think he was the more popular of the two, but it’s not like I have data on that.

I myself am interested in seeing a romantic progression between one of my female MC since I find their past is interesting.

Dai is someone new, but he’s young and (from the sound of it) a nice kid. Haven’t seen the update, but he could be interesting to people as well.

I think there could well be a demographic for both.


Well, cause of the similar background that the two has as samurais. If you have Isamu around there was no point of Daisetsu.

Isamu is the captain of black okami so having him by the MC’s side won’t be something that’s happening soon