Xbox 360


any body play xbox?


Occasionally. Not as much as I used to.
I have yet to rush out and buy Halo 4 though (released today).


im waiting for fable 4 to come out. untill then im playing number 3 online


I do, just got Game of thrones on it.

I don’t get to play much what with university and everything. =(


I see well im hugh school so i have a lot of time but i just got xbox live for it.


i do but i hardly play it anymore, i wont be getting Fable Journy’s but i will buy Fable 4 when it comes out, till then i’ll stick with my Assassin’s Creed games on the PS3


who agrees that xbox 360 is better than ps3


I got a Xbox 360
Mostly playing battlefield 3 online and fifa13
Also had played mass effect series and assassins creed i’m also going to play halo 4 (i loooove the halo series played al of them a million times) and i’m going to play assassins creed 3 to 8->
On a Ps3 you can play blue-ray but i like the controller of the Xbox more


@irule9344 lets not start a console war here, they each have strengths & faults & everyones oppinion is different & that is just what this subject is, someones oppinion on which system is better


yeahhh console war!!! fight fight lol.


i like 360 over ps3




Do you play UT on FIFA?


no i play rpgs mostly


@irule9344 “fight fight” Please don’t…


Xbox is better just got off from playing assassins creed


Well since this has become about ‘which console is better’, I suppose that I should put my two cents in and say that I like my PS3 better, mostly for blu-ray, its slightly sharper graphics (usually, definitely not always) and I tend to love the exclusives (Heavy Rain and the Uncharted series are among my favorite franchises.

I also really like the xbox, but I am not really into multiplayer all that much. PS3 multiplayer is not very good and every time I have gone on seems to be solely populated by uneducated 11 year olds, so xbox definitely wins on that front. And you guys get Halo. Jerks. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I must have strange hands or something, because all of my friends say they love the way the xbox controller fits in their hands, but to me the Dualshock 3 fits more naturally.

But, as per usual when I post, I digress.


I have an xbox and I play fable 3 on it…Just without xbox live(Their is going to be a fable 4?What is it about?)


Zach you so need to look it up i got the demo it’s so awasome and if you have an xbox live we should be friends.


my biggest problem with fable 3 was i couldnt just say follow me, i had to hold hands
a really annoying thing when saving the girl in the cave
(take hand,walk,kill wolves,take hand repeat) also im stait so it felt really weird holding the wandering trader’s hand as i walk him through the bandit infested forest

on the console thing i dont really have a preference,not figuring exclusives i dont really think it matters,however i do like how an xbox controller fits in my hand