Xbox one sugestions


I want a suggestion for an xbox one game (it’s a gift for someone). Which one do you think it’s better:
Battlefield Hardline
Batman: Arkham Knight
Resident Evil Origins Collection
Joc Murderer Soul Suspect +Thief
The Witcher 3 (haven’t played the others)


Killer Instinct Seasons 1-3


Witcher 3 without a doubt.


Does it have any connections with the others?


Its a direct sequel.


Resident Evil Origins all the way. I don’t have a “one”, but that’s my series right there


i like Sunset Overdrive but the Witcher 3 is good also


What kind of games does he like? If he only plays shooters for example then we will definitively like Battlefield and perhaps not The Witcher.


To name a few: starcraft, halo, fallout, dota, left4dead, hitman, don’t starve, trine, sonic and all stars racing transformed, mortal kombat, spiderman, call of duty.


Metal Gear Solid V :wink:

Just had to say it^^

I haven’t played the games of the list, but I’ll say Witcher 3.


Perhaps this should be in “off-topic”?


I think it would be best, indeed :relaxed:


Which one did you choose ?


I haven’t decided yet. I still got a couple of days left.


Hi there! All are good, but according to me, I think the Resident Evil Origins Collection is good. Few days back my friend gifted his brother a good collection of Resident Evil Origins Collection and also an Xbox Gift card from this website on his birthday as a gift.


witcher 3 is probably the most enchanting game you can get on xbox
you dont need the sequels to enjoy it, and if whoever youre getting this for likes the game then they can easily buy the earlier games for less than 1$ on steam during sales!

a nnn d this is a year old ok


sunset overdrive is a pretty fun game